Professional eyebrow shaping

Henna and eyebrow colors from 2022 (BRONSUN, LeviSsime, RefectoCil, Thuya) with photo examples

A real fashionista sooner or later faces the question of how to choose the right eyebrow dye. To avoid common mistakes, it is important to know that the main rule of color is to choose the shade that best suits the type of girl’s appearance.

Professional eyebrow shaping

Manufacturers of coloring eyebrow products annually replenish the already well-known palette with new elegant samples. How not to get confused in choosing a color, as well as choose a composition for coloring that is right for you, we will tell in this article.

Eyebrow coloring

How to choose an individual shade for eyebrow coloring in 2022

Every woman knows that when choosing the color of a dye, you should first of all rely on the shade of the hair, because eyebrows dyed to match the strands look natural and harmonious. However, the question arises, which shade to focus on if the hair was dyed?

Eyebrow coloring

Since the roots of natural hair quickly grow back and become noticeable, it is their color that should be your main guide. If the natural hair is dark, then despite, for example, light highlighting, the eyebrows should be dyed a few tones lighter than the hairs of the root zone.

In this way, you will balance the color difference and keep the effect of natural eyebrows. When you wear an ombre, it is recommended to color the brow arches to match the darkest hair color at the roots.

Eyebrow shaping with paint

When choosing an eyebrow dye, you should also pay attention to the undertone in order to correctly correlate it with the complexion. A cold base does not suit girls with a warm skin tone, just like a warm undertone does not harmonize with a cold appearance at all.

Eyebrow color correction

What additional parameters affect the choice of eyebrow paint color

  • Eyebrow architecture no less important when choosing a coloring agent. When you have thin eyebrows, you should not choose a rich dark shade if you do not want to further emphasize this feature. It is best to gently blend the color to visually make the eyebrows thicker.
Eyebrow architecture

However, wide eyebrows should also not be painted in too dark colors. This will not only not give expressiveness to the look, but also make it gloomy and strict.

Wide eyebrow tinting

  • The second thing to pay attention to, this is the state in which your skin is. If it has acne, breakouts, unevenness and other imperfections, using very dark eyebrows you risk making them even more noticeable.
Dark eyebrow shade

  • It is important to focus on the shade iris of the eye. For example, metallic gray will not suit green-eyed girls. Professional makeup artists advise them to find the best option in brown.
Eyebrow design for green eyes

  • For brown-eyed ladies there are practically no restrictions in the choice of color. However, they should be careful with the graphite palette and avoid using the same color as the eyes.
Eyebrow design for brown eyes

  • Gray-eyed representatives all shades of gray are available for the fair sex, and in order to make the image more expressive, taupe, which implies a combination of gray and brown accents, is best suited.
Eyebrows for gray-eyed

  • Suitable for blue eyes shades of taupe and graphite. Such girls should be more guided by the color type and shade of hair.
Eyebrow design for blue eyes

What shade of eyebrow paint is suitable for blondes

Blonde ladies often experience discomfort due to the very light natural color of the brow arches. In this case, they need to be painted, the main thing is not to overdo it with the depth of the shade, otherwise the bends will look inharmonious and even somewhat unintelligible.

Ash blonde eyebrows

This also applies to women with an acquired shade of blond. They are recommended, on the contrary, to lighten dark natural eyebrows by several tones. The procedure consists of two stages: lightening and coloring the hairs with the necessary pigment.

 Brows for platinum blonde

To match the brows with warm blonde tones such as caramel, gold, champagne or wheat, you can use light brown or hazelnut brown, as well as shades of chocolate, taupe or copper.

Caramel blonde brows

For ash, pearl, smoky and platinum shades, choose graphite or ash brown tones. To add warmth to the look, play with light brown and chestnut pigments.

Smoky blonde eyebrows

What tone is best for brunette eyebrows in 2022

In naturally dark-haired girls, the curves of the eyebrows are quite dark. However, if a girl tones the strands, the brow arches may lose their visual expressiveness. In this case, color correction with paints or henna is necessary.

Eyebrows to match the hair

Naturally fair-haired women who have acquired a dark shade of curls by dyeing find themselves in a similar situation, and therefore there is a need to darken the natural hairs of the eyebrows.

Eyebrows under the cold color type of brunette

Dark-haired girls can choose a coloring agent for brow bends of the same color as their hair, however, in order to soften the outlines a little, it is recommended to use a shade lighter by several tones.

Fact about eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the brightest identifying features of a person. It is worth changing their shape, or removing them altogether, and even good friends can pass by on the street without recognizing them.

Eyebrows for a warm brunette color type

For a warm color type, shades from dark gray to jet black are suitable, and for a cold one, shades of chocolate.

Chocolate eyebrows

What tones are presented in the color palette of 2022 famous brands

The abundance of eyebrow paints often confuses even an experienced makeup artist. Therefore, we have prepared for you a brief overview of the colors of the most popular lines.

Eyebrow tint BRONSUN

Manufacturers offer seven colors:

  1. black (diluted with other colors will help create a cool undertone);
  2. graphite (medium gray tone, recommended for blondes and brunettes with a cold skin tone);
graphite eyebrow

  1. blue-black (cold tone for painting eyelashes);
  2. chestnut (desaturated color that medium blond girls can use);
Chestnut brow ridges

  1. light brown (warm tone, in harmony with light blond and red hair, as well as warm blond);
  2. brown (a shade recommended for languid blond girls);
  3. dark brown (suitable for dark-skinned brunettes with a cold color type).

Eyebrow dye LeviSsime 2022

The dye is available in five variations:

  1. black (suitable for brunettes with a cold skin tone);
black-browed girl

  1. graphite (pearl shade, suitable for ash blond);
  2. blue-black (used as a dye for eyelashes);
  3. brown (reveals the warmth of the skin tone of dark blond and brown-haired women);
Brown brow design

  1. light brown (tone on a red-brown base, suitable for blondes, fair-haired and light red girls with a warm skin tone).

Eyebrow tint RefectoCil 2022

Presented in a palette of eight colors:

  1. intense black (has a cold sheen, suitable for brunettes and dark brown-haired women);
  2. graphite (a shade of dark gray, suitable for painting over graying hairs);
Paint on gray eyebrows

  1. blue-black (used for dyeing eyelashes);
  2. dark blue (suitable for coloring eyelashes, adding cold…

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