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Hair tinting at home: before and after results

Hair tinting at home: photo (before and after)

To change your image or image it is not at all necessary to resort to radical methods – painting the hair. In addition, many of the proposed funds have a negative impact on her health. Therefore, today we propose to talk on the topic: how to do hair tinting on your own, find out what it is, whether it can be done after highlighting, what paints and tonics are best used at home.

Hair tinting at home

Before starting the story itself, let’s focus on an important detail – process tools. Choose paints and tonics with gentle ingredients, i.e. on a natural basis. They will not give a long-term effect, but the hair will remain undamaged.53453

Hair toning – what is it

it color overlay/flowers on curls (for all or part) with the help of special means. For the most part they do not give a long-term effect (washed off when washed), which allows you to experiment with the image quite often. To understand how toning differs from hair coloring, it is enough to understand the means used: in the case of staining, paints are used, in the second case, special tonics. Both can be done at home without the help of masters from beauty salons.one

Hair tinting after highlighting – before and after photos

Tonics act like paint and the initial effect is not much different.. Therefore, when choosing it, pay attention to the interaction with the main color: the lighter the base tone, the brighter the final result will be. It is important to understand that when applying funds for highlighting at home or in a salon, the tonic color will be uneven (on light curls, the tone will be brighter), but with the right shade selection, the strands will look natural (usually this option is resorted to if highlighting gives an ugly yellowish tint) . The proposed photos (before and after) clearly show what unusual shapes and color play can be obtained after highlighting / lightening.fourteen 13 12

Photo toning hair – photo before and after

Please note that this process, both at home and in salon conditions, has its advantages and disadvantages. The benefits include:

  • tonics can be used after staining no harm for hair;
  • quality includes nutrientsthat help take care of the hair;
  • you can create smooth transitions from one color to another.

To the disadvantages:

  • not allowed to disguise problems like gray hair;
  • you can not paint curls more than 2-3 tones.

The photo (before and after) shows what original ideas can be realized with the help of a soft effect. On blonde hair, the tone is brighter and the hair looks more impressive. To learn how to do it correctly, you can watch a training video on the topic.2453 245 155

Hair tinting: reviews

  • Tatiana’s review: “For the first time I decided to try tonics a couple of years ago, but when I found out how much tinting costs at a hairdresser, I decided to do everything myself at home. Since then, I have been doing so. I was satisfied with the effect, and there was no difficulty in using it! ”;
  • Evelyn’s review: “I tried it for the first time before a theme party, for fun. And after I found out how useful they are for my hair, I began to use it often. I recommend to everyone!52435
  • Oleg’s review: “I tried it for the first time as a joke, but I was surprised and really liked the effect. Now I use it regularly”; 10
  • Irina’s review: “I really like my curls after this process, they become silky and elastic, less falls out. I am satisfied”;
  • Catherine’s review: “I often use tonics. I prefer professional ones because they give the best result”;

Hair toning products

Funds for toning are of two types: intense and soft. The first includes options such as hair dye Loreal for toning, for example, i.e. in this variant, professional products for a more intense color / shade are used for hair tinting (this includes, for example, Estelle hair tinting or any other hair tinting dye). In the second option, you can use balms, shampoos, sprays etc. with a toning effect.fifteen

Hair tinting photo before and after for fair-haired

It is also important to know the duration of the tinting agents (how long the tinting lasts on the hair), which are divided into three types:

  • intense – up to 1.5 months (depending on the amount of shampooing);
  • medium – 1-2 weeks (withstand 3-5 flushes);
  • lungs – before the first wash.

In the first two options, after each wash, the shade becomes weaker and is gradually washed off completely. The presented photos clearly show that after the complete washing off of the funds, there is no trace left on the curls, which cannot be said about the use of paint. In the case of light brown curls, it is recommended to use an ash blond, it gives a special charm. Large selection of shades in TM Estelle.3 2

Toning for dark hair

On dark strands can also be applied various shades (recommended at least two). But in this version, a bright effect is not obtained, since the main color does not allow it to manifest itself in full force. But, with the play of light, this option sparkles and favorably distinguishes its owner, and at the same time gives volume. We recommend paying attention to Estel paints. Introducing hair toning options for brunettes before and after photos at home.five four

Hair toning for blondes

On blonde strands (dyed or natural) shades play more brightly. This method helps to give the desired shade without harm to the hair, because the process takes place on the surface of the hair shell without deep penetration into the structure, as is the case with paint. It is recommended to use warm shades: copper, sand, etc. A huge selection in TMEstel.nine 7 6

How to do hair toning at home

If, for example, highlighting, it is recommended to resort to the help of specialists, then in the second case it is permissible to carry out the procedure at home for both blondes and brunettes (for clarified or dyed). But in any case, it is important to pay special attention to the quality of the funds. Quality tonics gently envelop the outer part of each hair and protect from environmental influences, nourish and saturate with nutrients, give gloss and shine (the largest choice in Estel TM). All this is deprived of cheap analogues.eight

Toning natural hair

Tinting agent can conflict with natural dyes, so most tonics are not recommended for use when painting with henna or basma. But contraindications for natural color (blondes and brunettes) are practically absent. But experts recommend after use to pay attention to caring for your …

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