Модная стрижка на осень 2021

Haircut by September 1: examples, ideas, photos, trends 2021

How to cut your hair this fall: practical and popular options

We talked about what hairstyle to do by September 1 in THIS ARTICLE. Today we propose to discuss such an important point as a haircut.

Features of autumn haircuts

Original haircut for short hair
Bob haircut for dark hair photo
cool haircut photo
Stylish haircut for women 50+
Bob and pixie haircut
Fashionable haircut for a girl
Graduated haircut photo for long hair
Photo shaggy haircut for short hair
Shaggy haircut for medium length hair photo
Graduated haircut photo

When choosing a haircut, it is important to take into account not only fashion and trends, but also your own hair structure, occupation, wardrobe and habits. For example, if you spend most of your time in the gym with your hair in a tight ponytail, you should not make bangs or shorten the top of your head. All this without styling looks strange, and it will interfere during training.

So, the features of trendy women’s haircuts for autumn 2021:

  • Gradient – the more the better if the length is below the shoulder blades;
  • Ideally even cut for a caret;
  • Medium length with bangs;
  • If the hair is wavy, a gradient from the crown is recommended.

Now let’s look at examples of the most relevant women’s haircuts for the fall 2021 season.

Mallet is the most controversial option

Haircut mullet photo

The mullet haircut remains relevant in the fall of 2021. This option is suitable for active and extravagant girls. The essence of the hairstyle is the combination of elongated strands and short ones. The bangs, crown, temporal-lateral zone and upper occipital are cut according to the pixie pattern. The lower occipital zone is a straight cut, as with a medium length haircut.

Bob with folded edges

Bob with folded edges

Bob-car, which is characterized by an open neck and a straight cut, is still in trend. Only now it is recommended to do styling not with an iron, but with a hairdryer. Brushing allows you to wrap the tips inward, creating an elegant look. Not suitable for those with sparse hair.

Sasson with gradient


Sasson is a haircut with which it is easy to always remain beautiful and feminine. Suitable for straight and curly hair.

The advantage of a sesson haircut is the ability to maintain volume throughout the day. She also excludes an open neck, which for many women becomes an obstacle to a short haircut.

The face cascade is back

Cascade at the face

For more than two years, stylists have been offering to abandon the idea of ​​shortening strands near the face with medium hair length or long curls. Today, the fashion for a hairstyle from the zero has returned. A light ladder (aka a cascade) at the face makes the image more open, sweet, youthful. Strands are combined with all types of tails and braids.

Kare + bangs-curtain


Curtain bangs continue to be in trend. Now stylists recommend combining it with a classic square. Styling in this case can be done with a hair dryer and brushing or a hair dryer-brush of medium diameter.

Straight cut to clavicle

Straight cut hair

The average hair length is not only fashionable, but also comfortable. Such hair is easy to dry and style, if necessary, you can curl or collect in a hairstyle. Suitable for those with straight hair. Owners of a curly type are better off doing a cascade.

Kare and slight lengthening in front

Kare with lengthening

With complex coloring, you should not cut the bangs, because the frontal zone is accented. Stylists recommend stopping at the option – a square with lengthening. So it will be possible to abandon long and complex strands, while maintaining an emphasis on the face.

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