Девушка с зелеными глазами

Graduation makeup after grades 11 and 9: 12 ideas and step-by-step photo instructions

Beautiful Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

girl with makeup

Rule number one: no prom makeup is complete without waterproof makeup! Everything else is up to you.

one. An ageless classic for green eyes – chocolate smokey ice.

2. Option for the brave – red shadows! Other suitable shades include dark gray, purple, gold, silver.

3. Green with green? Why not… yes! Make sure that the colors of the eyes and shadows / eyeliner do not match, and use the shows of Versus Versace and Marc Jacobs as a guide. Shimmer and metallic are a must have!

Delicate makeup for blue eyes

girl with blue eyes

Looking for prom makeup for blue eyes? They have perfect compatibility with trendy metallic shades: gold, silver, copper. If you want tenderness in a make-up, create a light haze with the help of shadows, as in the Mabille shows. And if the eyes themselves are quite expressive, focus on the lips. How about an ombre or berry matte lipstick?

Light makeup for brown eyes

Prom makeup for brown eyes can be … anything! But all shades of pink and purple will look especially relevant: both in eye makeup and in lip makeup! To keep the wow effect for a long time, do not forget to use primers for the face and eyelids.

Another color you can’t go wrong with is green. Try a light haze (like the Leonard and Zang Toi shows) or a more dense mono shade (like the Marras). These accents are quite enough, so for the rest you can safely stick to the course of naturalness.

girl with brown eyes

Festive makeup for gray eyes

Graduation makeup for gray eyes contains the same range as makeup for blue eyes. How to add zest? Try copper, red or purple shades, as well as all 50 shades of gray. Glitter is more than appropriate in a festive make-up, so feel free to make shiny arrows.

Unusual makeup options for prom after 9th or 11th grade

Girl with purple eyes

Do you want something bright and unusual? Ideas from fashion shows to help! Be inspired by bold images, but remember the main beauty rules of the graduate:

one. Your main goal is not to shock the director, but to emphasize your natural beauty.

2. Makeup and hairstyle for prom should be combined with each other (and with the dress, of course).

3. Makeup for graduation from grade 9 should still be more natural. Not because someone wants to limit your imagination, but because youth is beautiful in itself.


Apply one shade of eye shadow all over the eyelid (for example, blue, like Ralph & Russo Haute Couture) or use one color for the entire makeup! Pick the perfect shade of pink or peach and apply it to your eyelids, lips and cheeks. If you’re worried that pink will make your eyes look puffy, line the space between your lashes with a brown or black pencil.

Such a make-up looks especially impressive with Danish braids. This hairstyle is another 100% trend.


Girl with bright art arrows

Drawings, glitter masks, unusual strokes on the eyelids instead of the usual shadows… If you are a rebel by nature and love an unusual style, makeup in the style of Simone Rocha and Marc Jacobs fashion shows will definitely suit you!


Girl with natural make-up

Makeup artists Bottega Veneta and Givenchy vote for natural beauty! If you completely agree with them, work out the tone of the face, add a little blush to the cheekbones and comb the eyebrows with a transparent gel.


Draping girl

Draping is another variation on the theme of sculpting, only with blush in the lead role. Apply them all over the cheek and blend to the temples. It’s difficult to imagine? “Peek” at the make-up artists Maison Margiela and Sies Marjan.


Girl with unusual arrows

Try to bring the upper and lower eyelids in different shades or draw wide “Asian” arrows with a long tail. The must try category includes neon, metallic, and any shades from the color palette. Black arrows (like from the Moschino shows) are also an option: especially for make-up at the graduation from the 11th grade.

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