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Hairstyles for every day for long hair: simple instructions, photos

Casual hairstyles for long hair

Girls love to change from day to day. Owners of long hair are especially lucky with this, because the length of the strands allows you to create many interesting hairstyles for every day that will amaze the male half of humanity. If you follow simple recommendations for the implementation of the image, the process will take no more than 5-10 minutes, and the result will delight all day.

Tips for creating daily hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyle for long hair

In order not to make a mistake when choosing hairstyles for every day you need to follow the general rules:

  • The hairstyle should be simple and not loaded. No need to build complex structures, make a high pile, suffer with a dozen weaves. The simpler the hairstyle, the more comfortable and appropriate it is on a weekday;
  • The image creation time should not take more than 10 minutes. An attempt to have time to do a bulky styling in a shortened time can ruin the hairstyle;
  • It should not be overloaded with varnishes and gels. Many styling products not only spoil the curls, but also make the hair look artificial;
  • The chosen hairstyle should match the image and place of stay.

Everyday looks have a huge plus – you don’t need to be a professional stylist to bring them to life.

There are several hairstyles for every day:

  • oblique. Presented in the form of braids or with their elements;
  • Tail-like. They can be both an independent hairstyle and a platform for another;
  • Consolidated. This type represents loose curls that can be fixed in different ways.

The easiest option to perform is loose hair. It is enough to style your hair a little in large curls or collect part of the strands in a hairpin – a romantic everyday look is ready.

A lot of interesting solutions are offered by a tail-shaped hairstyle. You can make the tail: smooth or with curls, inside out, with a bagel and much more.

Simple everyday ponytails


Tail This is a great everyday hairstyle that can be done in just a couple of minutes. Most often, girls make high or low tails, sometimes the fantasy ends there. However, there are many alternative options that will spice up a boring look.

Hairstyles-tails are comfortable to wear, curls do not climb into the eyes and do not interfere with work. You can collect hair both long and medium length. Especially the hairstyle is suitable for thick curls with a straight or curly structure. It is not recommended to make such an image for owners of thin and sparse hair.

The ponytail will go great with street, casual or smart casual style. Do not be ashamed to appear with such a hairstyle and in a romantic way.

Tail on side

Tail on side

The easiest way to refresh a boring ponytail is to make it not in the middle, but side. A high tail on the side will make the image more playful and mischievous, and a low asymmetrical bun will make you a romantic beauty.

To complete the look, you can wrap a strand around the tail. For this you need:

  • Gather curls into a ponytail with your hands and a comb;
  • Wrap them several times with an elastic band;
  • Separate a large strand of hair and twist it around the elastic band (as long as the length of the strand allows);
  • Fix the result with invisibility.

This version of the tail will make the image more thoughtful and serious.

smooth tail

smooth tail

smooth tail perfect for a serious strong-willed look. The hairstyle will emphasize the beautiful shape of the head and facial features. Owners of an even type of hair do not need much time to make a hairstyle. Girls with wavy or curly hair will have to spend more time.

Follow the suggested sequence:

  • Straighten clean hair with a flat iron;
  • Gather them into a high ponytail;
  • Eliminate unevenness with hair gel or wax.

The perfect, smooth ponytail is ready.

Tail with curls

Tail with curls

curls give the appearance of more romance and expressiveness, and facial features will seem softer and more pretty.

To make a hairstyle, you need:

  • Wind the curls with a curling iron (or ironing). For a casual look, it is not necessary to pay close attention to each strand or bouffant. To save time, you should horizontally divide your hair into 2 parts, then twist large strands, starting from the middle of the length. It makes no sense to wind the strands from the root, as they will be collected anyway. Periodically, hair should be sprayed with varnish. So the hairstyle will last longer;
  • Then you need to collect the hair in a bun, separate one strand and wrap it around the elastic band, secure the strand with an invisible one. Instead of an elastic band, you can use a beautiful hairpin that will make the image more festive;
  • Spray the ponytail a little with hairspray.

You can also pull out short strands at the temples and twist slightly. Your image will become more romantic, elegant and feminine.

For owners of medium length hair, there is a way to make the ponytail visually longer. To do this, twisted hair must be divided into two parts. Then collect first a low tail at the back of the head, and then a high one at the crown. After the curls are superimposed on each other, the hair will visually appear longer.

Tail inside out

Tail inside out

The inside-out tail is popular. This simple hairstyle can be done 3-4 minutes before going out.

For this you need:

  • Comb your hair and gather it into a ponytail. It is most convenient to make a low beam at the back;
  • Tie hair with an elastic band. No need to make a tight knot, as the next step will be inconvenient (and painful) to work with;
  • You need to take the tail with both hands at the base, with your index fingers, separate the hair between the elastic and the back of the head;
  • Pass the tail through the resulting hole.

Hairstyle with an inverted tail is ready. If desired, it can be decorated with a flower or a hairpin.

Easy hairstyles with buns for every day

bun hairstyle

bun hairstyle is a classic everyday look. The bun looks perfect with any style of clothing, be it a classic suit, an elegant dress or sweatpants.

Many girls believe that to design this type of hairstyle, you need to get up a couple of hours before going to work. However, a little sleight of hand and patience will allow you to get a classic beam in 5-7 minutes.

The beauty industry has long come up with special “invisible” hairpins that simplify the process of creating hairstyles, increase volume and save precious time. These include: bagels, twisters, haegami, etc.

retro bun

retro bun

Bundle in retro style will make the appearance more sensual, and everyday outfit festive. From the first time, it is possible that it will not be possible to realize the plan perfectly. But, if you practice several times, you can do your hair before going to work in 5-7 minutes. The main thing is to arm yourself with invisibles.

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