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For round face hairstyles

Hairstyles photo for a round face

Hairstyles for medium hair for a round face, you can see different photos. Each is beautiful in its own way. But after all, for a woman it is necessary to emphasize the individuality and beauty of the face.

A well-chosen hairstyle will make the face visually more oval and emphasize beautiful eyes and lips. With the help of a haircut, you can adjust the outlines of the face, emphasize the advantages and remove the flaws. It is important to decide what kind of hair you have (straight or wavy), styling depends on this. There are haircuts that make women look younger. As a rule, older ladies use them, since a young girl with such a haircut will look simply ridiculous, not for her age.

For example, an asymmetrical haircut will suit an adult thin woman more than a young girl. Just like long straight hair doesn’t suit older women.

Choosing the right hairstyle is indeed not an easy task. But, a good hairdresser will select the most suitable model that will create a unique beautiful image.

Hairstyles for women with a round face (with photo)

For owners of round faces, hairstyles that cover the cheekbones a little, while voluminous at the top, are perfect. A bob car fits this description well.

A bob with bangs or side parting is perfect. If a woman’s hair, by itself, is thick and even, then styling is almost not required. Well, if the owner of curly hair wants to make such a hairstyle, she will have to straighten them.

If a girl wants to make an even square, it should not end at the level of the cheeks, as it will visually enlarge the face. This haircut can be done shoulder length.

If there is a double chin, this hairstyle will cover it. If desired, the ends of the curls can be slightly twisted. This hairstyle is easy to style both for everyday wear and for a celebration, prom or wedding.

Parting. For chubby people, this is quite an important nuance. It is necessary to avoid such partings when they are clearly in the middle. Especially if the hair is thin. It is better to give the parting an asymmetrical look. So he will smooth out the round features of the face.

Some girls make themselves a burning brunette. But, this color does not look spectacular on a round and oval face. He adds a few years and looks too heavy. It would be better to do a light hair lightening (one of the highlighting styles). So the face will look softer and better.

Stylish ideas for medium and long hair

Medium and long hair is a godsend for hairstyles of different styles and different options. You can choose an evening hairstyle, for every day to school and one that will look gorgeous with a veil.

An idea that will suit many is a fishtail. This is a stylish and lazy hairstyle. It is also perfect for a wedding. If earlier it was made tightly so that not a single hair would come out, now it is the other way around, it is woven carelessly and a little disheveled. It is very quick to make it with your own hands.

A quick hairstyle that is worth attention is a bun. Make it easy and fast. You just need to collect all the strands in the tail at the back of the head, then weave a very light braid and twist it.

A tightly tied ponytail at the back of the head and a strand of hair wrapped around it looks very stylish. But such styling looks stylish only on smooth and heavy hair.
All sorts of braids, braided neatly, but at the same time carelessly, are still relevant.

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Fashionable haircuts with bangs

For a round and oval face, hairdressers recommend doing bangs. It will smooth out facial features and give accuracy to the image. Bangs can be made oblique, torn, cascades. You can also lay it in completely different ways, from perfectly even to careless strands.

And if the whole haircut is done in a cascade, then you can treat your hair with mousse, which will highlight each strand.
A variety of haircuts can be combined with bangs. These are short men’s, which are well suited for thin women, and any others for long or medium hair. Especially bangs should be done for those whom nature has awarded with a high forehead.

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What short haircuts are suitable for owners of a round face

For girls with a round face, a short haircut in the form of a cascade or square is perfect. But the main thing is that it should not be shorter than the chin, as the face will appear even rounder.

Long oblique, multi-layered bangs look spectacular. For those who are small in stature, an elongated bob is ideal. He has a raised crown in a haircut, which means that visually the girl will be taller. Hair for such a haircut must be perfectly even, otherwise the hairstyle will lose its appearance. When laying, a soft fleece is made on the back of the head.

Haircut, with the interesting name “pixie” is also suitable for such women. Interestingly, young and creative guys sometimes cut their hair like this too. It is important to make a high pile in it and remove all the hair from the cheeks. When choosing a pixie, remember that such a haircut needs frequent correction and constant styling.
The long bob is versatile. Suitable for both a standard oval face and a square or girl with a snub nose. The main thing is to make the right contour.

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