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Home care for your own beauty devices: tips, rules

The nuances of caring for your own beauty devices and tools

We are wary of manicurists, stylists and makeup artists when we come to their studio or salon. First of all, I want not only the work to be done with high quality, but also the tools used to do no harm.

After reading horror stories about what infections can be brought on with just one makeup brush, you involuntarily ask the make-up master about how he sterilizes the tools. And only after making sure that everything is sterile and safe, you trust him with your face and body.

But why are we afraid of “contagion” only in foreign places? After all, homemade beauty products also need care.

We collected recommendations from professionals on how to take care of your own beauty tools, gadgets and various devices at home.

Makeup brushes need to be washed frequently

Makeup brushes

One of the main tools when applying makeup is a brush. Many girls and women are sure that there is no need to wash them, because no one else uses tools. In fact, the maintenance of makeup tools should be meticulous and regular.

Brushes used for liquid textures should be cleaned once a week. And those with which we apply dry products require washing every 3-4 weeks.

What do we use?

To wash brushes made of natural bristles, dilute a small amount of shampoo in a container with warm water and rinse them thoroughly. Then they must be blotted with a towel and left to dry down with a pile. The main thing is that the villi do not bend (when washing, you should also handle them delicately).

Synthetic bristle tools that apply liquid textures are cleaned with more aggressive products. Someone uses eco-friendly dishware, others use soap. The main thing is to rinse them thoroughly after that under running water and leave to dry down with a pile.

Makeup sponge wash immediately

How to wash makeup sponge

A makeup sponge is a small sponge that is used when applying foundation and other creamy textures to the skin of the face.

It helps to evenly distribute the product and create the perfect tone. But, if you do not properly care for the tool, the result will not be so perfect.

How and with what to wash the sponge?

If you apply foundation with a sponge, you need to understand that you will have to wash it after each application. Therefore, it is better to have several such tools in your cosmetic bag.

The sponge should be cleaned immediately after application, otherwise the foundation will dry out and it will become difficult to remove it. We use solid soap or one of the liquid products: shower gel, shampoo, soap. We literally erase the sponge. Then wring out so that there is no foam and leave to dry on a paper towel or napkin.

Hair styling tools need cleaning too

How to wash a hair straightener

Plaque accumulates on the plates of the iron and curling iron over time. These are the means by which we treat hair, dust, etc. All this not only spoils the tool itself, but also creates difficulties when laying.

To prolong the life of the curling iron and ironing, it is necessary to periodically clean the ceramic or metal plates of the tool from dirt. To do this, a cotton pad dipped in micellar water is suitable. If this approach does not help, we use special wipes for cleaning glass ceramics.

Important: When cleaning, the tool must be unplugged and cold. After processing the plates, do not heat it for 10 minutes. Any moisture should be completely evaporated.

Getting rid of dust in the hair dryer

How to clean a hair dryer from dust and hair

Even a hair dryer accumulates dust over time, which degrades the quality of the tool. Caring for a hair dryer involves cleaning the filter grill that closes the air inlet. The grate must be carefully removed and the accumulated dust should be brushed off with a dry cloth, sponge or brush. If there is hair, remove it too. It is necessary to carry out such manipulations, approximately once every 2-3 months.

Wash your combs regularly

Washing combs

Did you know that combs must not only be cleaned of hair, but also thoroughly washed in a container with water and soap (you can use shower gel, shampoo). This allows you to get rid of the dust that has settled on them and styling products. It is necessary to carry out this procedure every week.

Important: combs are consumable items that need to be changed every 6-8 months.

Sterilization and disinfection of manicure instruments

Sterilization of manicure instruments

Manicure tools require more care than any other beauty tools.

If only you use scissors, mechanical cleaning and disinfection is sufficient.

  • Mechanical cleaning involves removing contaminants from the surface with any brush and soap solution.
  • The second stage is disinfection. It is necessary to use an antiseptic or, if it is not available at home, use it for vodka, cologne, boric acid.

You can also lower for some time (depending on the drug) a manicure set in a special disinfectant solution. For example: Estilodez, Multidez, Neosteril, Alaminol, etc. Remove the instruments with gloves, then rinse thoroughly with running water.

Important: boiling does not get rid of all types of germs and bacteria. Many species die at temperatures above 100 degrees.

When a manicure set is used by several family members, simple disinfection is not enough. More careful processing is needed.

To obtain completely sterile instruments and not put yourself or other family members at risk, it is necessary to carry out not only mechanical cleaning and disinfection, but also sterilization.

Sterilization – a procedure that allows you to completely destroy all harmful microorganisms from the surface of metal instruments.

In nail salons, a dry-heat cabinet and an autoclave are used for this. This is expensive equipment that not everyone can afford for home use.

What to replace?

For home use, a glasperlenic (ball) sterilizer is suitable. This is a budget and small device that allows you to sterilize a small number of instruments. It must be connected to the network in advance and heated to the desired temperature (a special light will light up). Then the instruments are lowered for a few minutes.

This method is enough to ensure the sterility of metal scissors, nail files and other manicure devices that other family members use besides you.

The epilator also needs care

How to wash the epilator

The epilator is an intimate device that should not be shared with anyone. Care for him involves removing the hair with a special brush. Provided that the epilator is resistant to moisture, it can be washed (in most cases this cannot be done, as stated in the instructions).


Personal care involves not only the accurate application of cosmetics, styling and manicure. It’s important to be careful…

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