Как носить носки с осенними образами

High socks for autumn: simple and stylish tricks

High socks for autumn: simple and stylish tricks

Fashion for bare ankles is a thing of the past. For the second year now, stylists have been recommending not to open the most elegant part of the leg, but, on the contrary, carefully wrap it in warm socks. We suggest talking about which ones to choose, with which shoes to combine.

6 nuances associated with socks in autumn looks

What to wear with socks in autumn
How to wear socks with pants

So, there is no need to bashfully hide socks in sneakers / boots / sneakers, so we boldly step into the store and get a pair of high and really warming products.

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When is it appropriate to wear high socks?

Bright socks in the image
White socks and loafers

In the autumn look, high socks are always appropriate. This is a multifunctional accessory. On the one hand, they warm, on the other hand, they add an interesting accent to the image, on the third, they can correct the defect.

  • In the first case, socks cover the open part between jeans and shoes.
  • In the second case, they are an accent spot, diluting a boring outfit.
  • In the third, they visually lengthen the ankle boot, creating the correct vertical in the image.

How to add socks to the image

Black socks with boots
Gray socks with boots

So that socks do not live a separate life and do not draw all the attention to themselves, it is necessary to use a number of stylistic rules.

  • We choose socks in the color of shoes or a neutral shade: white, black, gray, beige;
  • If the image is made in neutral colors or monochrome, bright ones will do;
  • Also, socks can repeat one of the accent colors of the outfit, but this option is for the bold, who can combine prints.

Combine with open shoes

Socks and sandals
Socks and sandals example

Remember how in childhood you could wear warm socks and sandals before the first frosts? So the fashion for this “combination” has reached the adult wardrobe.

The most daring girls and women wear accent socks with open shoes. At the same time, the outfit is neutral, since one bright detail is enough.

To not fill the caviar

Printed socks
Socks in autumn look

High socks can really create unnecessary volume in the calf area. To avoid this, it is recommended to lower them a little by collecting them with an accordion. Another option is to always choose an accessory to match the shoes. this will not create an emphasis in the problem area.

Tight jersey

How to match socks with pants
Bright socks with shoes

Autumn images with socks will look stylish if the product is the right density. Stylists recommend choosing tight socks that can gather with a small accordion. And thin, translucent, it is better to postpone until warm days.

No pantyhose needed

Thin socks with loafers
original socks

If you decide to wear a skirt with socks, you should not also warm up with tights. These elements are incompatible. In order not to freeze, we choose fashionable long outerwear that can completely hide the open areas of the legs.


Socks are an easy way to create a stylish and memorable fall outfit. They can visually add height to the boots, adjust the shape of the legs, protect from the cold and draw additional attention to the image.

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