French manicure design

French manicure design

We have already written about French manicure and how to do it at home. French is a universal nail design for any outfit and is suitable for working days, as well as for holidays, parties and just walking. 2014 gave us many new trends that are relevant in 2015, but have been further developed.

French manicure design

As the legend goes, the Hollywood director turned to the director of the Orly cosmetics company, Jeff Pink, with his problem: actresses constantly have to change clothes and make up for filming, and this is a constant change of manicure too … Pink thought, and suggested a set for a universal manicure. He quickly fell in love with French fashion models, thanks to whom manicure began to be called French …

Today, the jacket can already be called a classic, but this does not prevent it from transforming and rethinking all the fashion trends of nail art, becoming more and more interesting from year to year.

Fashion trends

A French always remains a French, only this season it is better to choose a rounded shape of the nail. Another feature of the fashionable French manicure of the last year is that it is performed on short nails, which, it turns out, can also become a field for experimentation: even the brightest and darkest varnishes do not look vulgar on them. Three or four millimeters is enough to make an expressive smile line.


French manicure

In principle, no one canceled the jacket on long nails, but now it’s not just a jacket, but a fan or art jacket: they do it on extended nails: beautiful patterns drawn by hand or using stencils, a free edge decorated with rhinestones, feathers , acrylic, beads or lace, a whimsical smile line, for example, in the form of corners, zigzags or diagonal.

French manicure

Colored french manicure

If you don’t want any miracles in feathers, you can simply lay out a smile line with rhinestones. They are glued to it with glue for tips, and if desired, you can lay out the entire free edge of the nail with sparkles. Or you can not even draw a smile line, but simply “powder” the tips of your nails with shiny powder.

French manicure

French manicure

Nobody canceled the opposite, moon manicure, which goes well with a classic jacket. In this case, the entire nail can be covered with black varnish, and the “moon” can be made white or silver.

Color jacket

French with a pattern

And colors. This season they are not only nude and matte, but also bright, like candy in icing: green, pink, bright blue, yellow … For example, natural-colored nails with colored tips are relevant, and the latter can be of different colors on one hand.

How to do?

All fashion trends are quite suitable for life and are easily repeated at home, without the help of masters and expensive salons.

One of the fashion trends of the jacket has become a smile line of an unusual shape: zigzag: triangular, in the shape of the letter V. Not everyone can draw such beauty, and you can’t buy stencils of this shape everywhere. But you can make them at home – just from scotch tape.

For them you will need:

    1. The tape itself


    1. Stationery knife


    1. Mirror or just glass


We glue a piece of adhesive tape on the glass and cut out the desired pattern with a knife, remove the adhesive tape with the pattern and glue it to the skin – this is necessary so that it is not too sticky. In order to make a zigzag smile line or in the shape of a V, you can use scissors that cut zigzags.

Stencils are glued only on dried nails and very diligently so that the varnish does not go under the adhesive tape and spoil the drawing.

You can also make a jacket without a stencil: this way the varnish will definitely not fall under it and the adhesive tape will not leave marks on the nail.

Color jacket without a stencil

It is perfect for short nails. To begin with, we give the nails a rounded shape and put in order the nail roller and cuticle. For the manicure itself, you will need two colors: white and bright, for example, expressive yellow.

We apply it on the nails along the smile line, but not on everything: one on each hand can be left for a more familiar jacket with a white tip.
After the excess of bright varnish is removed with a special error corrector during manicure. You can finally even out the smile with a medium and rather hard brush dipped in nail polish remover.

Now carefully cover the nail plate with a base with a slight pinkish tint.

Now you can do the “free” nail. It is covered with a base and white varnish. From above we paint it with yellow varnish and draw a white smile line. Don’t forget to top coat.

Vertical french

This is one of the trends of last year, migrated to the current one. Gina Viviano, a manicure specialist from Chanel, offered her vision of fashionable coloring.

    1. Apply foundation to nails


    1. With milky white varnish, draw a line from top to bottom with a slight bend covering the nail hole and ending on the other side of the nail.


    1. You can correct it with an orange stick dipped in nail polish remover or a manicure corrector.


    1. The remaining space is covered with caramel pink varnish.


    1. When it dries, do not forget to fix the beauty with a top.


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