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Hairstyle ponytail for long hair: 20 cool and easy ideas

Out of the box: ideas for ponytail hairstyles if you have long hair

Long hair is easiest to collect in a ponytail so that it does not interfere with work, walking with a baby or cooking in the kitchen. But it’s boring to constantly walk with an ordinary ponytail, and stylists don’t consider this option a hairstyle, recommending a haircut in order to somehow diversify the image.

We propose to keep the length, and not even give up the habit of walking with a tail. Instead, we recommend that you take note of simple ways to create a beautiful and original tail that no one will definitely call boring.

Ideas on how to assemble a beautiful tail in a few minutes.

Hairstyles with a tail for every day

low ponytail hairstyle
original tail photo

To make the tail look neat and stylish, it is important to remember a few simple rules:

  • The head should be clean, since even when assembled it is noticeable that the hair is not the first freshness;
  • If there is no time to wash your hair, we create the effect of wet hair. There are special gels and wax for this;
  • The length needs styling. If there is no time, weave a braid, use elastic bands.

We tell you how you can originally collect your hair in a ponytail and what options are considered the most fashionable, stylish, youthful and seductive.

With a scythe instead of an elastic band

Tail with a scythe instead of an elastic band

Today it is extremely fashionable to collect hair in a ponytail, and then hide the elastic under the braid. To do this, you need to select a small strand. Braid it into a braid and wrap it around the ponytail. We order the end with a pair of stealths. For reliability, we fix with varnish.

Reception “hidden gum”

Smooth low ponytail

An easier way to hide the elastic is to wrap a section of hair around it. We pre-work them with wax to make them more plastic and obedient. So the hairs will not look out in different directions.

Low parted

Cool strict tail

A low parted ponytail is one of the hottest red carpet hairstyles of recent years. This option is popular with models, singers and actresses of the first magnitude. The secret is the ability to create an elegant look, while respecting the main trend of 20-21 years – naturalness.

Medium brushed

Tail with hair extensions

Casual hairstyle – ponytail with fleece. Additional volume at the roots is needed in order not to waste time laying the ends. Otherwise, it turns out inharmoniously – the length is fluffy, and the roots are smoothly combed.

Double to visually lengthen the hair

double tail

We collect part of the hair in the upper occipital zone, and part – in the lower. You don’t need to connect them together. It is better to wind it up first to hide the secret under the volume. As a result, the hairstyle will appear longer.

With a small hole

Elegant parted ponytail

Parting can be done in the center, on the side, diagonal, zigzag, etc. Partings are also divided into long and short. This season, tails with short partings are in trend. According to stylists, this version of the hairstyle visually stretches the oval of the face, making it thin.

With a handkerchief

Hairstyle with a headscarf

A stylish tail hairstyle will turn out if you use a scarf as an accessory. This can be tied with a simple knot or “wound” around the tail, hiding the edges.

With strands

Hairstyle with strands on the face

Today, many girls under 25 have appreciated the “tail with strands near the face” trend. It is recommended to leave strands up to 1.5 cm wide.

With pigtails

Tail with pigtails

A stylish tail will turn out if, instead of strands near the face, weave thin pigtails. The thickness is not more than 0.5 cm. This hairstyle is suitable for young women of fashion and girls of 20-30 years old who want to diversify their everyday look and become brighter.

with piercing

Tail with piercing

The most fashionable girls this year not only weave thin braids around the face, but also complement them with piercings. These are small rings that are woven into the hair. You don’t need any special fasteners for this.


Tail inside out

We collect all the hair in a low tail, slightly relax the elastic band. Then we divide the hairstyle in the center and twist through the middle. It turns out a neat hairstyle with two flagella.

By zones

Neat ponytail

We collect an elegant tail, which claims to be an evening hairstyle, from three main strands. we divide the hair with a central parting, then we select the temporal-lateral zones. We collect the occipital part in a low tail, overlap the elastic band with the temporal-lateral ones, crossing them.

With elastic bands

Tail with flashlights

We collect the hair in a ponytail at the back of the head, and then use small clips to create voluminous lanterns.

With lace

Tail with drawstring

We attach a lace or ribbon to the upper elastic band. We find its central part and, crossing, we capture all the hair. Gets an elegant and stylish hippie hairstyle option.

With harness

Tail with harness

Select a strand on one side and twist it with a tourniquet. We fasten invisible to the main structure. You need to pre-stretch the length for such a hairstyle. The more volume, the better.

Smooth with a scythe

very smooth tail

pre-treat the hair with gel, and then collect it in a tight ponytail. Weave a pigtail and fix it with a small elastic band. Thanks to the means of strong fixation, you will get a thin and stylish pigtail, without a single protruding hair.

More photo hairstyles ponytail with a scythe HERE.

with knot

Tail with a knot

The scheme for creating a hairstyle is simple. Gather your hair into a low ponytail. We tie the strands remaining on the side into a knot, and hide the ponytails from below and fix with rubber bands.

Flashlights in reverse

Tail with lanterns inside out

We collect lanterns from the tail, after scrolling each of them through the middle. You get a double volume and a more complex design.

Tiny flashlights

mini lanterns near the face hairstyle

This version of the hairstyle is similar to the examples of “pigtails near the face”, although it looks even more stylish. The remaining hair must be collected in a smooth hairstyle.

With french braid

French braid ponytail

Weave a spikelet only in the upper zone. We collect the remaining strands into a voluminous hairstyle and make a light pile. It looks modern, unlike the options with thin French braids.

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