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Fixing: the nuances that make beautiful makeup impossible

Fixing: the nuances that make beautiful makeup impossible

Every woman wants to learn how to paint beautifully, because with the help of makeup you can hide many imperfections on your face. Someone even enrolls in courses “to his own make-up artist”, just to stop being afraid of cosmetics and finally start using something other than mascara.

For those who still have not dared to ask advice from professionals, we have collected the most common mistakes that prevent makeup from looking beautiful.

Unprepared skin

face wash

Many women start applying makeup with foundation. But this is only the third stage. Before him, there are two more important points! Before applying foundation, it is necessary to cleanse the skin of the face. Use a facial toner, then a moisturizer. Wait until it is absorbed and only after that take on the “tonalka”.

If you want details to learn the rules of facial care, click HERE.

Applying foundation with fingers

Applying cream with fingers

You can apply foundation with a makeup sponge, brush or fingers. Professional make-up artists do not practice the third option due to unethical and higher consumption of cream. And with your fingers, you still can’t create a perfectly smooth tone. It is believed that it is the sponge that best copes with this task, especially if it is first slightly moistened with water (this is one of the secrets of professionals).

old ink

Ugly painted eyelashes

Back in the 2000s, the spider leg effect on lashes was in trend. Now the main thing is that each eyelash is dyed and separated from the “neighbor”. For these purposes, it is best to use mascara with a silicone brush, and a fairly new one. If you use it for more than 4-5 months, it will be difficult to achieve accurate staining. Usually the contents of the bottle dries up and begins to glue the eyelashes.

By the way, you do not need to dilute the old mascara with cream, micellar water and, moreover, ordinary. From this, color and durability are lost. It may also cause irritation to the eyes.

Not enough makeup brushes

Applying foundation

Someone will say that one eyeshadow brush is enough for him to put on makeup. But they are not in vain invented in different shapes and thicknesses. Each makeup brush performs a specific task. If you do not have a special brush with a beveled tip for eyebrows, you will not be able to accurately adjust their shape. Without 2-3 eyeshadow brushes of different thickness, it will also be difficult to beautifully make up your eyes with shadows. One for drawing the ciliary contour, the other for applying the main color to the eyelid, the third for highlighting the inner corner of the eye and the area under the eyebrow.

No concealer in makeup bag

Applying concealer

Concealer is not just something fashionable that beauty bloggers or young fashionistas have. This is a really useful item in a makeup bag. It is especially relevant for adult women, in whom, over time, the area under the eyes acquires a dark shade. The concealer delicately masks the problem and helps to make an easy face contouring.

One cosmetic for all occasions

Of course, no one forces you to buy tons of cosmetics in the store, especially if you rarely wear makeup. But it is necessary to have several tonal products that differ in texture.

  • Firstly, they can be combined, achieving the desired color, because it is worth staying in the sun for an extra 2 hours, as the “tonalka” turns out to be lighter than necessary.
  • Secondly, for day and evening makeup, you need a foundation of different density. During the day, a light, non-clogging pore remedy is enough. On holidays, it is better to use a dense product that perfectly masks all the flaws on the face. This will help you feel confident and look flawless in your photos.

Rejection of blush

Applying blush

It is quite difficult to meet an adult woman whose cheekbones are highlighted with blush. Many after 35 years completely forget about this type of cosmetics. But it is blush that allows you to visually stretch your face and make it thinner.

Eyeliner arrows

Arrows for the impending century

The arrows on the eyes are beautiful if they are drawn perfectly and the eyeliner is of high quality. With age, many women develop small wrinkles on the mobile eyelid or in the area of ​​the outer corner of the eye (“crow’s feet”), so the arrows drawn with eyeliner look uneven. In this case, it is better to use a pencil with shading. Get a more expressive look.

Lots of powder

Powder on the face

It is necessary to stop “powdering the nose” in any incomprehensible situation, because a large layer of the product on the face clogs the pores and gives an unnatural shade.

Powder is recommended to be used after foundation, concealer and blush. With a special flat wide brush, “seal” the tone and no longer take out the powder. At work, on a date or for a walk, use matting wipes instead of powder. They will remove oily sheen from the face without ruining makeup and without creating a mask effect.

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