French manicure with rhinestones photo

French manicure with rhinestones photo

French manicure was invented by masters from Paris, who were tired of repainting models’ nails before each exit to the podium in a new dress or before each new photo for a fashion magazine. Its versatility and simplicity will compete with the creations of Coco Chanel – just a little black dress in the world of manicure: you can paint with flowers, you can experiment with colors, you can decorate with rhinestones … Here we will talk about French manicure with rhinestones.

How to make French manicure with rhinestones stylish?

Small diamonds on nails always look glamorous and brilliant, especially when paired with a French manicure. But in order for this combination to shine with elegance, and not bad taste, it is worth remembering some rules.

Colored french manicure

Manicure design

Manicure design

    • Rhinestones are an ornament in itself. Therefore, even a thin ring on a finger with a diamond manicure will look like a bust.


    • The color of rhinestones must be chosen carefully: a red outfit and green pebbles do not look, or rather, they look vulgar. But white rhinestones in combination with white pearls on the nails always look beautiful and elegant.


    • Full inlay with sequins or rhinestones looks good on only one finger. Maximum two. If you strew all your nails from top to bottom with such pebbles, it will look unstylish. If there is a desire to decorate all the nails, then let it be a small heart or something like that.


    • Rhinestones look best on long and strong nails.


How to glue rhinestones correctly?

On your own, native nails with a jacket, such an ornament looks no worse than on extensions.
If you want to make a one-day decoration, then you need to stock up on a toothpick. When covering the nail with a dryer or a fixative, moisten the tip of a toothpick with water and put a strazik on the nail. However, this beauty will not last long.

For a more durable result, a special glue is useful for gluing tips or repairing nails, preferably professional. This can be bought not only in special stores, but even in metro tents. It is quite cheap. It is better to take with a brush. It is she who puts a dot on the dried varnish exactly in the place where the “diamond” should be planted. Now we put a pebble on this place with the help of the same wet toothpick. But you do not need to buy cone rhinestones, they are only suitable for extended nails. Strass for “relatives” should be smooth at the back.

gel polish

With its help, you can make a French manicure, comparable in durability to long-term permafrost. Well, not quite, of course, but for three weeks such a jacket with rhinestones will definitely please. So, the easiest version of the French manicure with decorations on a couple of marigolds.

French manicure

French manicure

French manicure

French manicure

French manicure

How to make a jacket with gel polish?

1. We give the nails a beautiful shape to your taste.

2. Now with the help of Vanish NSI soften the cuticle. Apply this product to the bottom of the note and wait 5-7 minutes. After the remnants of the cuticle and excess gel, remove with a napkin. It is better to moisten it with an adhesive remover. Push back the cuticle with a pusher. All this is necessary so that the gel polish does not peel off and lasts as long as possible.

3. We remove the shine from the nails with a polisher or buff. In the first case, it is better to use Endurance NSI (180 grit), in the second – Endurance NSI (180/240 gr.). After the nail plates are degreased with a dehydrator (it is better to use Nailpure)

4. Apply a base coat of Polish Pro (NSI) on the nails and seal their ends. Now we polymerize the nails for 10 seconds in a UV lamp (36 W).

5. Having chosen the main color for the jacket, shake the UV varnish well and apply it in one thin layer. We polymerize for about two minutes.

6. We apply white UV varnish on the tips of the nails, drawing a smile line. You can use a nail art brush for this. We send the nails into the lamp again. If you have a led lamp, ten seconds is enough.

7. Apply a topcoat on top (Polish Pro) and seal the free edges of the nails. Again we send the nail to “warm up”. We are waiting for two minutes.

8. Wash off the sticky layer with alcohol or a special agent and moisten the nails with oil.

We perform the procedure on eight or nine nails, and leave one or two under rhinestones.

French manicure

French manicure

French manicure

French manicure

French manicure

How to cover the nail with rhinestones?

1. We process it in the same way as those on which the jacket was made.

2. We paint the nail with a color that exactly repeats the color of the rhinestone in two layers. The top is applied on top, but instead of drying, we spread the pebbles on top. Each of them must fit in the space allotted for it.

3. The very first is placed on the tip of the nail in the middle. More precisely, stepping back from the tip by a millimeter and a half. We spread the rhinestones to the very cuticle. They should form a vertical and perfectly even line. We lay out two more parallel lines on both sides of the central one, along the edges of the nail.

4. Thus, we encrust the entire nail with pebbles. If somewhere it turned out crooked, you can fix it with a toothpick: gel polish allows you to do this procedure calmly.

5. Bake the nail for two minutes.

6. We process the gaps between the rhinestones with a top so that it does not fall on the pebbles. Otherwise, they will not shine. The last to process the areas near the cuticle.

7. Again we send the nail for heating.

8. French manicure with rhinestones is ready.

There are some more interesting ideas in the photo that can be realized by learning how to fix stones on nails.

French with rhinestones

Wedding manicure with rhinestones

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