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Haircuts for short women’s hair after 50 years, which are easy to style

Stylish women 50+ choose short haircuts that are easy to style

The hairstyle is the basis of the image of a woman, so it is important to choose the right shape and color. Many ladies over 40 or 50 come to prefer short haircuts. And there are several reasons for this.

Why do women 40+ or ​​50+ choose a short haircut?

Short female haircut
Short women's haircut 50+

A short haircut looks feminine and attractive, but it is popular mainly among the fair sex, who belong to the older generation. Why do adult women prefer short hair over long hair? There are several main reasons.

  • It is difficult for adult women to maintain their natural hair color, as there is gray hair that looks aesthetically unattractive. Frequent dyeing in any case spoils the structure of the hair. And here the choice arises: to have short and more well-groomed, or long, but like a washcloth? Of course, most will choose the first option.
  • The second reason why women 50+ choose short haircuts is convenience. They are easier to lay, not so hot in warm weather.
  • Short hair is cheaper. Women in adulthood take care of their own finances and know how to prioritize. Everyone knows that long well-groomed hair is not only beautiful, but also very expensive. And when you are 50+, you want to please your grandchildren once again than pay several thousand more for a haircut with coloring.
  • A short haircut is young. And this statement is really true if you choose the right shape of the hairstyle and complement it with successful coloring. Long hair on an adult woman looks hard, there is practically no basal volume, and it is aesthetically unattractive. A braid, a tail, loose curls to the chest – all these are youth hairstyles that look much more attractive on young beauties.

What haircut to choose for a woman 50+?

Pixie with a short neck
Kare with lengthening

So, we found out that there are advantages to a short haircut, so you need to decide and give up long hair in adulthood. But in favor of which hairstyle? This is another important question.

Choosing a short haircut, you can completely trust the master, choose an option from a fashion magazine, ask for a hairstyle like a friend or celebrity. True, none of these options guarantees success, because the main aspects are not taken into account – the shape of the face, the structure of the hair, the features of the shape of the head.

Choosing a short haircut is important, taking into account the characteristics of the hair. For thick and curly, one option is suitable, while thin and rare ones will have to be cut in a completely different way.

Kare is the most popular option

To begin with, there are many variations of the bob, so you can change at least every month, while remaining true to the same haircut.

Kare on the leg with styling

The most convenient installation option square – on the leg or with a slight gradient at the back. The lower occipital part, in principle, does not require styling, and the upper occipital, crown, temporal-lateral parts and, of course, the bangs are styled using brushing of medium diameter. It is enough to stretch each zone 1-2 times and the styling is ready.

Kare with lengthening

Another easy styling option caret – with elongation or asymmetric. They also have a gradient at the back, and the front strands are easy to pull out with a hair dryer and a comb.

Straight bob haircut

Now in trend straight square with a perfectly even cut. This option is not as easy to style as the previous ones and requires the additional use of a hair straightener, because it is difficult to achieve perfect smoothness with a hair dryer.

Simple caret

It is also important to understand that you need to update this haircut more often than others, since it is the perfect cut that is its highlight.

Pixies with short bangs can not be styled


Comfortable haircut for adult women – pixie without bangs. Yes, this is not a completely feminine option, but styling time is not needed at all, since the hair will take the desired position even without a hair dryer.

Beautiful short haircut

Light negligence and disheveledness in this version are only welcome. Coloring in a bright color or, as in the photo, an ash blond will only improve the image, giving it a touch of seductiveness.

Pixie with bangs

Pixie with bangs

It is quite difficult for many women to decide on the previous option, so we suggest paying attention to a more elegant short haircut. Pixie with side bangs – the ideal solution for those who are not ready to spend more than 3-5 minutes on hair styling in the morning.

Beautiful female short haircut

To style a pixie haircut with bangs, you need a hair dryer and medium diameter brushing. First, dry all your hair by tousling it with your hand. And then wind the bangs on the brush and dry to the end. A slight sloppiness in this haircut is also relevant, so there is no need to use a hair straightener.

Pixie with pink bangs

If an evening out is expected, the bangs can be wound with a curling iron. This styling also does not take much time, but it will help you look stylish.

One length with bangs

Beautiful medium length haircut with bangs

Another simple short haircut that is easy to style is one length with bangs. This option can be cut according to the bob pattern, or you can leave your hair a little longer, covering your neck.

Short hair idea

In this case, bangs play a key role. It must be light, so do not forget to ask the master to thin it out. A suitable bang shape is straight, arc, diagonal from the central vertical parting.

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