Festive birthday makeup

Festive birthday makeup 2022: creating an image with step-by-step instructions and photo examples

Birthday is a long-awaited, desired event. They begin to prepare for it in advance, making lists of guests, preparing treats, contests and hoping for an unforgettable evening with friends. It is not surprising that beautiful ladies and lovely girls want to look extraordinary on their holiday. They carefully choose the right image, outfit and accessories. And the final touch is a magnificent, carefully thought-out make-up.

Festive birthday makeup

On this significant day, you can afford any beauty experiments. They find suitable ideas on the Internet, trying on themselves and their mood, consult with experienced makeup artists. Choosing the right design and color combinations is not easy.

Refreshing look with light make-up for your birthday

It is necessary to take into account the many nuances that experts know about, to be able to correctly apply modern cosmetics. It is required to maintain a balance so as not to turn an elegant, shining make-up into complete bad taste. Therefore, in order not to be disappointed on your holiday, you should sign up for a professional make-up in a beauty studio, to an experienced master.

Types of festive makeup for a birthday

According to the degree of brightness, make-up for a birthday is divided into several large groups:

  • Festive daytime. Unlike the usual daytime look, the presence of glitter, bronze and golden, silvery tones, brighter lipstick is allowed here. Although, the main palette remains restrained, pastel or nude;
Gentle daytime makeup for a girl on her birthday

  • In the evening look juicy colors and unusual solutions are welcome. It is permissible to use sparkles, shimmer products, bright and rich noble tones;
Beautiful birthday makeup for a brunette

  • Classic solemn makeup is appropriate when celebrating an anniversary in high society, in the presence of officials, celebrities, business partners. As a rule, such a make-up is done for crowded events, balls, social events;
Delicate classic makeup for a birthday

  • Festive club makeup is a riot of colors and emotions, an opportunity for self-expression. There are no restrictions and strict rules here, the most daring options with neon shadows, sparkling rhinestones, unusual patterns on the face or coloring in all colors of the rainbow are acceptable. Most often, this image is complemented by chic false eyelashes, creative hairstyles;
Bright evening make-up for a birthday

  • Light or working look suitable for those girls who plan to spend a holiday at the place of work or study, or immediately after the end of the working day. It is close to the classic nude make-up, which is ideally combined with a strict dress code. Differs in freshness, speed of drawing and universality. If desired, this style can be quickly supplemented with a few bright touches, turning it into a club or festive option.
Nude birthday makeup

The application time for different types of makeup varies greatly. If for simple, light styles 10-15 minutes are enough, then a complex make-up with multi-color shadows, careful drawing and rhinestones will take up to two hours.

Evening makeup for a birthday

But the time spent fully pays off with an amazing result that completely transforms the girl, changing her appearance.

What an image can be created for a birthday with makeup: trends 2022

On this day, it is worth preparing a pleasant, unexpected surprise for your family and friends. An unusual, extravagant look, created by the make-up artist, will become the highlight of the holiday, the participants will remember it for a long time, decorate the family archive with colorful photos and videos.

Birthday makeup

And we will show you some amazing ideas for the holiday.

  • Birthday is the best occasion to use unusual decorations in makeup. Sparkling crystals, beads and tiny curly sequins will make the look truly radiant.
Makeup for a birthday with rhinestones

  • Red-orange shades warm with warmth, create an atmosphere of lightness and fun. Makeup eyes can be diversified with an orange, sunset palette.
Makeup with orange shadows for a birthday

  • The leading trend of the season is iridescent colors on the eyelids or lips. You can use a variety of bold combinations.
Festive makeup with multi-color eyeshadows and eyeliner

Rainbow makeup with an accent on the lips for a birthday

  • For those who do not accept a bright riot of colors, makeup artists offer discreet makeup in beige and brown tones.
Makeup for a birthday with light beige shadows and lilac lipstick

  • Shadows with a metallic effect always look advantageous and expressive. It is worth allowing slight negligence, applying shadows with fingertips.
Makeup for Birthday with metallic powder

  • Another undoubted favorite of fashionistas is an eye make-up with silver sparkles, glitter or curly confetti.
Glitter Birthday Makeup

  • No less luxurious looks gold on the eyelids, combined with a rich eyeliner.
Festive birthday makeup with gold shadows and arrows

  • Green, turquoise and olive shades are in fashion this season. Not surprisingly, they are also used for a festive make-up.
Daily make-up for a birthday with green shadows

Bright makeup for a birthday with gold and greenery

  • Smokey ice graphite haze is universal and suitable for all ladies, regardless of age. This is a timeless make-up classic.
Smokey eye makeup for birthday

Evening festive smokey ice makeup for a birthday

It is impossible not to note the author’s, fantasy ideas that perfectly emphasize the beauty and character traits of women. If you want to stand out, show others your hobbies, mood, create an incredible image, then such a make-up is ideal.

Detailed step-by-step instructions for creating makeup for a birthday

To create a true masterpiece, master makeup artists strictly adhere to the established rules and techniques for applying makeup.

Unusual birthday makeup

Bright make-up for a birthday party

Preparing the face before makeup for a birthday

  • The skin of the face is cleansed of old cosmetics and impurities.
  • Treated with lotion or tonic for degreasing.
  • A moisturizing or nourishing cream is applied, carefully selected for the age characteristics of the lady, taking into account the condition and type of skin.
  • Concealer is applied under the eyes in the form of triangles, distributing it with a sponge. This allows you to hide dark circles and redness, to achieve the effect of an “open” look.
Elegant Birthday Makeup

  • If necessary, the concealer is applied in a small amount along the central axis of the forehead, on the wings of the nose.
  • A foundation is selected that matches the skin tone, applied in a thin, even layer.
  • Around the eyes, the foundation is distributed with a small brush, moving from the temples to the nose.
  • Open areas of the neck, folds are treated in the same way so that the applied shade looks natural.

Eyebrow makeup for birthday

  • Correction of the density and shape of the eyebrows by plucking is recommended to be carried out a few days before the birthday, so that microdamages have time to heal and redness to go away. As well as other traumatic procedures – tattooing, microblading.
  • Thin, soft pencils of different colors are used to create perfect lines and bends. The most popular are black and brown.
  • First, the eyebrows are outlined with lines along the width, then circled along the long sides. The length of the eyebrow should end strictly above the outer corner of the eye.
Festive birthday makeup with eyebrows and arrows

  • After creating the contour, the eyebrows are tinted with the same pencil or shadows.
  • They pass with a brush from the nose to the temples, laying their hair to hair.

Festive eye makeup for birthday 2022

  • First of all, apply the base on the upper and lower eyelids. The tool is driven in with light movements of the fingertips, over the entire area.
  • Pick up a set of 2-10 shades of various shades, combined with each other.
  • For the upper eyelids…

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