Graduation manicure

Graduation manicure idea 2022

Prom is an exciting event for every girl. On this day, you want to be the best in every way, including showing off the beauty of your hands.

There are many options for graduation manicure, but the main task is to be able to combine it with an outfit and accessories. For prom, experts recommend choosing the length of the nails no more than average, and the shape – oval or almond-shaped. Graduate girls are still so young that it is undesirable to use very long nails with an extravagant shape or design in their image.

Prom Manicure IDEA

Caviar manicure

Caviar manicure

He rightfully became a hit last season and is still not inferior in popularity to other types of nail art. Depending on the chosen dress and shoes, the “caviar” on the nails can be done in black or gold, or you can make it multi-colored.

French manicure

French manicure

This is not just a classic, but also the most popular type of manicure for many years. Despite its long history, the French manicure is always on trend thanks to new fresh ideas. Now, in its execution, not only classic colors are used, but the entire existing palette. The same jacket has ceased to be a one-color stripe and can be decorated with three shades or even more. Fans of the classic performance – the natural color of the background with a white jacket – can try to dilute the manicure with artistic modeling on one finger.


Pink manicure

The most successful option is images with imitation of lace, especially if this pattern repeats the decor of the dress. Depending again on the outfit in the manicure, you can use floral patterns, geometry and much more. But it is advisable to entrust the execution of such a design to specialists. Only masters of nail art can create flawless drawings without flaws. Home performance can slightly spoil the mood and overall appearance, leave it for other occasions.

multi-colored execution

Bright summer manicure

Since the previous season, a multi-colored manicure has been in trend, which involves highlighting one nail with a different color. There were immediately a lot of options for such a performance, some even began to paint each nail in its own color. But for graduation, it is advisable not to arrange such a variety of colors, but simply highlight one finger. Moreover, it can be distinguished not only by a different color, but also by texture. For example, make a caviar manicure in a contrasting shade on the ring finger.


Decoupage on nails

The technique for performing such a manicure is from the category of bold ones, so it is also advisable to entrust it to a professional master.

The main mistakes when performing a manicure

We advise you to study them not just out of curiosity. You need to know the main mistakes in manicure in order to create an impeccable image for yourself.

Lack of preparation

We have repeatedly mentioned that any manicure requires proper preparation. The most exclusive design, made on an unprepared nail, will not bring the expected joy. Before creating beauty, the nail plate must be sanded and degreased. So you will provide your nails with an even and durable coating.

The old way to remove cuticles

You probably noticed that the next day after performing a trimmed manicure, the cuticle looks completely ugly. It dries out and begins to spoil the appearance of the handles. Instead of a classic edging, try to do a European manicure, which uses special tools. Then the cuticle area will stop drying and will look more beautiful.

Wrong work with varnish

We are all used to shaking the bottle of varnish well before applying it. If the polish is in good condition, this measure is unnecessary, as you only help the bubbles appear on the surface of the nail. Another common mistake is applying a very thick layer of varnish. It is better to apply two or three thin layers than one thick one. Try to also purchase varnish and the base for it from the same manufacturer so that there is no conflict of compositions.

Unpreparedness for extensions

Almost all owners of short nails, resorting to the extension procedure, do absolutely nothing to prepare for it. We wrote that extensions make your own nails weaker and more fragile. Therefore, before you get long artificial nails, strengthen your own. How to strengthen nails at home, you can find on our page.

We hope that after carefully studying the materials of this article, you will not repeat the most common mistakes and will be able to choose for yourself the design for the prom that will harmoniously fit into the overall image. Create your own unique nail design and shine at your prom party!

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