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Hairstyles on a square (50+ photos): original and simple examples

A variety of modern hairstyles for those with caret

According to statistics, bob haircut is one of the most popular in the world. After all, no matter what the fashion trends are, women do not cease to give preference to a convenient and proven option over the years. Of course, from time to time the bob haircut scheme changes, for example, an even cut becomes relevant, as in 2021, or everyone remembers bangs. But the essence does not change – the bob remains a popular hairstyle among women of different ages.

Hairstyles on a square: types, ideas, trends

Daily styling for caret, as a rule, does not raise questions. But even she can get bored, and for the holiday you want to look special, and not as usual. Fortunately, the length of the square is such that you can experiment, although many do not know about it. But it’s enough to give free rein to your imagination, to get a couple of the right styling tools and accessories, so that the hairstyle is a success.

We have collected for you the most relevant ideas for hairstyles on a bob, which today are in maximum demand among fashionistas, brides, and adult women.

with weaving

Spikelet for caret
Spikelet waterfall hairstyle
Spikelet on bangs
Cool hairstyle for a caret

Today, simple and light hairstyles are in trend. It is not customary to use a large number of fixing agents and various accessories. Stylists recommend opting for one type of elastic bands or hairpins, for example, metal or with pearls. You do not need to combine different options, this will overload the hairstyle, and it will be among the old-fashioned ones.

Braided bob hairstyles are the hit of the 2021 season. It’s difficult to make a simple braid from this length of hair, so usually the choice falls on a spikelet or “French pigtail”. You can place it on the crown, capturing the bangs area. They also often weave braids on a square from the central parting to the side.

With elastic bands

How to collect hair if a bob haircut
Hairstyle with a big elastic band
Malvinka Bella Hadid
How to collect hair in a malvinka

If braiding isn’t your forte, arm yourself with small rubber bands and use a pick-up technique that is similar to braiding but is easier. This hairstyle is easy to perform on your own, and is also one of the extremely fashionable and modern.

With the invisibles

Laying a caret with invisibility
Curls and caret
Wedding styling caret
Elegant bob haircut

Invisibles this year remain in the lists of the most fashionable hair accessories. True, it is now customary to order them without depicting any geometric shapes, but simply from the edge line to the center.

with crab

How to collect crab hair
How to collect short hair with a crab

One of the hottest hair accessories this season is the crab. True, it is recommended to choose it carefully. A simple plastic product will not work – this is a homemade option. For an evening hairstyle, you need a beautiful crab with pearls, stone imitation, metal.


beautiful curls
Volumetric styling for caret
How to lay a caret
Curls on a caret example

Do not think that short hair cannot be twisted on a curling iron. The bob hairstyle, which is the most popular among evening options, is curls.

So, everything is quite simple and doable, the main thing is to separate the lower occipital zone so as not to burn the neck. We twist only the upper layers of hair on the tongs. We apply a structuring cream to the lower short ones and slightly knead with our hands so that they are not perfectly straight.

Curls like pigtails

Buzova curls and caret
Beautiful hairstyle Buzova

Another fashionable hairstyle for women who have a caret is a three-piece twist on an iron. Today there are various options for such a styling device, but it is recommended to choose a medium size. Presses the hair in a row to form a “wave”.


Elegant retro curls
Beautiful festive styling for a caret
Retro styling bob
Delicate curls

A hairstyle on a square in a retro style is large curls or smooth styling with a wave near the face. The first type is performed using a medium-diameter curling iron. For the second, you need the help of a master, as this is a complex hairstyle that requires skills and practice in hairdressing.


A bunch of caret
Hairstyle for caret
Hairstyle for a wedding from a caret
Delicate hairstyle for caret

From medium length hair, you can make various hairstyles, including with collected hair. A beautiful low bun will turn out if a bob haircut with an even cut or lengthening to the face. The main thing is that there is no cascade at the back, as it will prevent you from collecting all the strands.

For a low bun, it is recommended to wind the hair, as well as use a foam pad to make the hairstyle look voluminous. Still need invisible and studs. The final result is fixed with varnish.

This is a great idea for an evening hairstyle or for a wedding. Suitable for those who have chosen a dress with an emphasis on the neckline or back. If the outfit has a high collar, it is better to give preference to a hairstyle for a bob with loose hair.

Half tail or malvinka

Malvinka from a caret
Half tail from square
half tail

a simple everyday hairstyle for a bob with and without bangs – a half-tail. We collect the upper part with a small rubber band or, conversely, use a fashionable fabric with an assembly.

Raised bangs

Stylish styling for a caret
Daring styling for a caret

Hairstyles that add visual growth are popular not only among young people, but also among adult ladies.


How to collect hair in a bob
Simple hairstyle for a caret
Half-bun for a caret
How to collect hair in a bob

A youth hairstyle for a caret that does not involve any complex pre-styling is a half-bun. It is enough to wash the hair and dry it randomly. Then the longest strands are fixed at the crown with hairpins and an elastic band.

wedding options

How to collect a caret for a wedding
Wedding hairstyle for caret
Delicate hairstyle for a caret for a wedding
Stylish one side hairstyle

For the wedding, most stylists recommend growing your hair out to make it easier. collect one of the trendy wedding hairstyles. But not every bride manages to acquire a long braid by the appointed time. Do not refuse because of this from the intended image?

Today there are many ways and schemes for hairstyles from a caret for a wedding. It is enough to grow the lower occipital zone by at least 2-3 cm. This is possible if you do not cut the length for 2 months. Then it remains to trust a good master who knows how to work with short hair and is ready to spend a little more time than usual to collect it in the right way.

By the way, wedding hairstyles from a square are often decorated with pearl threads, flower wreaths, and metal jewelry. This allows you to divert attention from the non-ideal structure.

wet effect

Laying for caret wet effect
Stylish styling
Wet effect caret
Strict style and caret

A seductive look is what many women who have chosen a bob haircut are trying to achieve. So why cheat on yourself and twist your curls when you can create an even sexier look with your favorite haircut? To do this, pay attention to fashionable wet hairstyles. Can be collected in a ponytail with a parting, combed back without a parting, make a perfectly smooth styling on straight hair


Blonde and caret - a good combination
Elongated caret with bangs on the side photo
Long bob haircut in gray
Warm blond and caret
Elongated caret with light strands near the face
Straight cut square
Laying a caret on one side
Selena Gomez bob haircut
Wet styling for caret
Stylish one side hairstyle
asymmetrical bob
How to lay a square yourself

A bob haircut does not oblige you to always look the same. The myth that only women with long hair can experiment with hairstyle has long lost its relevance. Moreover, it is precisely those women who have long curls, as a rule, always look the same, since styling takes a lot of time. And not everyone has it.

A bob haircut is a great opportunity to find a comfortable everyday hairstyle and a stylish evening option that can always be played with in an unusual way. All you need is a couple of minutes of your time and some stylish hair accessories. And staining of this length is cheaper, because less materials are consumed.

As you can see, solid pluses, so being afraid to say goodbye to long hair is definitely not…

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