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Hairstyles for medium hair at home: step by step

Simple hairstyles for medium hair

Regardless of the length of the hair, we always want our hairstyle to look perfect. The average length is suitable for girls who love convenience and femininity. There is a large selection of hairstyles that will freshen up any everyday look. Take a closer look at the options with weaving, bun or ponytail. The main thing is to choose one that does not require professional skills and is right for you.

Braided hairstyles

Braided hairstyle

Hairstyles based on braidwill remain in fashion for many years to come. To gradually master each option and come up with your own, it is enough to learn how to weave a simple braid of 3 strands.

No need to use a lot of styling products. You run the risk of ruining your hair, making it unnatural.

Hairstyle should be chosen depending on the occasion. For everyday wear, options that take less time are suitable.

french braid

french braid

The French braid is a hairstyle based on the classic braid. Only you need to start it not from the necks, but at the top of the head. To braid french braidyou need to do the following:

  • Comb clean hair back;
  • At the crown, separate a large strand of hair horizontally. In your hands, divide it into three equal strands;
  • Drag the left strand to the right side and pull the half-braid. Then transfer the right strand to the left side and also pull the span;
  • The scythe continues to be performed with similar movements. With each half-weave, you need to thicken the strand with new ones, taken from both sides;
  • At the end, secure the hair with an elastic band. Decorate with accessories if necessary.

The French braid is comfortable to wear and goes with a classic, casual or romantic look.

Not a full braid

Braid hairstyle for medium length hair

An incomplete braid is a romantic combination of loose hair and a braided pigtail. Weaving is the same as in the previous example, but you need to take a strand much thinner.

Another difference is that you do not need to pull the braid. It should lie in soft waves, creating a little volume.

asymmetrical braid

asymmetrical braid

asymmetrical braid looks more interesting and elegant compared to direct counterparts. The tip of the braid can be decorated with an elegant hairpin or twisted into a bun. In order to weave an asymmetrical braid, you must:

  • Comb your hair to one side;
  • Separate the layer of hair horizontally from the rest and divide it into three more small strands;
  • Start weaving a regular braid, each time thickening the strands on both sides. It is very important to follow the direction of weaving so that the braid comes out exactly diagonally.
  • The end of the hairstyle must be secured with an elastic band.

To make the braids look more voluminous and thick, it is recommended to stretch the strands a little in different directions.

An inverted ponytail

An inverted ponytail

An easy way to dress up a simple braid is to “turn it inside out”. From the outside, the hairstyle seems complicated, but it will take 5 minutes to weave this option. You need to do the following:

  • Gather hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic band;
  • Take the tail with both hands at the base, use your index fingers to separate the hair between the elastic and the back of the head;
  • Pass the tail through the resulting hole;
  • Comb the inverted tail and start weaving a regular braid. Fix the result with an elastic band.

A braid with an inverted tail is ready. You can sprinkle your hair with a fixing varnish so that extra hairs do not come out.

Braid headband

Braid headband

bezel“can be seen on girls not so often, but in vain. The hairstyle will decorate the romantic image and emphasize the beautiful shape of the head. To make a rim of braids, it is enough to spend 5-7 minutes of free time. The basis of the hairstyle is the same braid.

To perform you need:

  • Separate large strands from the face and braid neat pigtails on each side;
  • Fold the finished braids and fasten in such a way that a semicircle forms on the back of the head.

For this hairstyle option, the hair should be at least below the shoulders.

Braids with loose hair

Braids with loose hair

With such a hairstyle, you can experiment for a long time at the mirror. The image is suitable for a walk with friends, going to the cinema or meeting with a loved one.

You can make one thin braid or several, collect part of the hair or leave it loose. Many variations make the hairstyle indispensable for a dynamic look.

Hair rosette


romantic look with hair flower will be a great combination to a cocktail dress. Unfortunately, it will not work out the first time. In order not to lose time before an important event, it is better to practice several times in front of a mirror.

To make a pigtail with a rose from hair you need:

  • Comb your hair back and separate a large strand of hair at the back of your head;
  • Braid a pigtail and secure with an elastic band;
  • Separate strands of hair from the face on both sides;
  • Braid pigtails on both sides to half the back of the head;
  • Twist the ends of the strands so that a flower forms.

Instead of a classic braid, you can braid a fishtail, so the image will look more spectacular.

Two spikelets

Two spikelets

A spikelet is called a braid, which is woven from the crown. Before you start weaving, you need to make a parting in the middle and carefully comb the curls. To make the strands obedient, you need to braid them wet.

If you want to achieve a more elegant look, then stretch the finished curls to the sides. And to add volume, sprinkle them with a hairspray.


Spit waterfall

waterfall hairstyle This is the perfect choice for a summer holiday. It can be made from one or more braids. Follow the directions below:

  • Separate a large strand of hair from the face and start weaving a braid;
  • Starting from the second weave, the strand that is shifted to the right should be left hanging down. Instead, separate the new one and shift it to the left;
  • Continue weaving to the middle of the back of the head. On the other hand, the movements are similar;
  • Connect two braids into one and secure as you wish.

If you practice several times, then the hairstyle will take only 5-7 minutes.

High bun hairstyles

Bundle with weaving

high beams created by those who love comfort. This simple hairstyle for medium hair suits women both at a young and at a very mature age.

Bunches emphasize the long neck and graceful cheekbones. The variation of the beam is chosen depending on the event, image and mood.

In this image, you can choose accessories that will help add elegance to the appearance. The market offers a diverse range of auxiliary items that will make the beam more voluminous and convenient in execution.

classic beam

classic beam

To complete an image with a classic beam, you need to have a minimum of skills. This everyday hairstyle for medium hair can be done every morning without spending more than 5 minutes. To do this, follow the instructions:

  • Comb the curls back and collect the hair in a tight bun;
  • Twist your hair into a bundle;
  • Wrap the resulting tourniquet around the elastic band and secure the result with hairpins.

To keep the strands from slipping out during the day, fix them with varnish or use hair gel.


Bundle with bagel

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