Haircuts and hairstyles for teenagers 2018: a photo with a description

Fashionable hairstyles and haircuts for boys

Sometimes a new haircut can change a person beyond recognition, especially when it comes to the strong half of humanity. In this article, we will look at the most popular and fashionable haircuts for boys and teenagers this year.

Haircuts for boys: fashion trends 2019

A beautiful hairstyle will give confidence to absolutely any boy, guy or man. When choosing a haircut for a child, you should take into account the ways of styling it so that in the future it does not require a lot of effort and time. It is with these requirements in mind that in 2019, classic styling with a natural slope is the most popular.

The main trend of this year was the side parting.

This haircut allows you to style the bangs in such a way that it not only does not interfere, but also decorates. At the same time, you should forget about styling products – a slight disheveledness will help to give the image of modernity.

What haircuts are the most fashionable?

When it comes to a child, it is important to remember not only fashion, but also convenience. The best interests of the child should be taken into account. For example, those who play sports will be much more comfortable with short hair than a model ladder or square.

But, if fashion is in the foreground for you or the child has no special hobbies, it’s time to help him stand out from the crowd and acquire individuality through a new haircut.


Highly styled and slicked back hair in the style of the 70s with short sides and nape and voluminous bangs will make your child a real school star.

Photo hairstyle “Pompadour”


The classic version of boys’ hairstyles is the bob. It is ideal for a child with medium hair length and does not require special styling due to the lack of parting. However, a little carelessness when combing helps to achieve an impressive effect.

Bob with parting
Photo hairstyle “Bob”

Model styling

A short haircut with a slight hint of mess is a great choice for active guys who are fond of sports. The bangs laid up with the help of the gel will give it a look of childishness and enthusiasm.

Photo of model styling
Photo of model styling

Classic variant

Fashion for simple hairstyles is back. The best option for a boy of any age would be a standard haircut, complemented by laying on its side.

Classic hairstyle for boys
Photo of a classic hairstyle


Standing out in the crowd with a garcon hairstyle is easy! This unusual haircut with shaved temples and the back of the head and a thick crown is suitable for boys with medium length hair. And the bangs raised up look elegant and fashionable.

Unusual styling garcon
Photo hairstyle “Garson”

Hairstyles for boys depending on the length of the hair

Depending on the length of the hair, hairstyles are divided into: short and elongated. Boys are rarely left with very long hair. The best option is to the shoulders. By the way, the days of ponytails and half-bunches are also gone. Today, babies are cut with a short flight of stairs or squares, if there is a desire to keep their hair.

The selection of hairstyles should be entrusted to professionals. The hair stylist will evaluate the structure of the hair and its quality. Study the shape of the head and the oval of the face. All this will help to choose the most comfortable hairstyle for the child. And then it’s up to the small – to adapt it to fashion trends. You can shave whiskey, make asymmetry or put bangs on top of your head. Read more about the most current trends later in the review.

Short haircuts

This year, the emphasis among boys’ hairstyles is on a classic style with a slight hint of carelessness. You won’t go wrong if you choose one of the following haircuts.

Classic short

Is your child always among the best? Complement his look with a classic haircut with short bangs laid to the side. Elegant and simple lines hint that you have a real little genius in front of you.

Classic style
Photo “Classic short”

With short bangs and shaved temples

Laying for real tomboys: a short hedgehog, shaved temples and only a barely trimmed nape. This hairstyle will definitely appeal to the boy and will help emphasize a bright personality and character.

Haircut for short hair
Short bangs and shaved temples – photo

bob updo

Any classic needs creativity sooner or later, and if you are looking for something new and unusual, you can resort to a bob haircut with an original styling. The crown and bangs raised up are the main fashion trend of the season.

long bangs
Bob with styling up – photo


An elongated half-box is one of the first hairstyles of the famous football player. Having made such a haircut for your son, you will not only emphasize his interest in sports, but also help him become popular.

Photo hairstyle "Ronaldo"
“Ronaldo” – photo

Laying forward

In 2019, an unusual styling option gained particular popularity. The crown and bangs are combed forward, and the temples and the back of the head are cut a little. This option is suitable for absolutely any boy.

Photo "Laying forward"
Photo “Laying forward”

Long haircuts or hairstyles for medium hair

For medium length hair, various partings are also quite popular. In addition, you can choose quite interesting shapes that fit the shape of the boy’s face.


Shortened front strands and bangs on the side, combined with a bob – you can’t imagine a better hairstyle! If you want to make a child a model or an actor, then this option will be an ideal creative basis.

Photo "Kare"
Photo “Kare”


Canadian is considered a haircut for all time, especially in combination with a shaved nape and light waves. With such styling, the boy will feel confident and stylish.

Canadian for medium hair
Photo “Canadian”

Bob and long bob

The classic bob has many variations, it remains only to choose the one that suits your baby. With long bangs or short, straight or jagged ends – this look is as relevant as possible in 2019.

Bob for boys
Bob and long bob – photo


It is misleading to believe that the “ladder” is only suitable for girls. Layered hair styling in waves is versatile and will decorate any boy. And with the help of styling products, it is easy to transform it into a real masterpiece that professional stylists will envy.

Photo hairstyle "Ladder"
Photo hairstyle “Ladder”


An asymmetrical haircut with a short nape and ultra-long bangs will transform your child into an object of admiration and delight. Intricate styling will make the boy the most fashionable in school.

Photo "Asymmetry"
Photo “Asymmetry”

Creative / model haircuts

Ideas for children’s creative haircuts for boys know no bounds! This year, the first place in the top of the most fashionable hairstyles is occupied by stylish styling with trimmed temples and shaved patterns. It can be:

broken lines

Figured patterns on the temples or sides are the main trend in hairdressing in 2019. A feature of this type of haircut for a child is the shaving of various lines at the temples. It can be zigzags or straight lines connected at one point. Any option will give your baby personality.

Broken lines - photo
“Broken lines” – photo

unusual geometry

Zigzags, circles, squares and triangles – abstraction takes…

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