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Hairstyles for thin hair: 10 cool ideas for every day

Stylish hairstyles for those who have thin hair: ideas that you want to repeat

Thick hair is a real luxury. Most women still have thin or medium density hair. Of course, there is nothing wrong with sparse hair, because they are no less beautiful than thick ones. The main thing is to choose the right haircut and learn how to style them. Even hairstyles for thin hair are very beautiful. We tell you what hairstyles for thin hair are, so that every day there is inspiration to look in a new way.

The most important thing is a successful haircut for fine hair

Haircut for thin hair photo
Photo of a short haircut for short hair

Before doing any styling on fine hair or hairstyle, it is important to choose the right haircut. It is a haircut that can visually correct such a disadvantage as sparse thin hair.

There are several basic recommendations when choosing a haircut for women who have thin hair:

  • No need to grow very long strands;
  • If the length is medium, a ladder or gradient is not needed;
  • A square on a leg is better than an even cut;
  • Short asymmetrical haircuts are a good choice.

Also, women who have thin hair should be attentive to care products and salon procedures. For example, fashionable hair shielding it is better not to do it, since the composition that is applied to the hair makes it heavier, and this is an additional load on the already weak roots.

Medium length: even cut, angle, semicircle

Suitable haircut for thin hair
Photo ideas for haircuts for thin hair

Women with thin hair should not grow too long strands, as this creates additional stress on the roots. Yes, and visually rare, but very long hair looks unattractive. It is better to stay at medium length if short haircuts are not to your liking.

A good length for those who have thin hair – up to the shoulder blades. The cut can be straight, angle or semicircle. A slight gradient near the face is welcome, but you should not make a ladder along the entire length. This will take away an already precious volume.

Bangs for thin hair

Beautiful girl with bangs and bob
Beautiful girl with bangs photo

Making bangs for those who have thin hair is not contraindicated. You just need to choose one of three fashionable options – elongated, rare, arched. This is initially cut short, so the condition of the hair will not spoil the haircut.

More photos of haircuts with bangs for thin hair here.

Caret for thin hair

Caret for thin hair
Bob haircut

A bob haircut for thin hair is ideal, you just need to choose the right look: with lengthening, on a leg, asymmetrical. These types of caret will lift the hair at the crown and visually create additional volume. Laying a caret is easy and there are various ways, so everyone can be different, surprise and delight both colleagues and themselves.

Read more: Wedding hairstyles for thin hair.

Pixies for those with thin hair

Beautiful short haircut
Beautiful short haircut: back view

The main mistake of women who have thin hair is the desire to “let go” of the length. But it is precisely the ends that betray the lack of volume. They shine through, break, treacherously stick out in different directions at the most inopportune moment.

The ideal solution for those who have thin hair is a short haircut. With the right shape, you can add extra volume to your hair, make styling easier, and get rid of the need to constantly bouffant to lift the roots.

Pixie, garcon – the most popular names for short haircuts for thin hair.

Hairstyles for thin hair to look stylish and fashionable

beautiful haircut
beautiful haircut photo

So, we have decided on suitable haircut options for thin hair, but it’s not always the same to go with the same hairstyle. Despite the absence of thick hair, no one forbids experimenting with hair.

We tell you what hairstyle can be done for thin hair.


Curls for medium length hair
Curls for medium length hair

The simplest and most popular hairstyle for thin hair is curls. But there are nuances:

  • Before proceeding with the winding, it is necessary to use the corrugation on the roots. This will give the hair extra volume.
  • For curls, we use a curling iron of medium diameter (20-25 mm);
  • We twist from the very roots.

Full instructions on how to make curls for yourself at home here.

Fashion coloring

Caret with highlights
Stylish hairstyles for those who have thin hair: ideas that you want to repeat

To make thin hair look thicker and more elegant, you need not only to choose the right haircut, but also coloring. Total blond for sparse hair is a bad decision, like black. Both options, when growing back, will strongly draw attention to the roots, which are already rare and transparent.

Suitable coloring for fine hair – using the technique of airtouch, balayage, highlighting. These coloring techniques allow you to create a 3D effect on the hair and add depth of tone, due to this it seems that the hair is many times thicker than it actually is.

Advice: women with thin hair are better, regardless of the dyeing technique and the chosen color for the length, to maintain the natural shade of the roots. Or do tone-on-tone coloring.

side parting

Side styling for those with thin hair
Stylish hairstyles for those who have thin hair: ideas that you want to repeat

The easiest way to give your hair the desired volume, even if it is very thin, is to make the right parting. And this is the side view. Many celebrities with sparse hair use this trick and always look amazing.


Hairstyle with invisibility
Hairstyle for a caret with invisibility

Light hairstyle for thin hair – with invisibility. Pin it up in an original way to divert attention from the density of your hair, and get a lot of compliments for an unusual look.

Scarf or wide headband

Hairstyle with a headscarf
Braid with a scarf

This year, hair accessories such as a silk scarf and a wide headband imitating a bandage are in trend. With the help of them, you can hide the flaw in the form of sparse hair and make a chic hairstyle. Beach waves gathered in a ponytail, bun, braid and complemented by a scarf look stylish.

With such a hairstyle, no woman will go unnoticed. Representatives of the opposite sex will definitely appreciate this image and make a lot of compliments.

Tousled bun

Bundle for sparse hair
Simple hairstyle for sparse hair

In the absence of thick hair, you should not make a smooth tail or bun. It is better to give preference to careless hairstyles, for which it is better to wind the hair on a curling iron beforehand.

The main mistake of the owners of thin hair is the desire to make them perfectly smooth with the help of an iron. Use a blow dryer for light and airy styling. And don’t be afraid of short haircuts.

wet effect

wet hair effect
Wet hair styling

Short, sparse hair, many celebrities style with a strong hold gel, creating an “after-shower-only” look. It looks seductive, bold and comfortable, since neither rain, nor wind, nor strong sun are terrible for such a hairstyle.

With hair extensions

Tail with hair extensions
Tail with spikelet

Extensions for owners of thin hair should not be done, as this procedure creates an additional load on the roots. But to have a couple of strands on hairpins for a hairstyle is worth it. With the help of tress, you can create a voluminous braid, bun, textured hairstyle. But the easiest way is to collect a low tail. In it, no one will definitely notice the catch in the form of “non-native hair”.

Volumetric styling back

Styling for short thin hair
Beautiful styling for short hair

Styling on thin sparse hair is created using medium-diameter brushing or a hair dryer brush. Root hair…

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