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Hair loss in women – causes of hair loss and home treatment

What to do if the hair on the head falls out a lot

A slight hair loss is considered the norm, but if they fall out intensively, this is an occasion to think about the causes of the problem and further treatment. How to find out the causes of hair loss, how to deal with them and what to do, why they split, break, fall out, become thin and dull, how to make them thicker and more magnificent, restore their natural look? We propose to consider these issues in more detail.

Hair falls out a lot. What to do?

Before you start the fight, you should find out the root cause (by factors, including human ones, that influenced the process of falling out) and then fight with it, and not with the consequence. Quite often it happens that such problems occur in infants or a newborn (dermatitis, focal (nested), subfebrile, androgenetic or androgenic infection), the main problem is the head itches, which causes moodiness and stress in the baby. If you begin to notice violations, we recommend that you first go to a dermatological center to clarify and eliminate the disease. Dr. Komarovsky gives a lot of advice on treating a child.

Why does hair fall out? Causes


The head of hair is a reflection of the general state of human health for this very reason, increased attention is paid to its condition. So why does she come into a deplorable state and begin to fall out violently, which harms her? If we discard the possibility of a genetic predisposition to baldness (usually this is a spot on the forehead, more often the problem of men, even strong and healthy-looking ones, the cause is increased testosterone) and summarize the evidence-based evidence (human factor):

• ecology;

• wrong image;

• irritating factors – stress, depression (taking antidepressants), after a solarium, laser hair removal in the salon, often such problems occur in the spring (from April to June);

• the main enemy in a girl’s life is root coloring, coloring or lightening / highlighting, twisting with a hair dryer / curl, etc .;

• age-related changes in a person (they turn gray and fall out strongly);

• obesity (excess weight in humans) also causes severe loss;

• dystrophy – even a small lack of human weight can adversely affect the condition of the hair;

• Food;

• taking medications – the greatest harm from antidepressants, but other medications can harm human hair, the most aggressive drugs are prescribed in the treatment of dermatitis, HIV, in the treatment of hormonal diseases, antidepressants are included in the same category;

• diseases – hormonal diseases (especially female hormones), pregnancy, childbirth and lactation (when breastfeeding), HIV, dermatitis, high blood pressure, after chemotherapy, the hair always climbs in tufts, can remain on the comb with whole strands (experts recommend cutting your hair baldly) , after the flu or pneumonia, the same problems occur.

Which doctor should I contact if my hair falls out very much


The first thing a person needs to do when a problem is detected (when the hair falls out in bunches, whole shreds remain on the comb) is to find out the root cause. If these are drugs (antidepressants, for example), stop taking them, etc. But it is better to consult a trichologist and take tests (blood for hormones, phototrichogram, tomography, etc.).

Hair falls out strongly on the head of women – advice from doctors


You should know that no one will offer you a magic pill, except for a correctly diagnosed cause and preferably at a young age (up to 30 years). On the advice of doctors, the following recommendations can be summarized, minimizing the human factor:

• daily walks in the open air for at least half an hour a day;
• small physical activities not less than 10-20 minutes a day;
• balanced nutrition and its correct culture;
• proper hair care – hair, like the whole body, requires a balanced diet, moisture, etc. Cosmetic procedures will help a lot (they will saturate the hair with vitamins and minerals).

The most effective pharmacy masks, medicines and shampoos for hair loss

There is a wide choice of means for the care and treatment of severe hair loss from purchased cosmetics, for example, TM: Recipes of Grandmother Agafia, Belita, Kaaral, Avon, Yves Rocher, Vichy, etc.), to pharmacy (medicinal) preparations: Alerana, Sulsena (paste ), Selencin, Pantovigar, Biocon, Roaccutane, Alopecia, Seborrheic cream, etc. Traditional medicine recipes are not inferior to purchased products (a huge selection of products (masks, spray, balm, shampoo additives, etc.) that can be done at home from ancestors and contemporaries).

Hair falls out – what to do at home?

Practitioners’ reviews speak of the amazing effectiveness of the combined approach for the treatment of severe hair loss: cosmetics, masks, massages, etc. with a high content of vitamins and minerals. Variations of treatment methods are recommended to be considered below.

Ayurvedic massage for hair loss


Ayurveda is an ancient Indian teaching. They claim that curls are a side effect (leftover) of bone formation. The practice of recovery (treatment) consists of a mandatory head massage, which is desirable to do as often as possible in your situation. Can be combined with a mask application (auxiliary combination). Mask recipes are similar to our folk remedies and it is easy to cook them at home on your own.

Folk recipes with the addition of vitamins and minerals


Our ancestors used herbs (decoctions, tinctures), vegetables, fruits and clay. But since today the labor costs for preparing masks at home can be reduced, we recommend the most common and effective recipe for treating hair from many diseases that provoke severe hair loss (dermatitis, inflammation, dandruff, etc.), which consists of oil (burdock, castor, sea buckthorn, olive etc., it is better to alternate them), glycerin and vitamins in ampoules. Minerals will help enhance the effect (vitamins and minerals are sold in a pharmacy without prescriptions in ampoules).

Burdock oil for hair loss


The oil can be used as an independent tool, or enhance its effect with additional components. Ideal for vitamins and minerals. The type of hair should also be taken into account: for dry hair, you can add milk, egg white or sour cream to the composition, for fatty hair, add egg yolk (raw) or any low-fat fermented milk product. This option will not only reduce severe hair loss, but also help in the fight against split ends, strengthen weakened and damaged hair, relieve dandruff, dermatitis, prevent brittleness and restore structure. It is recommended to do the procedures 2-3 times a week.

Folk remedies, time-tested


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