Fit Me Maybelline New York Face & Eye Concealer [палитра оттенков] – how to choose

Top Benefits of Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer

Why is it worth giving preference to him?

1. Thanks to its texture, Fit Me combines the functions of two products at once – in fact, a concealer and a corrector. Contrary to popular belief, these are different beauty products, each of which has its own area of ​​responsibility. The first is suitable for working in the eye area, the second, more dense and pigmented, masks redness, age spots, vascular network and even scars. Fit Me nominally belongs to the category of concealers, but also in the role of a corrector, it shows itself in the best way: it has good overlapping ability.

Fit Me Maybelline Concealer

2. There are ten shades in the Fit Me collection – from the lightest, porcelain, to creamy beige, which is suitable for dark and tanned skin.

3. The concealer is easy to “operate”. It has a silky creamy texture that still provides medium coverage. Fit Me blends perfectly, smoothes the skin texture and gives the face a fresh, rested look. Finally, this concealer has a convenient sponge applicator. They can be used pointwise and capture larger areas. The applicator does not scratch the skin and picks up a small amount of product: the concealer will last for a long time even with daily use.

Benefits of Fit Me Concealer

4. Fit Me has a durable formula – it does not roll, does not clog into wrinkles, does not spread. And in general, adequately withstands the most stressful day. At the same time, it is washed off without problems with Expert Eyes “2 in 1” two-phase make-up remover.

Fit Me concealer

5. The composition of the product includes caring ingredients, such as an extract of chamomile flowers and glycerin. Its texture is very pleasant, does not leave a feeling of stickiness, does not dry. Suitable for oily skin with a light matte finish.

How to choose a shade of concealer?

  • The most important rule: the concealer should be a tone or two lighter than the foundation.
  • To mask redness, a concealer with a yellow undertone is useful, it will also do an excellent job of masking the vascular network. Dark circles under the eyes and an earthy complexion will be taken over by a concealer with pinkish pigments in the composition.
  • When choosing a concealer in a cosmetics store, take your time. Ask a consultant for a sample, apply a little on the area under the eyes, as well as locally on problem areas. Evaluate the result in daylight and artificial lighting. Wait half an hour and see how the remedy behaves on your skin.

How to choose a shade of concealer

Advice! Test the concealer with your foundation to get an even coverage. The full match will be with a product from the same Fit Me line (there are 19 shades to choose from!).

Fit Me Concealer Shade Palette

The Fit Me line is distinguished by a wide palette of shades. It is best to “try on” the concealer live to determine your ideal tone, or look at the swatches and use the online fitting room on the official Maybelline New York website. Below is a list of the most popular Fit Me concealer shades based on reviews so you might find the right one for you..

Concealer Fit Me shades

Shade 03 Porcelain

If you have very pale skin, most likely, the choice of foundation is an eternal problem. But with the Fit Me concealer in Porcelain shade, there will be no difficulties. This is the lightest shade, ideal for real “snow whites”.

Fit Mi shade 03 Porcelain

Shade 05, Ivory

In the northern latitudes, the shade “Ivory” is one of the most sought after, it suits fair-skinned girls. Note that it has a pinkish undertone. In the tube, the concealer may seem too light – and even “whitish” – but upon application, it blends with the skin and adapts to its tone. The main thing is patience: apply a little on the skin and wait until it “settles”.

Fit Me Shade 05 Ivory

Advice! If your skin is a little tanned, don’t put off concealer in shade 05 until next winter, it will also have a place in your summer cosmetic bag. Use under the brows instead of a highlighter to visually lift your brows for a more “open” look.

Shade 06 Vanilla

Concealer with pronounced “warm” pigments. Suitable for girls with fair skin with a yellow undertone. Also, the Maybelline New York Fit Me concealer in the shade “Vanilla” with a bang copes with the traces of a sleepless night, which are especially noticeable under the eyes: as you know, yellow color perfectly neutralizes blue.

Shade 06 Vanilla

Shade 10 Light Beige

Do you have a medium skin tone – not too light, but not up to the rank of swarthy? In this case, try peach shade number 10, it is quite neutral, with salmon undertones.

Shade 12, “Light Cream”

The best solution for girls with swarthy or slightly tanned skin. Darker tones are also presented in the Fit Me line, but it is Light Cream that is considered universal: start a “test drive” with it.

Shade 12 Light cream

How to use Fit Me concealer: application features

  1. For a better hold, set the concealer with Face Studio Fix Translucent Setting Powder.
  2. If you don’t have a suitable foundation at hand, you can replace it with Fit Me concealer. Apply the product all over the face with a sponge moistened with water: this way the layer will turn out to be translucent, not too dense.
  3. We apply the foundation with smooth circular movements, but when using the concealer locally, a different tactic is needed. Spot Fit Me, wait a couple of minutes and blend the borders with your fingers, patting movements.

How to use the Fit Me concealer

Top 5 Concealer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

1. Wrong shade

Let’s repeat the material covered: the concealer should be a tone or two lighter than the foundation.

Advice! Upon contact with the concealer, the powder darkens slightly. If you notice a similar effect on your face, use the concealer one shade lighter. Or replace the colored powder with a transparent one.

2. Incorrect application scheme

Concealer is applied over foundation, not the other way around. It is most convenient to distribute it with a special thin artificial bristle brush, sponge or fingers, with light patting movements.

3. Wrong texture

Concealer with shining particles in the composition can only be used in the area around the eyes.

4. Bad shading

One of the worst ideas: apply concealer under the lower eyelid, completely repeating its shape. With this approach, you will only aggravate the situation, the eyelids will look swollen. Makeup artists advise applying the product in the form of an “inverted triangle”, shading it towards the cheeks, and not “stretching” towards the temples.

5. Too thick concealer

There are situations when one layer of concealer is not enough to hide imperfections. Use the layering method: it is better to apply several thin layers than one thick one.

Maybelline New York Fit Me Face & Eye Concealer

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