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Features of the arrangement of the apartment, typical for women 45+

Features of the arrangement of the apartment, which are typical for adult women

Fashion is not only in clothes, makeup or hairstyles, but also in the interior. True, few are ready to change anything in their own apartment, at least once every few years. For some, this is an expensive pleasure, while for others, any change is equated with stress, so they prefer to keep everything in its place. And there are habits associated with the arrangement of the apartment, which give out age.

Characteristic features of adult women’s apartments

You can understand that the owner of the house is far over 20 years old not only from photographs in a frame and the presence of onions on the windowsill. The standard habits in arranging an apartment that appear in adulthood can give out a woman’s age.

Habit 1: Have lots of fresh flowers at home

Lots of indoor flowers

Fresh flowers in the interior are not only beautiful, but also troublesome. They need to be regularly watered, transplanted, fed with fertilizers.

Young ladies have no time to do this. Yes, and with a spontaneous decision to go on vacation, you will have to worry once again about who will take care of the plants. Therefore, many prefer a non-capricious alternative – artificial flowers, which, by the way, look very natural today.

Habit 2: Cover everything with carpets

Carpets in the apartment

Even in new apartments, women over 40 prefer to lay carpets on the floor. The old Soviet habit of always being cold is not so easy to eradicate. No warm floor will do.

Young housewives are increasingly refusing carpets, as this allows them to reduce the time required for cleaning. And save on dry cleaning of carpets, recommended every 6-9 months.

Habit 3: a set of pots

Pot set

Modern girls cook as needed, but the ladies of the old school are used to having several dishes in stock. And to cook everything, of course, you need not one or two pots. Here you can’t do without a full-fledged set of at least 6 units.

Habit 4: a large mirror only in the hallway

Hallway with large mirror

When going somewhere, young people think over the image to the smallest detail. That is why everyone in the bedroom has a huge mirror that allows you to try on outfits without leaving the room.

Ladies 45+ are confident in their choice, so they only need a huge mirror to throw a final look at it before leaving.

Habit 5: All sofas should fold out

Folding sofa

Previously, when arranging an apartment, they always thought about where it would be possible to put relatives who unexpectedly came to visit. Therefore, in the living room there was always a folding sofa and armchairs.

Today, staying overnight with someone is not only not accepted, but also indecent. It is believed that this will embarrass the owners or, even worse, ruin relations with them due to the individual habits of each. That is why young couples often do not think about whether the sofa is laid out, and choose furniture, guided solely by its design. But older ladies will definitely prefer a functional sofa.

Habit 6: force window sills

Flowers on the windowsill

Even if the apartment does not have a large number of flowers in pots, an adult woman will find something to occupy the windowsill with. But young ladies with window sills have a special relationship – this is a kind of corner of romance. They are always free to lean on, put a cup of coffee, laptop, tablet, and enjoy the sunset / sunrise.

Habit 7: Variety of small kitchen appliances

Kitchen small appliances

Adult women treat cooking with special warmth, so they buy up all the new small household appliances. But young housewives carefully study the characteristics of each device, giving preference only to really necessary and practical devices. Why buy a mixer when cake is easier to buy?

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