Hand care at home

Hand care at home

It is often said that a woman’s age can be easily determined by her hands. And this is true, because it is the thin and unprotected skin of the hands that is daily exposed to the harmful effects of all kinds of detergents and cleaning products, it is the hands that are most exposed to high and low temperatures – we accidentally grab a hot pan and get burned or forget to put on gloves in sub-zero temperatures. The easiest way to neutralize all these negative effects is to make hand masks at home.

Enemy for your hands

So, the main enemy of delicate female hands is washing powder. Surely you have repeatedly felt dryness and irritation of the skin after hand washing. To avoid such consequences, immediately after washing, wipe your hands with a slice of lemon. If there is no lemon on hand, dilute a few crystals of citric acid in a glass of warm water, and then rinse your hands in this acidified water. Instead of citric acid, you can similarly use a spoonful of table vinegar diluted with a glass of water.

washing dishesWhen washing dishes, it is advisable to use rubber gloves – this is the easiest way to protect your skin. However, many of the fair sex will say that washing dishes with gloves is inconvenient, and that washing in this case takes more time. If you agree with this, then at least try to lubricate your hands with cream after each dishwashing. Especially for this, you can independently turn a regular hand cream into an intensive cream. What needs to be done for this? The recipe is simple: you need to take an ordinary hand cream and add coconut, almond, cocoa, shea or avocado oil to it to choose from. The addition of these oils will make the cream thicker and take longer to absorb, but it will also keep your skin hydrated for longer.

Hand care

Contrast baths will also benefit the skin. This is a simple yet highly effective way to slow down hand aging while avoiding expensive salon procedures. Before starting the home procedure, apply cream to the skin of the brushes. It is useful to add lemon juice to it, the optimal proportion is half a dessert spoon of juice for two tablespoons of cream. Then, when the cream is absorbed, use the baths. Dissolve one dessert spoon of dry mustard in a liter of hot water, dip your hands for a few minutes in the resulting solution. Then do the same, but only use cold water. Alternate between different water temperatures several times, then rinse your hands, pat them dry, and reapply the cream.

Making a nourishing cream

Hand care

An excellent nourishing hand cream can be made at home from beeswax and oils. It is necessary to choose a nourishing oil of your choice, and then mix it with wax in a ratio of five to one. As a rule, the wax is melted separately, but if you took the oil in solid form, then you can melt the two ingredients together in a water bath. The resulting substance as a result should resemble a cream in its consistency. If such a consistency did not work out, do not be afraid to add wax if the substance is too liquid, and oil if the substance is too thick.

Dryness Remedy

Starch solution will save you from dryness and redness. This remedy is prepared according to this recipe: take one dessert spoon of starch and pour it with 200 milliliters of boiling water. Stir everything well until you get a homogeneous mass. Then this remedy must be diluted with 1 liter of warm water. Dip your hands in the resulting solution for 10-15 minutes. After the bath, apply a cream to the skin of the brushes. It is desirable that this cream be fortified.


If the skin of the hands is rough, then a fatty and nutritious mixture of oils will come to the rescue. To make this mixture, you need to take equal parts of vaseline, glycerin, any vegetable oil and lanolin. Mix all the listed ingredients well and apply a thick layer on the skin of the hands. Wait about a quarter of an hour until the oils are absorbed, and then wash off the rest of the mask with warm water.

If you do not have such oils available, then you can use a simpler recipe for rough skin of the hands. Just mix two tablespoons of glycerin with the yolk of one raw chicken egg, and then apply the resulting mixture on the skin of your hands for a quarter of an hour.

coffee scrubAnother helpful tip – do not throw away the coffee grounds left in the cup, but use it to care for the skin of your hands. Ground coffee beans will serve as an excellent scrub, so apply the mass on your hands and make light massaging movements, and then rinse with warm water. Ground coffee beans can also be used as a body scrub, but don’t use them on your face!

In winter, it is useful to harden your hands with contrast baths. So you can get rid of the already existing redness of the hands or prevent its occurrence. Baths are very simple: fill a bowl with hot water and put your hands in it for a few minutes. Then change the water to cold. Alternate the water temperature several times, but be sure to complete the procedure with cold water.

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