Glue for eyelash extension

Fixing eyelashes with glue when building: rules, secrets of masters 2022, step by step instructions with photos

Eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular. Beautiful ladies who want to give their eyes a special expressiveness are willing to turn to beauty salons or purchase kits for an independent procedure at home. However, the effect obtained does not always correspond to expectations. Especially in the event that an inexperienced girlfriend or a novice specialist will increase the cilia. After all, a great and long-term result depends on many factors. Among them – professionalism, “golden hands” of the master and high-quality materials.

Glue for eyelash extension

Compliance with the rules is the basis of high-quality eyelash extensions. It is especially important to use the right glue and fix the synthetic hairs correctly. We will tell you how to do it right in this article.

Eyelash extension technique

Fixation of artificial eyelashes with glue during extension

2D eyelash extensions

What are false eyelash extensions glued to in 2022

Artificial material is fixed exclusively on a special glue for eyelashes. The use of other household compounds, such as Moment glue, can harm the structure of hairs, skin, and even the cornea of ​​​​the eye. Modern manufacturers produce a wide range of products, with different compositions.

Special hypoallergenic glue for eyelash extensions

Each master chooses the most suitable products, focusing on safety, consistency and duration of fixation. So some adhesives dry faster, and without good experience they are difficult to work with.

And the fixation period depends on the amount of cyanoacrylate in the composition of the substance, and ranges from 6 to 12 months.

Double eyelash extensions

Classic eyelash extension scheme

Types of glue 2022 for eyelash extensions

  • Rubber is made from the natural sap of rubber trees. Hypoallergenic, moisture resistant, hardens within 2 seconds, firmly fixing the cilia.
  • Latex (rubber) contains latex powder. Provides long-lasting, secure fiber adhesion and is used for volume extensions. Removed only in the cabin, with special tools. May cause allergies.
  • Silicone is the easiest to handle. It is fixed quickly enough, it is convenient to work with it even for beginners. Transparent, hypoallergenic and versatile.
  • Resinous is made from resins, has a black color and lies very tightly on the eyelashes. It hardens for a long time (more than 5 seconds), easily removed from the eyelashes. May cause allergies.
Glue for eyelash extension

The type of glue is chosen based on its properties, whether the client has allergic reactions to natural raw materials (resins, latex).

Eyelash extensions with Kylie effect

Holiday eyelash extensions

How to apply eyelash extensions correctly

The quality of the lashmaker’s work largely depends on compliance with the established rules.

Natural and synthetic lashes are so tiny that even the slightest mistake affects beauty, effects and longevity.

Fact about eyelashes

Eyelashes protect the eyeballs from dust, foreign objects, and direct ultraviolet rays. In addition, it is generally accepted that rare eyelashes are a sign of insidious, unreliable people.

It is enough to collect a little more glue or twist the hair, determine the indent incorrectly, so that the result is below average. That is why the art of eyelash extensions is studied for years, stuffing your hand.

Set of materials for eyelash extension

Experienced lash makers perform all manipulations confidently and quickly. For beginners, the recommendations of experts will be useful.

  • Glue is applied to special palettes, glass or plastic containers, in the form of a drop. Squeezing out a large amount is impractical, as the composition dries quickly.
  • Cilia are taken with tweezers, by the tip or middle. If volumetric extensions are made, then manually form bundles of hairs of the desired shape, length, thickness. Fashionistas who want to create voluminous extensions at home most often use ready-made bundles from well-known brands.
  • The tip of the eyelashes is lowered into the central part of the drop, where the glue does not have time to dry. In no case should it be moved in a circle or to the sides, as there is a risk of collecting thickened glue.
  • There are several options for immersion – strictly vertically or with an inclination of the curved part down. In the latter case, it is necessary to ensure that the base of the hair is completely immersed in the glue.
  • The hair is immersed in a neat, smooth movement, without sharp jerks. So the composition is distributed over the surface in a uniform layer. The optimal depth is two millimeters. You can not dip the entire eyelash or half.
  • Take out the eyelash after a second, in a smooth motion. At its tip or in the first third of its length, 1-3 microdrops should form, with a decrease in the amount of substance towards the center.
  • Droplet size and position can be adjusted. If the drop is too high, or not formed at all, the hair is dipped again and pulled out a little faster. To remove too large a drop, it is dipped and taken out more slowly.
  • Having parted the eyelashes with tweezers, synthetic hairs are glued to the base of the chosen one. In no case should the material be glued to the skin or close to it! It is necessary to observe a uniform indent, 0.5-1 mm.
  • All hairs should be curved down, in the correct direction, which is determined by the position of the natural hairs. When creating a bundle, it is important to maintain uniform intervals, to correctly select the length and thickness of the hairs.
  • Adhesions must not be allowed to form. Each group natural eyelash + artificial must be autonomous.
A drop of glue for eyelash extensions

At first, for beginner lash makers, mistakes and awkward movements are inevitable. Accuracy and speed, perfect eyelash extensions the first time, come only with experience.

Immersion of artificial eyelashes in glue when building

Distribution of glue for eyelash extension on palettes

A microdrop of glue on an eyelash

The scheme of the correct set of glue for eyelashes

Maintaining the correct indentation for eyelash extensions

Formation of bundles of artificial eyelashes for volume extension

Eyelash extensions with fox effect before and after

Step-by-step instructions 2022 for eyelash extensions with glue

Proper extension consists of several stages:

  • Visual assessment of the appearance and features of your eyelashes, facial structure, imperfections. Selection of the most optimal effects, splendor, scheme development. Choosing the right type, bend and thickness of eyelashes. During the initial build-up, it is worth doing an allergic test for glue.
Choosing the type of artificial eyelashes for extension

Individual eyelash extension scheme

  • Preparation – disinfection of the working area, make-up removal, degreasing and fixation of the lower eyelid.
Fixation of the lower eyelids with patches

  • The process of gluing synthetic fibers singly or in bundles. Often, in addition to individually designed schemes, color extensions are used.
Eyelash extension procedure in a beauty salon

Glue microdrops on synthetic hair

Bonding artificial eyelashes to natural

Formation of a bunch of eyelashes for volume extension

Thick eyelash extensions classic

  • At the end of the work, the master checks the eyelashes for gluing, applies a fixative to the root zone.
  • At the end of the session, he gently combs the hairs, giving them the right direction.
Beautiful natural eyelashes

Triple Kylie effect lash extensions

Colored eyelash extensions

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