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Hair coloring: photos for dark and blond hair in 2018

Coloring for dark and light hair at home

Coloring is one of the most popular ways to change your appearance and improve your appearance. It gives incredible volume and shine to curls, thereby emphasizing your hairstyle, giving it elegance. There are a huge number of types of coloring, such as babylights, balayage, ombre, color highlights. Toning curls in different colors gives the haircut charm and maximum attractiveness.

Coloring at home is feasible for absolutely any type and color of hair: dark, light, light brown, thin and thick.
If you are the owner of a dark color, such a painting technique as balayage is perfect for you. This method is based on the use of a thin brush that carries out horizontal movements of several strands at once and produces staining of several shades. This helps to make a smooth or abrupt transition.

This procedure is somewhat similar to highlighting, with one difference – in the first case, horizontal staining occurs, in the second – vertical. In this case, you can choose tones of various shades: from light, neutral to iridescent bright. If you are a bright person, you can experiment with defiantly saturated shades. When contacting an experienced specialist, your hairstyle will become as memorable and extravagant as possible.

Hair coloring how to do at home?

Most often, people turn to various specialists – image makers in order to choose the right image for themselves and get professional advice. But today, the corresponding type of toning has become popular at home.

Self-painting at home does not require large financial costs. The main thing here is to approach with special care the choice of professional, high-quality paint and become familiar with the methods of its use. When dyeing, the hair is divided into zones, which, in turn, are divided into strands and dyed in different colors.

So, with self-staining, it is necessary to divide the curls into separate strands, and apply the oxidizer and paint mixed in the required proportions to the selected strands, wrapping them with foil. The applied solution must be kept for 35-40 minutes. After that, you need to thoroughly wash your hair and apply a balm or a nourishing mask. This method is good because you can freely use multi-color staining, adding creativity and originality.

Coloring for dark hair (photo)

Coloring dark hair has its own characteristics. The only inconvenience is that in order to achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to lighten the strands.
You can try a different range of shades: from classic to catchy and extravagant colors. Neon shades, silver, turquoise strands are trendy this year – a great way to express yourself and be original.

Properly chosen colors are the key to beauty and a successful image. You can often see brightly colored strands – this type of painting will add brightness and creativity to your everyday look!


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Coloring for blond hair

For owners of light brown hair, the most popular coloring method is bronding. It is a coloring in different shades of brown palette.

The main goal of this type of painting is to achieve the maximum transfusion of strands through the use of different scales that are suitable in color. This creates tenderness, lightness and naturalness! For owners of light curls, fashion trends recommend trying the Californian or mother-of-pearl coloring technique. Mother-of-pearl coloring under different lighting changes color and shimmers with different delicate shades, this gives the image unforgettable, charm and elegance.

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Coloring for fair hair (hair coloring for light brown hair: before and after photos)

Coloring for light brown and blond hair has its own characteristics. Here it is important to consider the color of your face, eyes and your everyday style. Delicate honey shades, cognac range, warm cinnamon, chestnut, golden, red tones – all this is an excellent solution for creating a successful image!

Quite often you can see such a method as the complete clarification of curls. This technology is the coloring of dark blond to ultra-light. In this case, a sparkling color is obtained that shimmers in various shades of gold. Now popular is the coloring of light blond curls in dark ones. Famous celebrities have already demonstrated a variety of coloring techniques, attracting attention with their brightness and originality.

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Hair coloring at home – a technique for medium and long hair

The choice of coloring at home depends entirely on the length and thickness of the hair. If you have a short length, in order to achieve maximum effect, you need to color either the bangs or just the tips.

This look looks incredibly impressive on asymmetrical, uneven haircuts. If you have an average length, then the transition from a dark crown to a lighter one will look like gains. Coloring long hair, especially at home, requires the greatest care and diligence.




Coloring for long hair – technique and photo

The technique of dyeing long hair contains some difficulties. In order for the result to justify itself, it is necessary to lighten the hair, and then, choosing the necessary shades, paint over them in several stages. Long hair looks more original and interesting if you use patterned coloring with mixing different shades. Here you can play with colors depending on your nature, image and daily style.



How to colorize medium hair

Since this year’s fashion dictates naturalness, femininity and naturalness, all haircuts are focused on the corresponding style images. For medium length, a technique such as ombre is quite popular. This type of coloring suits absolutely any age category, as it is incredibly feminine, dynamic and attractive.

The structure of this type of painting is built in such a way that when the strands are combed in different directions, the color changes. This allows you to choose the right images for your style and mood.


Coloring and highlighting – differences

So, how does coloring differ from the highlighting method known to all of us? Unlike highlighting, where only two shades are used, coloring involves the use of many tones and shades. There are several types of coloring: Californian, neon, mother-of-pearl and patterned. Huge…

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