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Hardware pedicure 2022: how it is done, pros and cons, types, photos before and after

Every day, the legs are under serious stress. Without careful, regular care, the skin on the feet becomes covered with rough patches and calluses, cracks, and the nails begin to deform and grow in, causing pain. But there is not always time for hours-long, thorough procedures.

Grinding stop cutter

In this case, one of the most effective and fastest options is a hardware pedicure. Experienced craftsmen in the salon put the legs in order quickly and safely, it remains only to choose the appropriate decorative design.

Cuticle removal with hardware pedicure

If you wish, you can master hardware processing at home.

Hardware pedicure without coating

Stylish coated hardware pedicure

What is a hardware pedicure

Unlike all other methods, the processing is completely carried out by a special apparatus with interchangeable nozzles. Masters do not use scissors and nippers, nail files and other traditional pedicure tools.

Professional device for pedicure and manicure

Also, a more advanced and faster technique allows you to put the legs in order without lengthy procedures for steaming and softening the skin.

Processing of feet and nails with cutters

What are the advantages of hardware pedicure

This method is becoming increasingly popular due to its undoubted advantages:

  • no risk of cuts;
  • cutters are easy to disinfect, and disposable nozzles simplify the procedure;
  • suitable for delicate, prone to irritation, skin;
  • excellent result for the month ahead;
  • high processing speed;
  • copes well with most of the problems inherent in the feet;
  • does not require baths, the use of chemical softeners;
  • has no contraindications.

The only disadvantage of the technique is the need to buy a good router and learn how to work with it.

Well-groomed feet after hardware pedicure

Hardware pedicure with natural finish

Beautiful, natural pedicure and manicure

Equipment and tools for hardware pedicure in 2022

For high-quality and long-term processing, reliable routers with the following characteristics are required:

  • power over 40 watts. The ideal option is above 65 W;
  • speed of revolutions – at least 15,000 revolutions per minute, and preferably 28,000;
  • the presence of a reverse reverse;
  • with automatic or semi-automatic cutter clamping;
  • with a comfortable, ergonomic and not too heavy handle.

From the whole variety of offers, it is recommended to choose universal machines suitable for performing pedicures and manicures.

Milling apparatus for pedicure with nozzles

It is also important to choose the right type and class of cutters. The minimum required set includes:

  • removable nozzles in the form of caps for removing keratinized skin;
  • cylinders of small diameter for the formation of nails;
  • balls or needles for lateral ridges and cuticles.

You will also need cutters-polishers.

Cutters-nozzles for hardware pedicure

According to the degree of rigidity, the cutters are selected, depending on the condition of the legs and the area to be treated. For very neglected legs, hard ones with black notches are suitable. Minor keratinized areas are treated with blue cutters. Soft ones, with yellow, green and red marks, are used for delicate skins.

Fact about pedicure

The main enemy of a pedicure is uncomfortable shoes and too high heels. It is they who cause the greatest harm to the feet, increase the risk of nail deformity and the development of fungus, inflammatory diseases.

Stages of hardware pedicure

For an ideal result, you must carefully follow the instructions and the sequence of processing.

How to do a hardware pedicure:

  • Old coatings, if any, are removed depending on their type. Simple varnishes are easily removed with solvents; for gel polishes, milling cutters or special formulations are used.
  • Feet are thoroughly washed in soapy water, dried and disinfected with an antiseptic.
  • A hard nozzle is used to treat rough, calloused skin on the heels, along the foot and on the big toes. At the same time, fresh, inflamed calluses should not be touched categorically!
  • Deep cracks are treated along the contour with thin needle nozzles.
  • Once again, they walk over the entire foot using a medium abrasive nozzle.
  • Clean leather is polished with soft caps and special polishing nozzles.
  • The skin between the fingers and the side rollers are processed with soft cutters.
  • The cuticle is removed with a needle. Cylindrical cutter – the extra length of the nail plates.
  • The pterygium is cleaned out with a universal or conical cutter.
  • Nail plates are polished.
Removing old varnish with a solvent

Feet are wiped with an antiseptic. Lubricate with a moisturizer and massage. At the end of the treatment, you can apply a transparent restorative composition or proceed with a decorative pedicure.

Sanding heels

Removal of pterygium with hardware pedicure

Processing of nail plates during hardware pedicure

Skin treatment at the fingertips

Grinding of nail plates with hardware pedicure

Hardware pedicure: the formation of the free edge of the nails

Processing of side rollers with a hardware pedicure

Applying a decorative coating after a hardware pedicure

Recommendations of an experienced master on safety precautions for hardware manicure

  • The movement of the cutters should be uniform, without delay in one place.
  • The nozzles move in the direction opposite to their rotation.
  • Do not press hard on the handle, so as not to damage the skin or nail plates.
  • The tip of the cutter should be at an angle of 30-400, otherwise there is a risk of cutting through the skin.
  • The cuticle is removed from the center to the edges, and the nail ridges are processed along the nail growth line.

If everything is done correctly, the procedure does not cause inconvenience or pain. And the risk of injury is less than with a trimmed pedicure.

Proper use of pedicure cutters

A selection of photo ideas for a fashionable pedicure 2022 after hardware processing

This technique for processing feet and nails is an excellent basis for creating unusual, stylish nail designs. Delicate or bright varnishes emphasize the excellent appearance of the legs, create the right mood and harmoniously complement the female image.

Unusual hardware pedicure with stickers

Monophonic hardware pedicure

Hardware pedicure with rubbing

Pedicure with a bright design for the summer

Beautiful wedding pedicure

Bright summer pedicure

Hardware pedicure with orange mood

Stylish beige and black patterned pedicure

Hot pink matte pedicure

Gentle hardware pedicure with ombre

Beautiful pedicure with flowers

Hardware pedicure with drops on the sea

Fashionable hardware jacket with rhinestones

Trendy colorful design with butterflies

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