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Haircuts for medium hair with bangs: fashion trends 2019

Fashionable haircuts with bangs for medium hair: trends 2019

Every girl wants to be beautiful and stylish. Medium hair in itself is already a beautiful hairstyle, but to make it more interesting, you can experiment with a haircut. A hairstyle with different forms of bangs will be relevant. A well-chosen image will make its owner extraordinary and help you stand out from the crowd.

How to make bangs for medium hair length?

Fashionable haircuts for medium hair

Medium length hair is comfortable and optimal. You can make any hairstyle out of them, although the loose version will look great. In 2019, medium length hair with bangs is in trend. For girls with medium curls fit:

  • Straight bangs;
  • Bangs on the side;
  • Short bangs;
  • Elongated bob with bangs;
  • Ladder;
  • Haircut with bangs in a semicircle.

The actual haircut for medium hair will be an elongated bob with bangs. When choosing its length, pay attention to the thickness of the hair and the shape of the face. Asymmetrical bangs will suit every girl and this is the only hairstyle that does not require styling.

Straight bangs and medium hair

Straight bangs for medium length hair

Straight bangs are a classic and trendy option for owners of medium length hair. Now it is fashionable to make a smooth and thick bang, which almost reaches the line of the eyes.

Haircuts with straight bangs and tousled hair are the trend of 2019.

Straight bangs for medium hair

Straight bangs are suitable for owners of even hair. Its elongated version will perfectly complement thick curls.

Haircut with straight bangs is suitable for women with a high forehead. She makes it visually smaller. Short straight bangs will suit girls with small facial features (small nose, lips).

Bangs on the side

Bangs on the side

A hairstyle with bangs on the side is suitable for girls with an imperfect face shape, for example, those with a high forehead, an overly long nose, and a large chin.

Bangs on the side

The bangs can be short or long, the length depends on your preference. In 2019, oblique ragged bangs on the side are in fashion. Owners of straight hair can afford to make oblique milled styling.

Short bangs

short bangs

Short bangs are a bold option for hair of different lengths. Her second name is “baby bang”. The disadvantage of such a haircut is that it requires more care and attention.

By the way, this hairstyle is chosen by many celebrities, including Kerry Washington and Emma Watson.

Short bangs on dark hair

This type of bangs is suitable for owners of short haircuts. Thanks to this length of the bangs, the woman’s face opens up and her image becomes playful.

Long bob with bangs

Long bob on dark hair
Long bob on dark hair

An elongated bob with bangs is still at the peak of popularity. Bob haircut is suitable for girls with an oval face shape. The secret of the hairstyle is simple: it visually lengthens the neck, hides the imperfections of the facial contour and emphasizes its advantages.

With the option of a haircut with an elongated caret, the front strands of hair are lowered below the chin, and the back ones barely touch the line of the shoulders, sometimes they barely even reach the back of the head.

In 2019, a hairstyle with a short cut of hair at the back of the head (this visually opens it) and elongated curls in front will be fashionable.

Long bob with bangs
Long bob with bangs

An elongated bob with bangs is suitable for girls with naturally thick hair. Women with wavy locks can also experiment with this hairstyle by straightening their hair first. But do not overdo it with an iron and a hairdryer, so as not to harm the curls.

A beautiful version of an elongated caret for blond hair
Beautiful option with bangs to the side for blond hair

An elongated caret looks beautiful with short and oblique bangs. If you do not want to often style it, then torn will also fit perfectly into the desired image.

Ladder and bangs

Ladder and bangs

Bangs with a ladder or cascade haircut look stylish. The main thing is not to forget to monitor the condition of the ends of the hair, as “torn” haircuts require a special approach. All flaws in the hairstyle are more noticeable.

Ideally, a woman will turn to a master who will perform such a haircut with torn scissors.

Ladder haircut for medium hair
Ladder haircut for medium hair

A cascade bang is obtained by superimposing strands one on top of the other. Due to this, the effect of a stepped edge is achieved. The hairstyle is suitable for girls with oval or round features and looks great with cascade, bob or bob haircuts.

Cascading haircut with bangs
Cascading haircut with bangs

Ladder with bangs is not suitable for women with wavy curls, as the hairstyle will look untidy. We do not recommend doing a cascading haircut if your hair is constantly split.

Haircut with bangs in a semicircle

Bangs in a semicircle for medium hair

In the 2019 season, it is fashionable to make a haircut with bangs in a semicircle. This type of styling is used by models in photographs in glossy magazines and at fashion shows.

A haircut with bangs in a semicircle is suitable for women with a strict classic bob. The bangs are not short and not very thick. It is recommended to avoid this type of bangs for girls with weak, thin and sparse hair.

Stylist tips on how to choose the shape of the bangs

Styling Tips

Before choosing a new haircut for medium hair with bangs, you should consult with a stylist. There are a few simple recommendations from experts regarding the selection of bangs according to the shape of the face. You should definitely listen to them:

  • If you have a round face, then the elongated bangs are perfect for you.
  • Owners of an oval face type can experiment with haircuts. Any shape is suitable for them (semicircle, oblique, bob, etc.).
  • If you have a rectangular face shape, then a ladder and torn bangs are perfect for you. Light curls will also help soften the features.
  • Women with a triangular face shape should pay special attention to the choice of bangs. It should not emphasize the lower level of the face. Therefore, it is worth choosing between a bob haircut and oblique bangs.
  • A square face will help to smooth out a cascading haircut with ragged bangs.

Also, experts say that bangs selected depending on the structure of the hair. Selection Tips:

  • If you have thick hair with a dense texture, then give preference to straight bangs with evenly cut ends.
  • Owners of thin and naughty curls should pay attention to the option of a haircut with oblique bangs or oval with torn edges.
  • If you have curly hair, then a ladder haircut with asymmetrical bangs will suit you perfectly.

Stylists advise taking into account the individual characteristics of the hair and face before choosing a new haircut for medium hair with bangs. A beautiful hairstyle is the highlight of every woman, so experiment with them and be beautiful!

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