Прически для тонких волос на свадьбу

Features of wedding hairstyles for thin hair

Chips of wedding stylists for girls with thin hair

The wedding season 2021 is starting soon, which means it’s time to prepare for the main event in life.

Many people buy a dress and shoes in advance, but with a hairstyle and make-up they are determined at the last moment. Usually this decision is preceded by a trial version, where all the nuances are discussed and the final verdict is made.

2021 bridal hair trends are all about naturalness. Excessive volume, complex weaves, very long tresses and incredible headdresses are a thing of the past. Today, stylists recommend giving preference to minimalist hairstyles, giving up large hair accessories, and even choosing coloring from the “natural” category, postponing the desire to walk with blue, green or raspberry strands for a while.

Features of wedding hairstyles for thin hair

Beautiful wedding hair ornaments

All of the above trends are easy to implement on medium or very thick hair. Girls with sparse hair were less fortunate. In this case, it is necessary to build on not only trends, but also the nuances applicable to a particular type of hair.

We tell you what chips stylists offer brides with thin hair and what hairstyles they advise you to pay attention to. It will also highlight the top 5 anti-trends in wedding hairstyles for fine hair.

Coloring is very important

Hair coloring airtouch in light color

One of the main techniques that stylists use when creating a wedding hairstyle for thin hair is pre-coloring. If the master himself does not deal with complex staining, he recommends a colleague who is ready to choose the right color.

Brides with thin hair are recommended the most fashionable airtouch coloring, regardless of hair color. The roots remain of a natural shade, and small strands are placed as close to them as possible. In the hairstyle, this coloring creates a 3D effect and visually adds volume.

Hair thickening – better, full-fledged extensions

What is hair thickening photo

One of the main trends of this year is naturalness, so stylists strongly do not recommend building long hair before the wedding. Firstly, it looks unnatural, even with high-quality strands. And secondly, it is an anti-trend.

Instead of long strands, it is worth giving preference to the procedure – hair thickening. This is one of the types of extensions, which involves attaching thin additional strands to problem areas. Usually it is whiskey, crown, bangs zone. The total length does not increase, but the ends become tight.

Learn more about thickening hair HERE.

We are not afraid of corrugation

Corrugated hairstyles

Many stylists use corrugation when creating hairstyles. Do not immediately abandon this idea, thinking that the hairstyle will turn out to be old-fashioned.

Corrugation is made in the lower occipital zone and the middle. The crown, bangs and temples remain intact. This allows you to create additional volume inside the hairstyle and slightly lift thin hair.

Without additional support in the form of corrugations, bagels and other chips, it will not work to create a magnificent hairstyle.

We remove the bangs

Bundle without bangs for thin hair

Brides, even with thick hair, are advised to remove their bangs for the duration of the celebration, and girls with sparse strands even more so.

Thin hair quickly loses volume, so in order not to be left with a couple of icicles on your forehead by the end of the event, it is better to initially remove them upstairs. This can be done with the help of invisible, special styling products, diadems.

We fasten the veil on the top of the head

Loose hair and crowned veil

A little trick from bridal stylists who work with brides who have sparse hair sounds like a recommendation to choose a voluminous veil for the celebration and attach it to a delicate tiara. As a result, a small bun or sparse curls will be hidden under an openwork accessory.

Instead of weaving flagella

Delicate hairstyle for caret

Weaves on thin hair look dull. Instead, stylists offer to make a hairstyle with flagella or a special structuring cream that allows you to fix the strands in the desired position. They form small paths that visually create additional volume on the head.

If you first make a pile or corrugation, the effect will be even better.

Curls are the basis of any hairstyle

Spikelet waterfall hairstyle

Regardless of what hairstyle the bride plans to do for the wedding, the stylist will offer to pre-twist her hair. No, this is not a desire to increase the check for the service, but a banal way to create additional volume.

Hairstyle of curls looks more voluminous and light. It retains its shape better and is considered extremely fashionable, provided that the curls are wound correctly.

Top 5 anti-trends in wedding hairstyles for thin hair

So, if the bride has thin hair, and the stylist offers one of these styling options, you should immediately run away from him in search of a more modern master. The list of antitrends includes:

Wedding hairstyle with overhead strands

Very long extended strands or cods. This styling has lost its relevance more than 5 years ago. Today, brides do not have to have long hair. Individuality and naturalness are valued, and a sharp change of image before the wedding is a bad form.

Wedding hairstyle with braids

Too complicated hairstyle. These include various weaving options with a large number of hairpins, accent hairpins and other large accessories. The simpler the pigtail, the better, and the decoration should be one at all.

Chips of wedding stylists for girls with thin hair

Loose curls. This option is suitable for those who have fairly thick hair. It is better for girls with rare ones not to take risks and collect them in a hairstyle. So it’s easier to mask the flaw and not worry about the fact that the curls will look poor in the photo.

Hairstyle with varnish

Motionless. A hairstyle in which each hair is perfectly fixed and has no chance of falling out of the bundle from the wind or incendiary dances is suitable for ballroom dancing competitions. On the parquet, this option is welcome.

A wedding is a different matter. Lightness and airiness should be present here, so you should not allow the master to use varnish with too strong fixation.

Very high beam

Very high. Today, among the anti-trends are too high bunches. It is fashionable to collect hair at the back of the head or in the lower occipital area.

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