L-bend on eyelashes

Features of L-curve eyelash extensions in 2022, before and after photos

Every girl strives to look charming under any circumstances. An endless variety of cosmetic solutions offers to create a unique image for every taste.

L-bend on eyelashes

Beauty services with a long-lasting effect are especially popular, because not every modern girl has enough time in the morning to apply spectacular makeup.

l-bend eyelash extension

Eyelash styling no longer requires daily effort, thanks to a huge selection of treatments to help heal weakened hairs, increase the desired volume, model the curve and correct the color.

l-bend with rhinestone decor

Eyelash lamination procedure will help restore the structure of damaged hairs, give them a healthy shine and silkiness, as well as create an elegant curve.

Lamination effect on natural eyelashes

For deeper recovery and nutrition, Botox is required – a procedure that allows you to give the cilia strength and elasticity, as well as slightly color them several tones darker.

Eyelash enhancement with Botox

When it becomes necessary to create a deep color of the bristles and give up mascara, staining with paint or henna should be done. Both products are absolutely safe and do not damage the structure of the cilia.

Finally, hair extensions will help you achieve an instant wow effect with volume and a personalized curve.

Upper eyelid shaping with eyelash extensions

In this article, we evaluate the benefits of design and provide guidance on synthetic bristle options to suit different eye fits.

Curved eyelashes

What do lashes look like after L-curve extensions?

Bristles with a bend l have a very intriguing shape. It should be noted that at the base they are completely straight, however, the tip of the hair is strongly twisted.

Volume 2D with bend L

The result is that the bristles start to grow in a vertical direction right from the contour, when in reality natural hairs need to grow first forward and only then up.

Curly black lashes

Nevertheless, a sharp slope looks quite harmonious and allows you to build long eyelashes even on short ones. In addition, such a geometry of the bend allows you to open your eyes and hide minor imperfections in the eye area.

l-bend in eyelash extensions with 3D volume

What eye shape suits L-curve lashes

This form of eyelashes will most harmoniously look on girls who have:

  • narrow slit-like eyes that are still sometimes Asian. In this case, the l-bend allows you to stretch the eye vertically, making the look more open;
L-curve eyelash extensions for Asian eyes

  • eyes of a European shape, to which the l-bend gives greater expressiveness;
L-curve lashes for European-fit eyes

  • deep-set eyes. The curved shape of the eyelashes allows you to visually expand the boundaries of the eyes;
Correction of the shape of deep-set eyes with L-curve lashes

  • drooping upper eyelid. The correct l-bend helps to visually correct the problem of a heavy look, has a visual lifting effect, due to which a woman looks several years younger;
Lashes with an L-curve to mask the impending eyelid

  • closely spaced eyes. L-curved bristles, fixed on the outer corners, visually stretch the eye, making it more focused;
L-bend at the eyes with a close fit

  • have glasses. Due to the special shape with a sharp vertical bend, the eyelashes will not interfere with the daily wear of the accessory.
L-curve lashes for unhindered wear with glasses

What effects will L-curve eyelash extensions help to create?

Despite the unusual shape of the l-bend, it can be used in almost any eyelash extension technique.

Classic L-curve eyelash extension

1. Effect “natural”

Fact about eyelashes

The longest natural eyelashes belong to the Indian Phuto Rav Mauli, who lives near Delhi. The result of 4.7 cm is recorded in the Guinness Book.

Eyelashes with such a bend will not disturb the natural composition. They will organically fit into the design, adding volume and slightly adjusting the shape of the eyes.

Using L-curve hair for a natural effect

2. Doll effect

Artificial hairs with an l-bend will emphasize the features of the technology used and will suit media personalities, actresses, singers, who are often under the gun of the paparazzi. Eyelashes look too extravagant for everyday wear.

l-bend combined with puppet effect

3. Sparsity effect

Making eyelashes with this method allows you to achieve visible naturalness. In this case, l-curved hairs should be attached not at the eyelashes, but alternating with natural ones, adhering to the interval specified in the extension scheme.

l-curl eyelashes with a sparse effect

4. Hollywood effect

An extension in this style is suitable for a girl with a bright appearance or for a festive event, since the method of attaching eyelashes is different from other techniques – a whole piece of synthetic is glued to one native eyelash – due to which it is possible to create a hyper-volume.

Using l-curve hairs in eyelash extensions with a Hollywood effect

5. Protein effect

The technique of execution involves the extension of hairs of different lengths. From the outer corner to the middle of the century, their length gradually increases, and then just as sharply decreases until the formation of tassels in the outer corners, visually resembling the ears of a fluffy animal.

l-curl lashes: squirrel effect

6. Fox effect

L-curve lashes are most often used in this particular technique, which involves a gradient extension of the length of the hairs from the outer corner to the outer edge. The longest bristles are attached to the outer corners of the eye, visually stretching it, and giving the look a conspiratorial look and seductiveness.

Fox effect with l-curve hairs

What are the benefits of using an L-curve in eyelash extensions?

The positive aspects of this form include:

  • versatility (l-bend can be used in any extension technique);
l-bend on eyelash extensions: top view

  • a more stable result compared to other technologies (l-bend stays on the hairs for 7-14 days longer due to the increased bonding strength, which is achieved due to the tighter contact of the flat base with the natural lash line);
l-bend artificial bristles in profile

  • unusual (non-trivial form opens the eyes, adds immediacy).
l-bend with density 2D

What features of the formation of the L-bend should be taken into account when building 2022

  • The unusual shape of artificial hairs leads to the fact that it is more comfortable to form bundles on a tape than with tweezers.
l-bend of cilia in a girl with a European appearance

  • Building an l-bend requires a high level of professionalism, since even a small flaw due to a sharp slope will become noticeable immediately.

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