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French for short nails: new items, ideas

French manicure for short nails: photos, ideas 2019

Well-groomed hands adorn any girl. You need to monitor not only the condition of the skin, but also the nails. For those who prefer short nails, a French manicure is ideal. French never goes out of style. It looks neat and natural and goes with any chosen look.

French types on short nails

French manicure

French manicure migrated to us from Hollywood. A few decades ago, on the set, there were problems in order to do manicures for diverse actresses on a daily basis. I had to constantly redo it so that they combined with the outfit. Then Jeff Pink, at the request of his friend, developed a new type of manicure – French.

Traditionally, the nail plate was covered with pastel-colored varnish, and the edge of the nail was painted white in the shape of a crescent.

But, due to the constant development of nail art and the emergence of many products for creating a manicure, as well as a variety of techniques, other types of French have appeared. French manicure can be:

  • Monophonic or color;
  • With drawing;
  • With a gradient (ombre);
  • With sequins, rhinestones, etc.


Classic french manicure

Classic french manicure – This is a universal option that suits girls at any age. In the basic version, the nail is covered with a flesh-colored varnish, which is as close to natural as possible. A rounded shape is formed along the edge of the nail, which is often called the “smile” line. It is covered in white. The finished finger is painted with clear varnish as a finish.

Manicure should be neat and even. Classic French manicure can be done on any length of nails, but on short ones it looks most natural.

Currently, the usual rounded shape of the white stripe is not so relevant, there are a number of stickers and stencils on the market that will help create a unique jacket shape.


Color jacket

Distinctive feature colored manicure consists in the fact that the rounded strip is covered not with white, but with colored varnish. Contrasting shades are especially popular: red, black, blue. Also popular are colors that mimic the sheen of metal, with a deep saturated hue.
Color jacket

Brave girls can afford to decorate each finger with a different color, thereby making the image more vivid and summery.

With drawings

Red jacket with a pattern

French with a pattern makes nails much more elegant, and therefore less versatile. Various techniques are used to create drawings and various images. They can be abstract, with ornaments, geometry, floral patterns, etc.

The drawing can be located in different places: both on the “smile” itself and on the nail plate.

Black jacket with polka dot pattern

For several seasons in a row, French manicure with lace has been popular. Young brides especially loved him. This jacket looks elegant and sophisticated. Lace pattern can frame the edge or cover the entire nail.

Lace jacket

French with a pattern will help convince those who consider this style of nail art outdated. With the help of your imagination and skills of the master, you can realize any idea.

reverse french

red reverse french

reverse french – this is a type of nail art, when in the form of a semicircle they draw up not the free, but the main part of the nail. Often this type of manicure is called “lunar”, as it is varnished hole nail. For short nails, the shape of the hole can be shaped in different ways: it can be thin and short, go along the nail, or it can resemble a half ring.

Monostyle design is combined with a casual look. A discreet manicure will suit both a business and a romantic look.

reverse french

A mix of classic and reverse French manicures are more eye-catching and perfect for a dressy look.

Bright French

If you prefer contrasting colors, then you need to ensure close attention to the implementation of the idea. Sloppy places will be twice as noticeable.

with sequins

French with sequins

Create a festive, but sophisticated manicure will help jacket with sequins. Sequins are everywhere now – in casual and dressy clothes, in accessories, in makeup, and now on nails.

Glitter color can be chosen in accordance with the season and mood. So, cold silver shades are popular in winter, and bright and juicy in summer. In winter, you can complement the manicure with painted snowflakes and icicles. In summer, a neat floral and geometric ornament will suit the colored placer.

French glitter manicure

The main thing in a brilliant manicure is not to overdo it. If you are not preparing for a solemn event, then it is better to choose muted shades. Excessively bright manicure looks vulgar and inappropriate.


Ombre with nude and white monograms

French ombre style looks very soft and sophisticated. It takes elements from the classic French manicure with a white stripe on the free edge of the nail. Only the transition from the nude shade is not sharp, but smooth.

Also, an ombre effect can be created on the nail plate. The master achieves this effect with the help of a sponge dipped into the pigment. With light, progressive movements, the varnish is stretched until a soft transition is achieved.
French with ombre base

Non-standard jacket

Unusual black and gold jacket

For custom french manicure characterized by a mixture of different techniques. Only an experienced master with boundless imagination is able to create a unique manicure. You can create:

  • Wide jacket;
  • French obliquely;
  • Rectangular french;
  • Geometric with a corner instead of a hole;
  • Holes of sequins or rhinestones.

Such nail art is suitable for energetic girls who lead an active lifestyle and are not afraid to experiment. It is easy to get lost in the variety of colors and variations. Sometimes it is not easy to understand from the first time whether a given manicure was inspired by a classic jacket or modern art.

Unusual black jacket

Nail art is a platform for those who are looking for self-expression. Fantasy and a little patience will help you walk every day not just with well-groomed manicures, but with a small masterpiece on your nails.

How to make a jacket on short nails at home?

French for short nails

The easiest way to do a jacket at home is with stripes. It will appeal to those who have never dealt with a French manicure before. Strips can be bought at any store in the cosmetics department. They can be of different lengths and shapes, which are chosen depending on the desired end result.

To perform a French manicure at home you will need: nail polish remover, base and top coat, nude and white nail polish, french strips.

The following is step-by-step instruction performing a French manicure.

Step 1. Apply a sealing and protective agent to the surface of the nail. For this, a primer or a transparent base is suitable.

Applying base for nails

Step 2 Apply several coats of base color, preferably nude, and leave to dry completely.

Applying natural nail polish

Step 3. Take one French strip and apply to the nail. Determine the appropriate width for the white stripe. For short nails, it is better to make the strip thinner. Then peel off the protective film and…

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