Festive manicure design

Festive manicure design

In order to master the festive nail design, it is not necessary to be a manicurist or an artist. No, a bit of taste and imagination will be needed, the rest can be mastered. Here are some cute options.

Spring manicure

The eighth of March is on the nose, which means that you can do a manicure dedicated to the holiday of femininity and spring.

Color jacket with a pattern

For him you will need:

    • Purple and gray liquid glitters


    • White acrylic paint


    • Watercolor


    • Rhinestones


    • purple lacquer


To begin with, it is worth doing a classic manicure and covering the nails with a base. Now let’s get to the design.

    1. We start the manicure from the tips. Making a jacket, paint them with purple varnish. When dry, apply purple glitter to the tips, highlight the smile line with silver sparkles


    1. Now we need white acrylic paint and a thin brush, with which we draw white flowers with pointed petals on the nail. Next, draw a few more leaves


    1. Getting started with watercolor


Color jacket with a pattern step by step

Color jacket with a pattern step by step

Color jacket with a pattern step by step

We grab a little burgundy watercolor with a brush and dilute it with water. We apply watercolor on the petals, giving them a transparent shade. With undiluted paint, draw veins inside the flowers and circle the petals along the contour.

In the same way, we paint the leaves, but with green paint.

Color jacket with a pattern step by step

    • After drying the petals, flowers and leaves, we attach a rhinestone to the center of each flower – this is the core of a spring flower


    • We fix the drawings with a fixative


    • Ready


evening moon

The lunar theme of manicure is relevant this year, so you should try to make an evening manicure called “New Moon”.

For him you need:

    • 1. Golden cosmetic nail pencil


    • 2. Tweezers


    • 3. Crescent rhinestones (or stickers of the same shape)


    • 4. Nail polishes: clear, black, and red glitter


How to do it?

    1. At the very top of the nail, from its upper corner to the left side, we draw an oblique line with red varnish. We paint the surface above it with the same varnish


    1. After it, a black line is drawn and also diagonally


    1. When the varnish dries, paint over the remaining nail with red varnish. Let dry


    1. With a golden pencil, paint over the borders between varnishes


    1. We apply transparent varnish on black varnish. Until it is dry, we place rhinestones or stickers on black varnish with tweezers


    1. After drying, cover the entire nail with clear varnish on top


We tie a corset on the nails

To perform this manicure, you need the same starter kit as for the previous version, plus scissors and tape.

How is it done?

    1. Cut off two pieces of adhesive tape and stick on top of the nail to form a triangle shape. Attach tape with tweezers


    1. We paint the free surface of the nail with red varnish


    1. After the varnish has dried, remove the adhesive tape from the nail


    1. Paint the rest of the nail black


    1. When the black lacquer dries, with a gold pencil we draw a line in the form of a zigzag from the upper point of the right border of the lacquers. We draw exactly the same line from the top point. Let the polish dry


    1. Cover the entire nail with clear varnish


Manicure for long nails

noble marble

Festive and evening manicure can be done without even knowing how to draw at all. For such, a water manicure was invented.

For him you will need a glass for water, water itself, varnishes of contrasting and bright colors. It is important that they are not thick, not old, not quick-drying, and generally as liquid as possible.

You will also need glitter polish, a fixer, a stick that can be used to remove the remaining polish, and a toothpick.

    1. First, coat your nails with base polish. White is suitable for evening manicure


    1. Fill the container almost to the brim with cold water.


    1. In the center of the container we drip dark purple varnish. In this case, you can touch the water. It’s okay if the first drop sinks. If the varnish sinks further, it is simply too thick.


    1. Next, you need a light purple varnish, white and silver with sparkles. The color change is repeated three or four times.


    1. Now mix with a toothpick, creating a pattern. For example, a spiral


    1. We generously cover the skin around the nail with a fat cream. You can also cover it with duct tape.


    1. We sharply dip our finger into our drawing. We do not get it out of the water until we remove the film around the nail with a stick. When cleaning, we continue to keep the nail in the water


    1. Take your finger out of the water. With a napkin (lint-free or regular), we remove the remnants of varnishes, we remove them from the cuticle with a cotton swab with nail polish remover


    1. When it dries, cover the nail with top


    1. We do the procedure with all nails


Marble manicure step by step

Evening and festive manicure can look elegant on short nails. These will look elegant and rhinestones, and small flowers, and an extravagant jacket. The main thing in a festive manicure is consistency and combination with the image: dress, makeup, hair. As well as well-groomed hands and nails. They themselves are a festive decoration that is available to everyone.

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