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Hidden hair coloring: what it is, how it looks, how to do it

Hidden coloring – a way to be brighter, but not spoil all the hair

Not all women and girls can afford to dye their hair in a bright color. For some, work does not allow them to look extravagant, others are forbidden by their parents, and others simply do not dare to make drastic changes in appearance. Fortunately, stylists understand the needs of customers and try to come up with new ways to please everyone.

More recently, such fashionable coloring as hidden has appeared. What is the essence of the technique and how to repeat the effect at home will be described further.

Hidden staining: what is it?

Cool coloring
Hidden photo coloring

Hidden hair coloring – this is an effect that involves a change in the shade of the hair in the lower occipital zone or temporal-lateral.

The main idea of ​​this technique is to change the shade of those strands that are hidden and do not lie on the surface. There is no special technique for performing hidden hair coloring. The masters achieve the desired effect by lightening the strands in one of the standard open or closed techniques. Then tinted in the desired color.


Full hidden color
Full hidden color
Hidden dyeing in a row
Hidden dyeing in a row

You can dye the lower part of the hair in various fashionable shades. Someone chooses one color, others combine 2 or more shades, and the most daring make rainbow coloring or a bright ombre effect.

Consider the nuances of rainbow coloring on a different base: dark, light, natural hair.


Hidden coloring on dark hair photo
Hidden blue coloring on dark hair photo

Hidden coloring on dark hair is the most difficult to perform. The fact is that the hair, previously repeatedly dyed in a dark color (below the 5th level), is difficult to lighten. And this is a necessary step in the process of creating hairstyles. If you do not remove a dark shade from the canvas, you will not be able to repaint the strand in the desired bright color. Therefore, it is often necessary to use a more aggressive bleach composition.

Rainbow coloring for dark hair can be a variety of shades: pink strands, blue, a combination of multi-colored shades or close to natural tones. It all depends on the preferences of the client.


Juicy hidden coloring on light brown hair
rainbow hair

Hidden dyeing on light brown hair is one of the easiest tasks. Moreover, it is this base that allows you to easily repeat the desired effect at home.

Light brown hair that has not previously been exposed to dyes is easy to lighten. The background remains clean, so you can cover it in any desired shade. It is on light brown hair that complex rainbow coloring is most often performed, which involves transitions.

In the process of changing the shade of hair, it is important to take your time and make sure that strands of different colors do not touch. This will avoid stains.


Blond hair with hidden dye
Stylish pink hair

Hidden dyeing on blond hair looks very beautiful. And this is also the option that allows you to save money, because you can skip the most difficult stage – clarification. The canvas is already ready for applying bright colors. It remains to highlight the lower zone, isolate the top layer of hair and apply dye.

For short hair

Hidden dyeing for short hair photo
Hidden green coloring for short hair photo

Some short haircuts are great for coloring techniques such as rainbow. This is a square with an even cut or lengthening. Pixie, bob-car, mallet, short flight of stairs, under the boy and other options in which there is a gradient for hidden coloring are not suitable. After all, the essence of the hairstyle is to cover the bulk of the hair, the strands of which have a different color.

Matching colors of paint

How cool to dye your hair: ideas
Cool hair coloring for a girl
Lower hair coloring photo
Very cool hair coloring from below
Pink hair
Rainbow short hair
Hair like a mermaid photo
long turquoise hair

In hidden hair coloring, the most important thing is to choose shades of paint that are combined with each other. There are several combinations that are most popular. For instance:

  • fair-haired suits – pink, yellow, purple;
  • light – rainbow, pink-orange, yellow-pink, purple;
  • dark – blue-green, violet-blue, fuchsia, raspberry, neon green.

Hidden hair coloring at home

How to do hidden hair coloring at home
hidden hair coloring photo

Rainbow coloring is quite a challenge for a beginner, so if you don’t have the skills to work as a hairdresser, you should not take on such work. If you have an idea how to lighten a few curls, you can try.

Consider the technique of performing hidden staining step by step. So:

  1. Divide all hair with vertical partings: from the highest point of the head to the ear (on both sides):
  2. The occipital part is also divided vertically;
  3. Now, from below, select the strands that need to be painted in a different color. The width should not be more than half of the total mass of the hair;
  4. Pin up the crown, leaving only those strands that you need to work with;
  5. Prepare the composition for clarification – this is a powder and the desired percentage of oxidizing agent (for dark – 9%, for light brown – 6%, for light – 3%);
  6. Apply the composition carefully combing each strand so that there are no stains;
  7. Hold the right time (for dark – 50 minutes, for fair-haired – 40 minutes, for light – up to 30 minutes);
  8. Rinse the dye from the hair and dry it;
  9. Mix a bright shade of paint (one or more) and apply according to the chosen scheme. To get a rainbow effect, we divide the strands vertically. For ombre – horizontally and blend in the center;
  10. We wait for the time indicated in the instructions (usually 30-45 minutes) and wash off.

Coloring the lower strands looks unusual and spectacular. This technique is complex, so in the salon this result is quite expensive. The master can ask for a price for it, like for balayage or highlighting, because it takes no less time to create such beauty.

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