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Hairstyles for medium hair at home step by step photo

DIY hairstyles for medium hair

Every day a woman thinks about how to style her hair beautifully. Therefore, such a topic as “quick hairstyles for medium hair with your own hands at home” will always be relevant. Today on the net you can find a huge number of ideas for everyday and evening out, so I suggest moving on to the latest innovations that you can easily reproduce at home.

Hairstyles for every day with your own hands

Quick styling for every day has become popular due to its beauty and practicality. Fashionable images can be created independently for a celebration or a holiday. Casual style can also be enriched with quick hairstyles. A simple instruction that shows each step of creation step by step will allow you to give your hair an unforgettable chic look in a few minutes.

Everyday options for a quick hand

Thanks to the easy tips of the step-by-step instructions, you can create hairstyles for medium hair with your own hands in 5 minutes for every day.
For hair of any length, you can choose these quick options:
• Braid and options with weaving;

234five6 • Light looks with bangs

7 eight nine • Bundle;
10 eleven 12 • High collected strands;
13 fourteen • Loose hair and styling with curls;
fourteen fifteen 16 17• Combed hair;
eighteen nineteen • Greek style.

twenty 21

Creating an original styling in stages.

With hair dryer

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Easy kids to go to school

Such everyday hairstyles are created very quickly and will suit every child. The same weaving option can be repeated for children and adolescents.

(To come up with an original idea, you can search for pictures and videos on YouTube. More than one online lesson is designed for little ladies.)

When your daughter grows up, she will thank you for teaching her to take care of herself and her hair, and soon she will be able to create such stylish images on her own.

Interesting options for girls to school.

25 26 27 28 29

Evening hairstyles for medium hair (photo).

If you are the owner of thick hair, you can afford absolutely everything.

thirty 31

Light evening ideas with bangs for thin, thin and sparse hair (even if you have a cascade).

32 33


By stepper stylish evening option.

36 37 38 Classic beam (master class)

A beautiful and quick way to look stylish is a bun. You can arrange simple bundles of braids, bundles on a square, with a scythe, with a diadem or on a bow. You can easily create a version of the babette to look older and more solid.


Stylish with original weaving

Hairdressers today delight with a large number of new original types of weaving, which are ideal for going out.
39 40 41

Hollywood styling for a wedding

A fashionable festive hairstyle for a wedding is flowing curls and stylish high options.

Straight Lay Ideas


fashion curls

Classic shell (good for an oval face)

44 45

wedding bun

46 47 48

Video lessons in Russian from the best hairdressers

A large number of video tutorials on the topic: “Quick hairstyles for medium hair with your own hands at home.”

Free detailed master class in Russian: “creating a beam.”

How to make beautiful curls

In order to create beautiful curls at home with your own hands, you will need an iron or curling iron (you can even curlers) and medium-hold hairspray.

Laying in stages

Hairstyles for all occasions

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