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Handmade for men: 5 things to do in 2022

Handmade for men: what to do to make it in demand

It is generally accepted that various types of creativity that are practiced at home are inherent in the beautiful half of humanity. Women knit, embroider, sew, draw, paint, make jewelry – in general, they do everything that can bring at least some additional income. And if there are really a lot of clients, a hobby can turn into a main job and save you forever from the need to go to the office.

Is handmade only for women? Is there no place for men in creative pursuits, they, too, can be neat, painstakingly perform this or that work.

We have collected the most popular, interesting and profitable activities for men. We tell you what not to be ashamed to do at home 👇👇👇

Idea 1: wooden kitchen utensils

Children's plate made of wood
Wooden juicer

Sawing with a jigsaw is not at all a new activity for men. Previously, every second representative of the strong half of humanity had such a skill. But then the love for plastic and other more economical materials began to grow, so the creation of any objects from wood faded into the background.

Wooden frying pans
Dishes in the shape of animals made of wood

However, naturalness has become the trend of 2021, so products made from environmentally friendly materials have regained demand. So, it’s time to return to the grandfathers’ favorite pastime – sawing with a jigsaw.

What to do with wood?

We suggest starting with the most relevant items – kitchen utensils. These are various trays, boards, bowls, shovels and ladles. Such elements will decorate any kitchen, and the master who created them will definitely be able to be proud of his own work.

Idea 2: leather accessories

Leather cosmetic bag
Purse leather

Another craft for real men is working with genuine leather. To get something worthwhile, you need to conduct a lot of experiments and learn the basics. But then there will be no end to those who want to acquire a unique belt, wallet or bag.

The main advantage of such products is a long service life.

Idea 3: designer furniture

designer chair
Red designer chair

There are many masters working with chipboard and MDF, and those who undertake to create something original from natural materials are few.

If you are looking for inspiration for your dream job, it’s time to try your hand at furniture making. You can start with unusual tables, racks, armchairs and chairs. We create what is necessary in every home, but are not basic. For example, a sofa or a bed will take a lot of time, and a lot of materials are needed for production. Such a project is within the power of an experienced craftsman with a well-organized workshop.

Unusual wooden chair
Unusual wooden chair for the terrace

Beginners should read from small interior items that can be the highlight of any room. For such a little thing, a true connoisseur of environmental friendliness and uniqueness will lay out a round sum, be sure.

Idea 4: Wood and resin home furnishings

Resin clock
Resin watch white
Resin vase
resin lamp
Resin coffee table
Slab resin coffee table

If working with ordinary wood seems boring and you want something more creative, get acquainted with such a polymer product as epoxy resin. It allows you to create real works of art from wood.

Clocks, table lamps, wall lamps, trays, coffee tables, bedside stands are just some of the trendy interior items that are customary to decorate your own home today.

Idea 5: artistic forging

Chair with forging
Forged table

Artistic forging is an activity that requires certain skills and time. In mass production, this is usually not done, preferring more “fast” projects. This once again increases the demand for home craftsmen who are ready to approach the task with all responsibility.

Stylish metal chair
Wrought iron chair

Making elegant household items from metals using forging methods is beautiful and expensive. This means that such a handmade will definitely bring a stable income, because there are a lot of those who want to buy something unique for themselves.


Men’s handmade is somewhat different from women’s. Of course, no one forbids the representatives of the stronger sex to embroider, knit and weave bracelets, but why, when you can choose a more status occupation? Let’s leave the creation of delicate and fragile decorative elements and jewelry to women. For men, there are more interesting materials like wood, metal, genuine leather.

Share in the comments what you are doing or would like to do in the near future?

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