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Hairstyle cascade for long hair – cascade for long hair with bangs

Haircut cascade for long hair photo

Beautiful, well-groomed hair speaks of the impeccable taste of the girl. Every girl knows that a haircut means a lot. She can emphasize her virtues, or she can spoil the image. but everyone knows for sure that long strands will add femininity to the image.

Cascade is the most successful haircut for long curls. It is comfortable, there are a lot of options for execution and does not require much time for everyday styling.

Photo cascade for long hair

The cascading version of the haircut is suitable for owners of different face shapes and physiques. A double cascade will add extra volume.

Photo haircut cascade for long hair – new items of the year.

Haircut ladder for long hair photo – torn cascade for very straight hair without bangs

A torn haircut is a rather bold decision. She talks about the creativity of her owner. Women’s hairstyles on which torn strands can be used:

Ladder. The haircut got its name because of its appearance. The ladder is popular for its simplicity. At the same time, the girl will look great both at work and at any event. A hairstyle is created by layered cutting strands with steps. You can cut both near the face and along the entire length.


Bean. A tattered layered bob with long strands is often used as an everyday hairstyle. It is used by courageous women who do not want to style curls for a long time. Properly observed shearing technology will provide minimal haircut care. A woman can complement the image with a torn bang.


Kare. The classic look of the haircut will be complemented by the technique of cutting torn ends. Such a haircut is able to emphasize the peculiarity in each girl, making her image sexier.


Cascade. The implementation of a ragged cascade is most popular after winter frosts. The haircut will leave the curls the same length, but add volume. The cascade can be graduated, multistage and asymmetric.


Beautiful photo examples

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Fashion ideas for a round face

A girl with a round face can choose a hairstyle by listening to the advice of stylists:

  • unacceptable volume on the sides;
  • a short haircut with a voluminous crown will visually lengthen the oval of the face;
  • correct coloring;
    focusing on vertical lines, you can hide wide cheekbones and large cheeks;
  • a haircut with asymmetrical bangs will also stretch the face;
  • do not curl from the roots, it is good if the waves start from the chin line.

Thick strands will look good in a short bob hairstyle. For a round face, it is good if Bob is made with oblique bangs. Also among short haircuts, it is worth noting the page and elf haircut.

Straight long curls will decorate the cascade, but if they are thin, it is worth noting that such a haircut will emphasize the rounded shape of the face.

Coloring, highlighting, 3D coloring and blonding will visually add volume, making the hairstyle more magnificent.

So for an oval face, the most successful ideas are a haircut cascade for long hair.

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Haircut cascade for long hair with bangs (photo 2018)

Bangs can be oblique, straight, asymmetrical. The main requirement is that it should fit the oval of a woman’s face, emphasize a feature or hide a flaw in her face.

Photo haircut cascade with bangs, current ideas in 2018.

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New for curly, wavy and slightly curly hair

Girls and women with curly, curly and wavy strands choose a cascade for long hair. Such a haircut will look very harmonious and impressive. Photos will help you make a choice.

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How to lay a cascade on long hair at home – photo and video tutorials for girls

If there is no extra money and time, a cascade for long hair can be laid easily and quickly at home. To do this, just watch the video tutorial for beginners. Also, after the video, you can read reviews of hairdressers, stylists and girls who have already done the styling.

We offer you a diagram with a photo, where the installation is done with pictures step by step.

Simple DIY styling ideas for every day

Cascade for long hair universal haircut. The laying options are varied. Everyday styling for long or medium strands is almost the same.

The complexity of styling depends on the type of hair. It is almost impossible to lay curly hair quickly. If this torture is already unbearable, you can thin out wavy hair.

Naturally straight, medium length, or long enough to sprinkle with foam and dry with a comb and hairdryer. This will give light volume.

To work, you will need a hair dryer, comb and wax. Clean wet strands are dried with a comb and hair dryer, while combing the strand in the right direction. After drying, the desired vortices can be fixed with wax.
Straight hair can be curled with a curling iron, and curly hair can be straightened with an iron or hair dryer.

Photo lesson of simple styling

  1. Apply a volumizing agent to the roots and dry with a hair dryer using a round comb.


2. Make a small bouffant on the front strands and smooth the upper curls nicely.


3. Sprinkle with varnish.



Video lesson

Hairstyle cascade for long hair – laying on the side at home

To style an asymmetrical cascade haircut on long hair, you need to wash your hair, brush the roots with a comb with foam, and dry your hair with a hairdryer. In this case, each curl must be directed in the direction on which the styling is done.

Every day you can change the side of the styling. Or change the location of the parting. In this case, the haircut will take on a completely different fashionable look.

You can create a fashionable image like this:

  1. Curl hair on curlers, curling iron or perfectly align with an iron.
  2. Make a side parting and comb to one side.
  3. Secure the curls with hairpins and fixatives.

Also, strands combed to one side can be braided into a beautiful braid. If you weave flowers and bows into the braid, a beautiful rear view will delight, and the hairstyle will acquire a stylish accent.

Video lesson

Festive styling technique – a master class on how to style your hair yourself

A cascade for long hair can be laid in a festive version. Long curls are so good that you can play with your imagination, creating chic hairstyles.

Video tutorial for beginners.

But even medium-length curls can be laid very beautifully. Hairband, small braids all over the head, zigzag weave.

An evening look can be created with a beautiful braid (today there are a lot of their varieties). A voluminous braid can be laid on its side and decorated with all kinds of hairpins and flowers. Alternatively, a large braid can be diluted with several small ones.

Raised hair up is suitable for an oval face. You can lift the bangs up and slightly give it volume. An ordinary tail can be decorated by braiding the elastic with a pigtail.

Today, retro hairstyles are in fashion. The well-known shell hairstyle is ideal for …

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