Hairstyles for long hair photo – ideas for a celebration

Fashionable hairstyles for long hair 2018: photo

In 2018, long-haired beauties will be among the favorites. But if we talk about hairstyles, then in the first place, of course, curls. You can beautifully curl the curls and stab them into a high hairstyle or just gently comb them, leaving the curls to fall freely.

Hairdressers gave a chic idea – imitation short haircut. Those who like to experiment will be delighted with the opportunity to radically change the image without sacrificing a long one.

Tall ponytail with a fleece will also be very popular, but you can not stop there and try different ways to collect a stylish tail.

Braid your hair – the most ideal solution, but if you loosen the weave a little, you get a very fashionable “slight negligence”.

So, a photo selection of the most successful ideas for owners of chic hair.


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