For obese women with a belly styles of dresses age 50 years photo

Fashion 2018: dresses for overweight women over 50 (photo)

Clothes for obese women with a belly should be selected carefully, taking into account all the features of the figure and the preferences of the fashionista. Stylists advise older women to purchase slimming underwear and choose calmer colors and shades, avoiding an abundance of rhinestones, extreme cuts, catchy accessories (this is also true for older ladies).

In other words, full girls and ladies over 50 should give preference to the classic style, namely: a sheath dress (suitable for women of any age), wrap models (hiding all figure flaws, especially a large belly), semi-adhering from tight knitwear and cotton, high waisted chiffon.

So, I propose to discuss in more detail what style of dress for obese women 50 years old (photo) fits perfectly on the figure.

Fashion Chic Dresses for Special Occasions (Pictures)

Fat ladies look chic in chic dresses, and today many famous designers are inspired by plus-size models. They sew outfits for women and girls with magnificent forms in which they are so beautiful that no one will dare to reproach them for having extra pounds.

Examples of the most beautiful haute couture creations to date.

Jean Paul Gaultier 2005.


But what if you are very short? For short ones, vertical lines in the outfit and a heel are suitable.

Successful examples.

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And if you don’t know, for example, what to wear for an anniversary, a Russian-style long staple and silk will be the perfect solution. Also, A-line outfits (or a-line) and Little Black Dress are quite suitable for a celebration.

And now more about the most beautiful outfits for publication.

Bright original holiday maxi

If you are invited to a wedding, opt for long models. White colors will be a little out of place, but all other shades are perfectly acceptable.

Festive fine jersey

nine 10 eleven

Silk, chiffon, satin for going out.

13 fourteen fifteen

Lace options.

17 eighteen

Black elegant women’s dress

little black dress is the queen of all outfits. Perfect for any occasion, fashionistas of all ages and body types can wear it. If there is a need to hide a big belly, slimming underwear will come to your aid. It will smooth out all the wrinkles at the waist, remove the stomach and visually reduce the volume.

17 eighteen nineteen twenty

Stylish dresses for every day

An everyday outfit is not an old thing that you can flaunt at home. Today, this expression means office business attire of a straight cut in discreet colors with a collar or a small neckline. They can also be in a cage, stripes, peas (polka dots). As a material, you can choose linen, cotton and chintz. But do not forget that things made of linen wrinkle very quickly. Often, linen items after half an hour look like they were worn all day.

Beautiful novelties made of cotton in a classic straight silhouette

Semi-adjacent classic cotton dresses are a classic of the genre. They will be faithful helpers for curvaceous ladies.

Simple everyday jersey

Knitted models are worthy of attention only if the knitwear is dense with vertical lines. From thin there can be models with a smell and with a high waist. They fit the figure, but do not highlight problem areas.

five 6 7 eight

Casual High Waist Maternity

I would like to pay attention to expectant mothers with a beautiful rounded tummy, which can be successfully distinguished by a high-waisted style.

Patterns made of coupon fabric with a floral print (but only a small flower) look especially gentle and elegant.

21 22 23 24

Elegant chiffon models

Chiffon is a beautiful flying fabric that looks very rich, so it is well suited for special occasions. The sleeve can be long, three-quarters or just above the elbow (it is better not to experiment with a short sleeve, as it ugly emphasizes full arms). When choosing a color, you can give yourself complete freedom. For example, this year fashionistas often prefer pastel shades of turquoise.

Dresses for obese women made of chiffon (photo) – the most stylish images of 2018.

Summer chiffon

Light flying fabrics are also suitable for relaxing at sea (all kinds of beach tunics and loose-fitting hoodies)

Chiffon summer dress for obese women (photo).

25 26

Floor-length evening wear

Chiffon is often chosen as a material for tailoring a chic evening dress.


Some white wedding dresses for inspiration.

29 thirty

Video tutorials for needlewomen

If you are inspired by our photos and want to create something with your own hands, a selection of video tutorials will help you.

Lesson for beginners “how to sew a product with one seam.”

Olga Nikishicheva and her step-by-step sewing instructions.

Light tunic for summer

For more details on how to sew an outfit for obese women, see our article “Patterns of beautiful dresses for obese women”.

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