Хайлайтер Master Chrome от Maybelline

Glowing facial skin [идея макияжа] how to achieve glow effect

  1. Strobing_-_step_1

    Step 1

    Use the Master Holographic Highlighter in cool Opal #050 to highlight your cheekbones. Gently run the brush over the top of it, leaving untouched the area under the eyes.

  2. Strobing_-_step_3

    Step 2

    Apply warm Master Chrome #050 Highlighter just below the previous layer for a soft transition to blush. Pass the rest of the product under the eyebrow. Add some sparkle to the checkmark above the upper lip.

  3. Strobing_-_step_2

    Step 3

    Use Master Chrome #050 for the inner corners of the eyes and bridge of the nose. Don’t overdo it! The thinner the line, the more delicate the shine looks.

    Makeup hack: If you are a happy owner of a small nose, add a little bit of product to the tip. If you do not want to focus on this area, leave the highlight line slightly unfinished.

  4. HEL_1294

    Step 4

    Apply Eraser Eye Concealer under your eyes. Blend gently with the pad of your ring finger or a round, fluffy brush.

  5. IMG_1777__1_

    Step 5

    For lips, use Matte Ink #65 Super Long Lasting Lipstick. In contrast to the matte finish, shining accents will look especially harmonious.

    Make-up: With a large powder brush, brush Master Chrome #050 warm highlighter over your collarbones, shoulders, inner arms and even legs. It will look cool under the summer sun and accentuate your tan.

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