In the trend - a perfect image to the very tips of the nails.

Festive New Year’s pedicure 2022: the best photo ideas and novelties

Well-groomed female legs are just as important as hands. They complete the image of an impeccable lady. In the summer, when we wear open shoes, the importance of a pedicure is beyond doubt. But you need to take care of your feet all year round.

In the trend - a perfect image to the very tips of the nails.

And why not pamper your feet with a pedicure in autumn and winter. And we decided to dedicate this article to the festive New Year’s pedicure.

The feeling of a holiday to the very tips of the nails

Types of pedicure by application technique

Ah, this New Year! A very special holiday. I want so much magic!

Make a Christmas present for yourself

The main trends of the New Year’s pedicure that will help you look stunning to the tips of your nails.

  • Rhinestones and crystal chips – such a pedicure will be especially in demand on New Year’s Eve and is completely irresistible.
  • French pedicure, hole pedicure. What is it – speech ahead.
  • Matte New Year’s pedicure.
  • Pedicure with rubs.
  • Pedicure with prints, sequins, foil.

These are the main trends of the festive New Year’s pedicure. And now a little more about each.

Pedicure for the New Year 2022 with rhinestones

Today, it is no longer enough just to have clean, neatly trimmed toenails, although this is an absolute prerequisite. Ladies striving for perfection pay more and more attention to nail design. Nails decorated with rhinestones will look especially impressive on your feet. But this is only if you do not change the sense of proportion and taste.

Your nails deserve a necklace too

Observe the following rules:

  • In order not to damage your nails, use only special glue for rhinestones and colorless varnish.
  • Distribute the stones harmoniously depending on the size of the nail plate.
  • Do not overdo it if you have a lot of rhinestones on your nails, do not wear clothes with sequins. You don’t have to shine like a Christmas tree.
  • Apply pebbles on a solid color coating.
  • Choose shoes that are open, but simple enough so that nothing distracts attention from your nails.
Jewelry on the legs look especially impressive

For such a pedicure, it is very important to choose the right wardrobe and the shape of the pebbles. The most preferred here are Swarovski stones, beads, crystal chips, crystals and, finally, a budget option – plastic.

New Year’s French pedicure, pedicure with holes

Its main feature is naturalness and naturalness. The nails are covered with a colorless or light pink varnish, and a thin line is drawn along the edge of the nail.

Advantages of such a pedicure:

  • nails look very elegant and neat;
  • this pedicure has no contraindications, it is safe;
  • the coating is universal, suitable for any image;
  • The pedicure stays on the nails for a long time.
French pedicure in modern style

French pedicure is also good because, along with the classic one, you can choose any other shade. And although white is considered traditional, which is associated with cleanliness and lightness, a French pedicure can be done in a modern style.

For example, paint the nail black and frame it with white varnish. French pedicure can also be decorated with rhinestones.

Hole pedicure

And what is a pedicure with holes, or a moon pedicure. This is, so to speak, a reverse French pedicure, or anti-french. It is not the free tip of the nail that is painted, but a semicircle at the base, the so-called lunula. There are no clear design rules here: color, shape, decorations of your choice. For example, the following options are possible:

Lunar pedicure, or anti-french

  • Contrasting colors. Red and white, black and white coatings look very fashionable.
Lunar pedicure in pastel colors

  • Pastel colors are a traditional option for a moon pedicure.
  • Patterned pedicure – decorate the nail with a simple print.
  • Matte – matte varnish in a moon pedicure is a very winning solution.
Gradient pedicure

  • Gradient – a monochromatic manicure with a gradual change in color intensity – very stylish and original.
Black moon pedicure

And this is not all the options. A few words on how to properly apply a moon pedicure.

Fact about pedicure

Toenails are tougher than fingernails. That is why pedicure requires special tools with very sharp edges. Or – a high-quality milling cutter with a set of nozzles.

  • First pamper your feet with a warm bath for 15 minutes. To soften, add essential oils to it.
  • When your feet are dry, sand your feet, trim your nails, and push back your cuticles.
  • Degrease your nails with nail polish remover or an alcohol solution.
  • Now you can apply the base coat.
  • When it dries, apply a stencil to the lunula area, and a plain varnish on the rest of the nail.

Let the varnish dry, admire your legs.

Festive pedicure with rubs for the New Year 2022

Matte New Year’s manicure, we think, does not need explanations. Matte varnishes look very stylish and noble.

Matte pedicure

And now we will understand what a pedicure with rubbing is. Rubbing is small sequins, a kind of powder that easily falls on varnish. Advantages of this technique:

Rubbing Pedicure

  • easy to apply;
  • not a lot of material is consumed;
  • does not take much time;
  • such a pedicure is quite resistant;
  • quite democratic price.
Pearl powder

The most popular shades of crystals for rubbing: pearl, silver, gold, mirror. Prepare your nails, cover them with colored varnish. When it dries, apply powder with a silicone applicator or just with your fingers, spread evenly over the nails, remove excess. After complete drying, cover with a transparent top coat.

New Year’s pedicure 2022 with prints

Pedicure with prints, we think, does not raise any special questions either. Prints are drawings. Such a pedicure can become a real work of art.

Printed pedicure

Used for this:

1671096150 207 Festive New Years pedicure 2022 the best photo ideas and

  • Gel paint – does not spread, applied to gel polish and dried under a UV lamp.
  • Acrylic paint – does not contain any toxic substances, can be applied both to your own and to the extended nail, however, when it dries completely, it darkens, and this must be taken into account.
Stamping pedicure design

  • Stamping – a finished drawing is transferred to the varnish using a print or stencil. The good thing is that it does not require any artistic abilities.
  • Acrylic powder is a synthetic powder that, when dried, creates the effect of a three-dimensional pattern. Absolutely safe.
  • Multifunctional decor is a combination of several design techniques – foil, rhinestones, patterns – such combinations are at the peak of popularity.
Stylish abstract drawing

And finally, what shades will be at the peak of popularity in the coming 2022?

Actual shades of pedicure in the new 2022

The choice here is quite wide, as they say, for every taste and style:

  • All shades of red and pink: red, pink, powdery, burgundy, purple.
  • Blue, cyan, turquoise, lilac.
  • Mint, olive, emerald, light green, lavender.
  • Lemon, orange, peach, pistachio.
  • Beige, black, white.
Pistachio color - on the crest of popularity

By building all kinds of combinations with these colors and using the above pedicure techniques, you can create a bright, memorable New Year’s look. And our photo gallery will help you to be irresistible.

Photo gallery of original designs for a festive pedicure 2022

Acrylic powder - amazing effect

Gradient pedicure

Elegant nail design

There are never too many sparkles on New Year's Eve

Hoarfrost and snowflakes on the legs - very fresh and spectacular

1671096152 817 Festive New Years pedicure 2022 the best photo ideas and

Winter pedicure with rhinestones

A mischievous drawing will add a festive mood

French pedicure with rhinestones

Glitter pedicure

Fashion trends pedicure

creative pedicure

These nails are a true work of art.

Abstract pedicure design

Beautiful trendy pedicure

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