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Henna for eyebrows biotatuage – photo and video of painting eyebrows with henna

Eyebrow coloring with henna at home

The desire for beauty is the natural need of every girl / woman. And, since the eyes are the mirror of the soul, it is in this version that they receive the most attention, and biotattoo on the skin is an ideal solution for creating a modern beautiful image. Today we will talk about how to make eyes bright and beautiful with this procedure, learn how to adjust the shape and density of eyebrows and eyelashes at home with a natural remedy.

We will present to your attention the opinion of experts and users, we will provide a photo (before and after). Let’s tell you what is the best permanent drawing of a familiar but painful tattoo, where you can order paint, how to paint and care, the pros and cons of the procedure?

Biotattoo or henna dyeing of eyebrows

Coloring the skin with natural paints has a name – biotattoo or permanent drawing. An alternative to the painful procedure of a standard tattoo. Gives a lasting result for a long time and has long gained popularity in our band.

The main advantages are an almost painless process and low cost (the price of paint will please many beauties). The peculiarity is that it can be used even by pregnant women, since the composition of the natural and only component is a special herb, which is the main advantage of henna. Contraindication – individual intolerance, i.e. allergy.

Henna for eyebrows. Which one to choose?

Reviews of experts say that for biotattoo (for painting) they use not red paint, but a special brown one. According to the same reviews, it is better to use Iranian (professional differs in that it lasts longer than usual), or TM Phytocosmetics, Viva Kodi or Brown Henna or Nile paints. They come in special bags or capsules. You can order them online, the cost depends on the supplier. Offering their services, beauty salons may recommend dyeing with basma paint, but it can only dye the hairs themselves, and henna can also dye the top layer of the skin, which gives the image a more natural look.


How long does henna last for eyebrows

The answer to the question of how often one should resort to biotattoo correction is not unambiguous. One of the disadvantages of staining is the short duration of exposure, which, according to professionals, largely depends on related factors:

• salt water (sea);
• open sun;
• scrubs/peels;
• lotions (alcohol-containing);
• baths/steam rooms, etc.

But with proper care for biotattoo, even under the influence of negative factors, painting with henna is quite enough for ten or 14 days of rest. Reviews and photos are presented below.

How to wash off henna

How to remove / erase the paint yourself? It will not be possible to get rid of eyebrow staining very quickly, which is also confirmed by the reviews of cosmetologists. The average period is two to four days. One of the suggested methods will help you with this:

• vegetable oil;
• alcohol-containing agent (cologne, lotion, etc.);
• hot compress;
• lemon juice or a weak solution of vinegar.

The application technology is as follows: We carefully wipe the problem areas with one of the selected products (you can use a cotton swab) and hold for several minutes (10-15 is enough), then rinse off.

According to reviews, the bright color lasts only the first day, then it will acquire more moderate shades, therefore, before resorting to radical methods (washing the paint), we recommend waiting 1-2 days.

Coloring procedure at home


The natural composition contains only water and paint, the recipe for preparation (how to breed) is usually indicated on the package. The consistency should be liquid, but dense (should fit snugly to the painting area and not spread over the skin). Apply to the skin should be an even layer on each hair, symmetrically displaying the pattern on both eyebrows. According to cosmetologists, the main problem is the granularity of the composition, which complicates the painting process. The main thing is to try to lay the entire composition evenly.

The technology and conditions for good painting consist of three main stages:

• preparation — remove make-up and/or degrease the skin with a cotton swab or simply wash with soap and water;

• painting – if you do not have much experience in such matters, it is better to paint according to the prepared outlines, you can make a preliminary contour with an ordinary pencil, the main thing is not to go beyond the lines, because after washing off both the skin and hairs will be colored. Withstand henna from 30 to 60 minutes (the final result of staining will depend on how long the composition will be kept), after which it is washed off with barely warm (by no means hot!) Water;

• the final stage is the application of a cream on the face (another cosmetic product), this procedure is recommended in order to remove possible irritation.

A small recommendation according to professional reviews – to avoid spreading along the contours, you can apply a layer of any nourishing cream. And one more piece of advice – if you do not have a special brush for painting, you can paint with a regular one for drawing, and it is better if it is made from natural hair. It can also be shaped (correct the direction of the hairs).

Beautiful design of the correct shape of the eyebrows (shape modeling)

How to paint (make bio-tattoo) at home without visiting a salon? Before you start painting, it is recommended to give the correct shape, which, through staining, will enhance the effect. The hairs are positioned according to the architecture of the eyebrows. You can practice in front of a mirror by displaying various shapes or resort to using a computer selection of the ideal shape. Such services are offered in salons, according to reviews, this is the best option.

Photo lesson “Eyebrow coloring with henna – biotattoo”

Our photo and video lessons will help you to properly carry out the staining procedure at home (training), regardless of where you live, the proposed photos are available:

• in Moscow, Kursk and Yekaterinburg;
• Chelyabinsk, Kyiv and Samara;
• Tolyatti, Nizhny Novgorod and Krasnoyarsk;
• Kirov, Kemerovo, Yaroslavl or Kazan, etc.

An interesting fact is that on the basis of henna, Indian beauties make paints for bio-tattoo not only for eyebrows, lips, eyelashes, but also make artistic tattoos all over the skin (body). This is called mehendi painting. Beautiful photos and videos of this technique can be seen on the Internet.

Stage 1. We pluck out all the extra hairs and give the desired shape.

2. Make up the borders of the eyebrows with a light pencil, and smear with cream.

3. Apply henna paint and wait the required time.

4. Rinse with warm running water and apply moisturizing oil.


Henna eyebrow tinting video tutorial

The proposed system in the video lesson (master class step by step, instructions on how to paint correctly) will help you to become more familiar with the technique of painting (biotattoo) at home and avoid annoying…

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