Eyelashes with Hollywood type eyelash extensions

Hollywood eyelash extension type 2022 (+ photo examples)

Extension of eyelashes by extension with artificial materials is becoming more and more popular among young girls and older women. The procedure is carried out in salons by cosmetologists, make-up artists or a master lashmaker.

Eyelashes with Hollywood type eyelash extensions

Synthetic fibers of different lengths and thicknesses are attached to natural cilia using a special adhesive. The size of the length is curled from the desire of the client and the condition of her natural eyelashes.

 Eyelashes after extension procedure

Hairs from synthetic materials from 6 millimeters long are offered to the overlay. The maximum length of the proposed extension material is 21 mm.

The size of eyelash extensions according to the client's wishes

The average duration of the extension procedure is 3 hours.

Unnatural lash length

Depending on the condition of the skin, the quality of the material and adhesive composition, as well as the correct care, the extension without visible changes is kept on natural cilia for up to one and a half months. Then there is a natural process of falling out.

 Kylie method with individual elongated cilia

The human body is constantly changing. During the day, the loss of five cilia is normal. Each eyelash has its own life span, but no more than three months from the moment of appearance. Then she gives way to a new young growth.

Eyelashes naturally renew themselves

How to strengthen eyelashes before extensions in Hollywood

Skin diseases, allergies, lack of vitamins and many other reasons can affect the rate of eyelash loss.

  • Therefore, for those who have problems with your natural cilia, before building them, you should go through the procedure of healing by lamination.
Improvement of the ciliary row with lamination

The procedure, of course, is not cheap, but the effect of it will exceed all expectations. After lamination, the hairs of natural cilia are strengthened, gain additional thickening and length.

View of eyelashes before and after the lamination procedure

The keratin formed after lamination, which is part of the structure of each hair, gives them strength and acts as a protection against the harmful effects of the environment, temperature extremes, and ultraviolet sunlight.

 Girl with eyelashes after lamination treatment

  • Another popular way to strengthen natural cilia is Botox. SPA procedure, as well as lamination, restores the health given by nature to cilia. After the application of Botox, there is an acceleration of the growth of young cilia and the saturation of the color of old ones.
Magic eyelash transformation with Botox

Eyelashes cease to break, acquire greater length and volume, and frequent loss stops. The healing effect lasts 2-4 months. After wellness procedures, those who wish to give natural cilia more volume and length can begin to build.

Eyelash restoration after Botox procedure

Eyelash Extension Techniques 2022

There are many extension techniques, as well as schools for their implementation. There is an extension with individual artificial hairs, the imposition of whole bundles, which include 2, 3 or more threads. Everything depends on the wishes of the customer.

Preparing the client for the eyelash extension procedure

The closest thing to naturalness is the classic extension. Their eyelashes, supplemented with artificial material, are not much different from natural ones. At the same time, at any time of the day, they look well-groomed, with a beautiful bend, volume, and are not demanding for curling and coloring. Therefore, the procedure is preferred by most of the clients, especially older ones.

View of eyelashes after classic extension


Hollywood eyelash extension style 2022

For those who like to look on a par with the beauties from the fashion covers of glossy magazines, we advise you to focus on giving Hollywood volume to your eyelashes.

 Hollywood style extensions with different volume

It originated in the 30s of the last century in Hollywood. And gradually became popular among fashionistas of all countries. Now anyone can compete with the eyes of film and theater artists.

Fact about eyelashes

Eyelashes begin to grow in babies even at the stage of prenatal development, at 16 weeks. Their length, shape, density and shade, as well as the degree of curvature are individual.

Eyelash Extensions by Jennifer Lopez

There are several types of Hollywood extension design.

  • With classical the beams are evenly distributed along the entire perimeter of the upper eyelid.
 Classic uniform extension length

In Hollywood light, artificial material is not attached to each eyelash, but through one and is a lightweight version of the classic extension. This option gives the cilia more naturalness. The look from under the eyelashes is natural and not weighed down.

Open look with thinned eyelash extensions

  • Girls with protruding eyes experts advise paying attention when building up to intense density closer to the outer corners of the eye section. This will give the look more expressiveness. Together with the raised corners, a sad expression will disappear from the face.
Extension on the shape of the eyes of a convex shape

What material is used for Hollywood eyelash extensions

The main colors for building in the Hollywood style are black and brown shades. As an exception, tones of blue, green, red colors are used.

Color type of extension

In the combined version, black is taken as the basis, and the tips are dyed in any of the color shades.

Eyelash extensions with blue tips

Light artificial fibers are involved in building. Silicone refers to heavy materials and is not involved in building. The overlay of silk threads gives the greatest naturalness to the look. Among those used in building, they are the thinnest and almost weightless. Despite their size with a thickness of no more than 0.14 millimeters, silk threads are used to give eyelashes different thicknesses.

Eyelash extensions with silk threads

In the production of mink eyelash extensions, single chemical fibers up to 0.1 mm thick are used for extension. They are comfortable to use, soft, flexible, look like natural eyelashes. Compared to silk, they are thicker with a bright glossy sheen, they look like they have been painted over.

The difference between mink and silk thread extensions

The thickness of sable artificial eyelashes reaches a thickness of 0.2 millimeters. Accordingly, they have greater thickening and elasticity compared to previous analogues. Due to the greater weight, they are applied only to strong healthy natural eyelashes.

The effect of heavy extensions with sable threads

Not recommended for everyday wear. Mainly used for participation in solemn events. The effect obtained lasts for a short time, the undertakings are subject to correction with lighter materials.

 Eyelashes with sable extension

If the dream of Hollywood eyelashes has remained unchanged, we advise you to find a professional in this matter. Since the quality of the final result, the comfort and duration of wearing the extended product are curled from his skill.

Kim Kardashian with eyelash extensions

Not the last role is played by the characteristics of the material. Before starting the extension procedure, each client is selected for the length, thickness, bend and color scheme that matches his natural eyelashes.

 Eyelash extensions are not only the female part of the population

Before proceeding with the extension procedure, ask the master to present a certificate of material quality, make sure it is hypoallergenic.

natural eyelashes

Real cosmetologists work only with trusted suppliers of goods, confirmed by quality certificates.

Poor quality eyelash extension material

Correction of the ciliary row with a good quality material is carried out not earlier than a month of use. In some cases, repairs are allowed after a two-week…

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