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Gel polish and shellac what is the difference between the photo

What is the difference between gel polish and shellac?

What is the difference between shellac and gel nail polish is an important issue that interests modern women. To understand what exactly lies in the difference between shellac and gel nail polish, you should understand their meaning.

gel nail polish – This is a special tool that quickly hardens under the influence of a UV lamp.

Shellac for nails – This is also a gel polish, which is produced by CND. Due to the wide distribution of the products of this company, many eventually began to call gel polish shellac, confusing women who were not related to the beauty industry. So many began to think that shellac is some other coating, when in fact this is the same gel polish.

Today there are other popular brands of gel polish – Luxio, Kodi, Canni, TNL Celebrity, etc.

What is the difference between gel polish and shellac?


Shellac and gel polish are one and the same. Shellac is the name of the gel polish manufactured by CND.

Coating nails with gel polish or shellac is carried out using a UV lamp. The nail plate is preliminarily prepared, then a primer is applied (it must dry without a lamp), then a base (drying in a UV lamp) and then gel polish.

Gel polish or Shellac is usually applied in 2 coats. But some shades are too transparent, so the master can put a third layer.

It is important that the nail on which the gel polish is to be applied is properly prepared. You can not file the nail plate too hard, as there will be no adhesion and the coating will not hold.

Another important condition is not to wet your hands for 20-30 minutes after applying shellac. This will allow the coating to stay on the nails longer.

The CND Shellac set is everything you need for a home manicure!

Set for shellac CND Shellac

We found out that shellac is a gel polish manufactured by CND Shellac. The products of this company are widely used and are popular with both professional craftsmen and beginners.

To get started, just purchase a set of basic shades. And also there will be a file, a primer, a base, a top coat and a shellac remover. After all, ordinary acetone cannot remove such a coating. It is necessary to apply liquid on a cotton pad, fix it on the nail and wrap it in foil. you can also use special silicone clips. Everything is removed after 5-10 minutes with the help of an orange stick and buff.

Which is better and lasts longer: gel polish or shellac


So we found out that shellac is gel polish, but of a certain company, namely “SND shellac”. Therefore, it is not correct to compare a particular manufacturer with all other gel polishes. It is better to single out the most popular gel polish companies today.

So, masters highlight:

  • CND shellac – it is considered that this is a quality product at a very affordable price. It is these gel polishes that are most often chosen by novice masters. Yes, and they have a very rich palette. All top shades are available.
  • Canni colors and TNL Celebrity are inexpensive gel polishes that are suitable for home use. They are rare in salons.
  • Kodi Professional, Luxio, Macks professional are premium gel polishes, which are usually found in expensive salons. Such products last as long as possible, do not fade and do not exfoliate.

There are several rules for wearing gel polish:

  • do not cut the nails “under the root” and do not thin them by filing;
  • do not pick the coating on your own and do not remove it with sharp objects from the nails;
  • use a liquid that does not contain acetone;
  • after the procedure, it is necessary to refrain from increased contact with water, for proper fixing.

What is the difference between gel polish and shellac: reviews

Elena 32 years old:
“The beauty on the nails created with shellac is very pleasing. The nail does not exfoliate and lasts a long time.

Sofia 62 years old:
“Gel polish is cheaper and better because you can wear it for about a month. I have long preferred it, because at my age I always want to be beautiful and well-groomed.

Alevtina 28 years old:
“Shellac is easier to apply and better than gel. My master tells me that they haven’t come up with anything better yet. And I believe her, as she has been working in the beauty industry for more than 15 years.”

Lara 33 years old:
“I think that both coatings are good, the only thing that confuses me is that it is difficult to shoot. You have to cut off part of the nail, and this is not very good. ”

Shellac manicure ideas: photo

Today it is fashionable to paint nails in one color or apply a light design with gel polish. Glitter, gossamer, sequins, stickers, stripes, triangles and dots are in trend.

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