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Highlighting on dark hair: before and after photo

Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019)

From time to time, any girl wants to change her image to cheer up, or just a desire to freshen up for spring or summer. Popular this year, Californian and American coloring of individual strands on dark hair can often be seen in celebrity photos and in real life on many young girls. Dark curls curls are a good basis for dyeing in different tones, and therefore often found among fashionistas all over the world. That is why many hairdressers offer several well-known ways for transformation. Modern technologies and the proposed methods are able to embody any fantasies.

Highlighting on dark hair: features

The advantages and disadvantages of highlighting is that it is the most gentle compared to others, which negatively affects the structure of the hair. This procedure is done for long, and for short and medium curls. Whether you have straight or curly hair, you can try this technique on your own hair and add hints of rainbow hues.

Also, any fashionable haircut can be diversified with a play of colors and shapes. The method of coloring by highlighting on light brown and dark curls is best used after a haircut, since styling also subsequently plays an important role. But do not be too lazy to study photos and pictures before and after highlighting.

Types of highlighting and photos before and after

Before choosing a specific solution in this technique, familiarize yourself with its types and features. If you study photos, videos and reviews on this topic, it will give you more confidence. So, for dark blond and brown curls, there are several options for painting using the highlighting technique – balayage, coloring in the likeness of an ombre, Venetian, American and California, tinting with dark paint. And all this is done in two ways – with a brush and foil. Many beauties who cannot afford to do this within the walls of an expensive beauty salon have learned to perform the ombre technique at home.

Types of highlighting:


Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019)


Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019)


Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019)


Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019)


Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019)

Highlights on dark hair before and after photo:

Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019) Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019) Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019)

Californian highlights for dark hair

If you look at the first photos and videos of celebrities that come across, you will see that half of them are wearing hairstyles with dyed strands using the shatush method. A skillful combination of different color shades on the hair also makes the image beautiful.

It is very difficult to do this at home, so show business stars always turn to stylists and a whole staff is working on their image, which tirelessly follows the latest trends in the beauty world. The purpose of this highlighting method is to color dark strands in two or three shades of light paint. The difference between this technique is that a smooth transition is created, so it is often confused with ombre.

The clarified tips as a completion on such a hairstyle once again add volume to the overall shape of the haircut. There is such a thing as American toning, which is not much different from Californian, the only thing it is done with the help of foil, in which each strand is wrapped individually. This technology is suitable for both short and long hair.

California highlighting photo:

Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019) Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019) Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019) Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019)

Venetian highlighting

This coloring method became fashionable back in 2015 and is still in demand not only among women, but also among men. To date, it has become fashionable to change the color of the hair, not only among the weaker sex. Apply it to both dyed and natural dark hair. Suitable for short, thin and not thick hair to give freshness and volume. Departing from the roots by 3-4 centimeters, they begin to paint the strands, based on their primary shade. The most acceptable color scheme is black, chocolate coloring, which, reaching the tips, becomes white.

Examples of successful work:

Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019) Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019) Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019) Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019)

Venetian highlights on dark hair before and after photos:

Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019) Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019) Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019)

On dark hair, frequent highlighting

Frequent highlighting is gaining popularity, as it allows you to change the color of curls by 1-2 tones. To do this, you need to repaint small strands 2-3 tones lighter. The result is an almost uniform color. Over time, the strands will grow back and with a second procedure, you can achieve an even brighter juicy result.

Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019) Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019) Highlights on dark hair (photo 2019)

Video how to make highlights on dark hair at home

Lovers of keeping up with the latest trends are increasingly having to resort to various painting methods at home. Girls wearing bob with bangs can also work wonders on their heads with the help of various techniques, brushes and foil. For any length of hair, it is possible to make frequent and fine highlighting all over the head with a cap.

Short or long bangs began to be painted in lighter colors to give charm and volume, as can be seen in the photos of many artists and celebrities.

The painting technology is very simple:

  1. First, put on an old T-shirt that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  2. Cut the foil into strips 23 cm longer than your strands.
  3. Prepare the paint and divide the head into zones, securing with hairpins.
  4. Separate the first thin curl and put a piece of foil. Apply the coloring composition and cover with another strip. Stepping back 2 cm from the strands, repeat the entire procedure over the entire head. Wait 30 minutes and rinse the dye from your hair without removing the foil. Next, remove the paper and wash your hair with shampoo. Leave your hair to dry naturally.

Video tutorial:

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