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Haircuts that make the face younger: TOP 3

Haircuts that do not go out of fashion, as they make the face younger

Today, not only celebrities, but also ordinary women are increasingly opting for plastic surgery to look younger. But there are other ways to get rid of a couple of years. For example, you need to follow the advice of professionals and eat right, drink enough water, walk a lot. And you can also get a haircut that makes your face younger and forget about the beautician and surgeon. Look at least at Pelageya: how bangs helped her throw off at least 5 years.

Option 1: Haircut “Garson”

Haircut “garcon” has the following characteristics: short length at the back of the head, volume at the crown and long ragged bangs. Haircut “garcon” is not combined with a straight, even bangs and long sideburns, it should have smooth transitions.

Rita Ora and Charlize Terron haircut "garcon"

Many women confuse haircuts “garcon” and “pixie”, so they are in a hurry to abandon the idea proposed by the master, believing that now they will make a boy out of them. In fact, the “garcon” is a very feminine and practical haircut. It is easy to style with a hair dryer. And it is worth making a couple of curls with curling irons, and the evening hairstyle is ready. Even this length is enough to perform a fashionable wet styling, combing your hair back.

Katty Perre and Scarlett Johansson look alike with short hair

“Garson” looks great on both dark and blond hair. You can also do highlighting or balayage to hide gray hair and avoid frequent staining. This is a popular haircut in Hollywood, worn not so long ago by Charlize Terron, Katy Perry, Rita Ora.

Option 2: Bob haircut

Celebrities choose a trendy bob haircut

Bob-caret is a popular short haircut for women. The bob-car is characterized by clear lines. The classic length is along the ear line and above the shoulders. If the back of the head is shot out “like a boy”, this is no longer a bean, but a square on a leg. This option is not very popular now, but Victoria Beckham wore just such a haircut at one time.

Women’s bob haircut is suitable for any type of hair. Wavy ones look easy and stylish, while straight ones get extra volume.

For a bob haircut, trendy balayage and ombre haircuts are ideal, like Olga Buzova has now. And many women with such a hairstyle do hair contouring. This means that the master highlights the strands near the face and along the edge line with lighter paint.

Option 3: Shaggy haircut

Heidi Klum with bangs

Shaggy (shaggy) is a multi-layered women’s haircut, which is characterized by “torn” ends and smooth transitions. The face usually has a careless elongated bang or a cascade from the nose line.

The shaggy haircut was popular in the 90s, and then for some reason they forgot about it. But this is a great idea that allows you to look younger. Today, Pelageya decided on such a haircut, earlier the beauty Heidi Klum went with her.

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