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Forms of nails in manicure for long and short nails

Bright manicure

As in the hairdresser’s channel there are different types of haircuts and types of coloring, so in manicure there are different forms of nails that fit a certain type of nail plate and fingers (there are narrow, and there are wide).

Experienced craftsmen should be very responsible in choosing a form, because. this will determine how long your manicure will last and how beautiful it will look.

Below are the types of forms.


This is perhaps the most classic form, the most comfortable and versatile. It will look great on both long and short nails. Suitable for small thin fingers.


This form can be safely called one of the most durable. Ideal for narrow nails.

oval square

This shape is great for any type of nails and fingers. Quite simple in execution and comfortable, looks very neat. Something between a soft square and an oval.

Oval-square nail shape


It differs from an oval in that the tips are more rounded. The shape perfectly lengthens short fingers and visually makes a wide nail plate narrower.

round nail shape

soft square

A nail shape in which the square edges are slightly rounded. This shape is more practical than a sharp square because the probability of making a puff on nylon tights, scratching something is reduced. More suitable for those with narrow fingers.


The advantage of this shape is that it visually lengthens short and plump fingers. The form is not suitable for owners of thin and brittle nails, girls who lead an active lifestyle and work a lot with their hands.


This is the sharpest form of nails. At the moment, it is also one of the most popular, especially among Western celebrities. Also, this form can be called the most impractical, the form variant is more suitable for extension, since not everyone has a nail plate that can withstand such a length. This form is well suited for some special occasions, but not in everyday life. The advantage is – you can “walk around” when choosing a design.


This form is also called “pointe shoes”, because it is really similar to ballerinas’ pointe shoes. This form is much more practical than the almond and stiletto, but is also popular in the west. Looks very gentle and neat. Perfect for strong nails and narrow nail plates.

We have brought to your attention the most common nail shapes, we hope that the article helped you with choosing the ideal shape for yourself.

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