Fashionable children's hairstyle for girls

Hairstyles for girls: beautiful and simple ideas in 2022 with photo examples

Since childhood, girls want to look beautiful and neat. But not every mother knows how to braid stylish hairstyles. In fact, making a neat styling, which at the same time will not cause discomfort to the child, is quite simple. It is enough to work out, and there will be no more problems with daily hair tidying.

Fashionable children's hairstyle for girls

Hairstyles for girls for short hair

Long hair can get in the way for little girls, so many moms cut it to shoulder length. However, even such hair can be beautifully braided, and the choice of hairstyles is not limited to ponytails alone.

  • Hairstyles with accessories

To make the image look elegant, decorate the child’s hair with colored elastic bands, headbands or bows. Such styling is suitable for a holiday in kindergarten or a mug, the main thing is to choose comfortable accessories that do not spoil the girl’s hair, do not fall off and do not interfere with her.

Hairstyle for a girl with bows

Even simple ponytails or pigtails can be interestingly beaten if you weave bright ribbons into them, for example. And if a child wants colored hair, but you are afraid to dye it, buy special colored strands that are attached to invisible hair and woven into the hair.

Pigtail with ribbon

For the little ones, you can choose fabric headbands that gently collect hair. They do not allow curls to climb into the face, but at the same time they decorate the image and look very cute. Such bandages can be sewn independently by adding, for example, flowers from satin fabric to them.

Girl with a headband with a bow

  • french braid

Short hair can be braided in the parietal zone, while the remaining hair is left loose. This hairstyle is durable, does not interfere with the game and gives volume to the hair. You can also make two French braids on the sides, and then combine them into one and continue to weave already together.

French braid for girls

Remember that when weaving braids, it is important not to tighten the hair too much. Make the hairstyle relaxed – so the child will not be hurt, and the braids will look more voluminous.

  • Basket

It is woven like braids, however, when creating a basket, the head must be braided in a circle.

Hairstyle-basket for girls

The result is a lush hairstyle that is suitable even for short and sparse hair:

  1. At the crown, select a section of hair in a circle and tie it into a ponytail.
  2. Divide the tail into two parts. Tie one part with a thin elastic band or secure with a hairpin so that it does not interfere with weaving.
  3. Start the French braid on one side. In the course of work, include strands from the free tail in the braid.
  4. In the same way, weave a pigtail on the other side.
  5. At the back of the head, connect the braids with an elastic band and hide the end in the hair.
  • bob haircut

Suitable for little schoolgirls who want a comfortable and stylish haircut. A bob haircut involves a gradual increase in the length of the hair from the back of the head to the face.

Bob haircut for girls

Styling is best done in a beauty salon, because it will be problematic to make a bob at home. In addition, the hairdresser will be able to choose the right haircut for the type of face so that it suits the little fashionista.

  • Bundle with a donut

Short and sparse hair can also be neatly styled using a special steering wheel. It looks like a voluminous elastic band, through the hole of which hair is threaded. Next, the strands need to be evenly distributed over the steering wheel and at the end fix them with an elastic band. The tips are hidden under the bun, and for beauty they can be slightly released.

Hairstyle with a bagel for a girl

Hairstyles for girls with ponytails

Simple ponytails can be interesting to decorate and beat. There are many ways to do this. It all depends on your imagination and the length of the girl’s hair:

  • Different parting

When braiding ponytails, make a parting on the side in the form of a zigzag. However, keep in mind that to change the parting, there must be long enough hair, otherwise some of them will fall out of the tail. In addition, most likely, such styling will have to be fixed with varnish – for many, the parting does not hold.

Hairstyle for a girl with a zigzag parting

  • Malvinka

This type of ponytail is suitable for any length of hair. To make a “malvinka”, separate thin strands on the sides of the temples, then collect them on the back of the head in one ponytail.

Hairstyle for a malvinka girl

Additionally, the tails can be wrapped several times, forming flagella. At the end, decorate the hairstyle with a bow, ribbon or a beautiful elastic band.

  • baby dragon

It looks like a French braid, braided at the back of the head, but the “dragon” version is much simpler. Gather your hair under the bangs into a tight ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Next, separate a few small strands on both sides and connect with the main tail with another elastic band just below the first.

Then continue to collect other strands in this way, connecting them with elastic bands. At the end, re-secure the hair into a big ponytail with one elastic band.

Children's hairstyle dragon

This hairstyle looks especially beautiful if you braid it with thin invisible rubber bands and slightly let your hair out.

  • Tail inside out

Very simple hairstyle. She looks restrained, but at the same time stylish and interesting. Even the schoolgirl herself can braid the tail inside out. First, the hair must be collected in one low tail, and then, without dissolving it, divide the hair above the elastic into two parts.

Hairstyle for girls

A hole is formed into which you need to pass the tip of the tail. On this hairstyle is ready, it remains only to gently straighten the hair and, if desired, decorate the hairstyle.

  • Ponytail

To create such a ponytail, you need to pick up a few thin elastic bands to match the hair. The ponytail is also very easy to make. You need to collect the usual high tail and fix it tightly with an elastic band.

Further, the tail is divided into several identical sectors, which are also fixed with rubber bands. To make the hairstyle look voluminous, each section needs to be slightly released from the elastic bands. Hairstyle is ready!

Hairstyle for girls

If the girl has thick hair, the ponytail can be diversified with pigtails. Weave a few thin braids, then braid the tail, as described above. So the hairstyle will look more original and voluminous.

Hairstyles for girls with pigtails

Weaving hairstyles with pigtails can already be called a real art. There are many types of such styling, which, of course, vary in complexity. Some of them are suitable for everyday looks, and some can be made for holidays.

  • Mermaid

Made using the fishtail technique.

Fishtail braid hairstyle

The little mermaid is suitable for daily trips to school or kindergarten, because the hairstyle does not take much effort and time:

  1. Separate a strand of hair from your forehead.
  2. Start braiding the fishtail.
  3. When you reach the ears, separate a strand from the temples and add to the pigtail.
  4. Continue weaving by adding strands. In total, they need to be added three times.
  5. Finish off with a fishtail by gathering all the hair.
  • French braid with butterfly

A bow in the form of a butterfly gives a simple French braid sophistication and originality.

Hairstyle for girls

Braiding such a hairstyle is easy:

  1. Start French braiding from your forehead. At the same time, leave free strands at the temples.
  2. After you finish braiding, lift the strands and collect them in one tail at the back of the head.
  3. Divide the tail into two parts. Take a loop for laying…

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