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Hair straightening without ironing: mechanical, chemical and folk methods

How to straighten hair without ironing?

Girls often resort to the method of straightening curls with an iron, which greatly affects the structure and appearance of the hair. Over time, they become dull and brittle. Dandruff may also appear and – worst of all – the hair begins to fall out.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, you can use simple, alternative alignment methods that are used at home.

Ways to straighten hair without ironing

straightened hair

There are many hair straightening methods that are alternative to ironing. When using any of them, it is important to consider the length, type, structure and coloration.

Important: dyed hair does not respond well to other products. This also applies to alignment, as the paint penetrates deep into the hair structure.

To straighten curls without ironing, you can use the following procedures:

  • Cosmetics: sprays, creams, oils and serums for straightening;
  • Chemical straightening. This is a salon treatment. It is performed using silicone or other chemicals that straighten even strongly curly hard curls, but worsen their condition;
  • Home recipes – decoctions, masks, oils, etc .;
  • Mechanical methods, which include combing, fixing with rubber bands, straightening with a hairdryer, etc.;
  • Bio straightening, which involves the use of a special agent (keratin composition), but without serious damage. Hair remains soft and smooth.

It is necessary to note the features concerning some methods. For example, cosmetic, mechanical and home remedies are suitable for straightening and styling only slightly wavy curls. For heavily curly and coarse hair, straightening products can be a supportive and fixative way to recover from more serious straightening treatments.

Among the cosmetics for straightening are popular:

  • Sprays that do not weigh hair down. They straighten without sticking and give a healthy shine. After use, the hair is easy to comb and style;
  • The oil not only straightens, but also has a healing effect. It protects against external factors of influence, gives softness and smoothness to curls;
  • Serum is applied as a protective agent to clean hair and dried with a hair dryer. Thus, the curls straighten, but do not dry out.
  • Creams are less popular. Due to the dense consistency, the hair “weights” and appears greasy.

Hair straightening with a hair dryer

Hair straightening with a hairdryer

The most common and affordable method of straightening and styling hair, after ironing, is blow-drying. Sadly, but drying with a hairdryer with frequent use without protective equipment, just like an iron, can lead to negative consequences.

Straighten and style curls with a hair dryer as follows:

  • Curls are washed with shampoo appropriate to their type;
  • On wet hair, apply a heat-protective spray and balm for straightening along the entire length;
  • Then it is necessary to divide the curls into two parts along the back of the head, fix the upper part on the top of the head with a clip;
  • Loose hair is divided into small strands and each is dried from top to bottom;
  • Manipulations are repeated with the upper part of the hair;
  • As a fixing effect, it can be treated with a silicone-based spray.

When using a hair dryer for straightening, you must have special heat-protective sprays, combs-brushes of the desired diameter and a powerful hair dryer. It is important that the combs are made from natural materials, preferably wood.

The hair dryer must be at least 700 watts. It is better to give preference to professional models with different nozzles, several temperature conditions and ionization.

Mechanical methods

Long straight hair

There are several mechanical methods for straightening without using an iron. They can cope with wavy curls quite well. These methods include fixing with rubber bands, invisible, foil, special straightening tools, etc.

All straightening methods are carried out on wet hair. The following are the most common and effective.


CombingThis method of straightening and styling curls is suitable for those whose curls are not very curly or only the tips are curly. Carry out the procedure on wet or dried hair as follows:

  • Treated along the entire length of the hair with a straightening spray or foam;
  • Comb with a round brush, winding curls on it in the right direction to straighten it and hold for about five minutes;
  • Move from the face to the back of the head and fix with varnish.

The larger the diameter of the brush, the smoother the curls will be.

tight tail

tight tail

This method helps to straighten the basal part of the hair to the back of the head. Especially true for those whose bangs fall into the bulk of the hair.

It is necessary to choose not tight elastic bands for straightening, but more elastic and soft ones, otherwise there will be ugly creases.

For this simple method you need:

  • Comb wet curls;
  • Collect tail. If it is low, then the aligned length will be longer;
  • Let your hair dry completely.

If the hair is very long, you can fasten it with elastic bands in several places, and the more elastic bands, the better. If the bangs are short, fix it with a hoop or tie a scarf.


Straightening with curlers

Interestingly, with the help of curlers, you can not only curl your hair, but also straighten it no worse than with an iron. After the curlers, the styling does not last as long as we would like, but it looks very natural.

For straightening, large Velcro curlers are used. To lay curls you need:

  • Wash your hair with a shampoo with a straightening effect;
  • Apply a spray or balm with a similar effect;
  • Comb hair and blow dry;
  • Divide into small strands, and wind on curlers in the right direction;
  • Once again, dry the hair on the curlers with a hairdryer and leave it in this position for half an hour;
  • Remove the curlers, once again walk with a hairdryer tilting your head down;
  • Fix with varnish.


FoilLaying and leveling with foil is done overnight. Before going to bed, you need to wash your hair with a straightening shampoo and carefully comb the curls. Then we divide the wet curls into small strands and wrap them with foil from the roots to the very tips, while pressing the foil with our fingers.

Having carried out such manipulations with all the strands, we leave them until the morning. In the morning, unfold the foil, comb your hair and fix it with varnish.

Chemical methods of straightening

Chemical methods of straighteningChemical straightening is used if the curls are not amenable to other methods. This method very effectively straightens curls of any stiffness and structure, but can permanently damage them.

The essence of the method is to apply strong chemicals to curls that react with keratin and split off water molecules from it. After washing my hair…

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