Стрижка для женщины 50+

Haircuts that do not adorn adult women

Haircuts that do not adorn adult women

A haircut for a woman is an important element of the image. It should be selected according to the type of face, lifestyle, occupation and, of course, fashion. It is also important to remember your own age and not make annoying mistakes.

We tell you which haircuts are not suitable for women at an elegant age.

Pixie with short bangs

Pixie haircut with short bangs

Pixie haircut is one of the most comfortable options for an adult woman. This hairstyle visually adds volume to the hair, is easy to style, does not require complex coloring.

However, women 50+ are advised to choose pixies with long bangs. A short haircut for a boy looks unfeminine, opens the forehead and focuses on wrinkles.

Pixie neck extension

Haircut with lengthening on the neck for women

Many women of elegant age make a typical mistake when they are in the hairdresser’s chair – they ask not to open their necks. However, a pixie with elongation in the lower occipital area has a number of disadvantages:

  • looks old-fashioned;
  • deprives the hair of volume;
  • difficult to fit;
  • causes discomfort in the hot season.


malet haircut

A woman at an elegant age should be admired. This is easy to achieve if the eyes are burning, the face is decorated with a smile, and the hair is neatly styled.

Haircut mallet helps to create an extravagant and unusual look. On the one hand, such a hairstyle demonstrates a passion for the latest trends, on the other hand, it deprives the image of attractiveness, because the hair looks unkempt.

Kare with a ladder near the face

Kare with a ladder near the face

The favorite haircut of adult women is a bob with a ladder near the face. With professional styling, everything looks aesthetically pleasing and harmonious. But attempts to repeat the hairstyle at home rarely look identical. The complexity is caused by the gradient in the face, which requires the correct pull during drying. It is difficult to keep the angle on your own, so facial hair, as a rule, lives a life separate from the main hairstyle.

Smooth caret

Straight bob haircut

Another unsuccessful haircut for adult women is a bob with an even cut. Yes, this option is now in trend, but you should not repeat it if the hair is not thick enough, or there is no time for daily use of the iron.

Short bangs

Short bob haircut and baby bangs

To visit the salon less often, you should not do too short bangs. This trend is not for an adult face. It is considered youthful and relevant with model features. It is better to completely abandon the bangs than to distort the proportions with this technique.

Long hair without bangs

Sarah Jessica Parker hair

Age and long hair, according to stylists, are incompatible things. Women over 50 are advised to give up the length in favor of medium and short haircuts. There are several reasons for these recommendations:

  • With age, hair loses its shine and silkiness;
  • Long hair adds age;
  • Long strands do not mask age-related changes on the face.

If it is difficult to abandon the usual hairstyle, it is recommended to cut the bangs. It looks airy and lightens the image.

Haircut “Cleopatra”

Haircut Cleopatra

Haircut “Cleopatra” in the classic version involves an even cut of bangs and length. This hairstyle is not only outdated, but also considered difficult, because in most cases it makes the image heavier. Thick bangs make you look tired and stern, and the cut obliges you to regularly use a hair straightener, which is not preferable for women of elegant age.

A modern alternative for the Cleopatra haircut is a straight-cut bob and straight, sparse bangs.

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