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Home stains that are difficult to fix

Home stains that are difficult to fix

Is there a woman who at least once did not try to dye her own hair?

From the outside, this process looks extremely simple, so many take up the brush and paint. There are also bloggers who show how easy it is to make highlights, shatush or multi-colored strands. Well, how can you resist?

Home stains that are difficult to fix

Crownlights coloring photo
What does splashlight hair dye look like?

We collected the most “terrible” home experiments with hair according to the masters. After such staining, the restoration of hair is not only expensive, but also takes a long period of time. We tell you how not to do it if you decide to change your own shade of hair.

Home highlighting

Home hair highlighting

It would seem that it is difficult to highlight? You select thin strands, apply a lightening powder and you’re done. In fact, those who try to highlight themselves at home, then spend 7-8 hours in the salon to correct the situation. The second option is to abandon the light shade after unsuccessful strands and paint over everything in a dark color.

Why doesn’t highlighting work?

On your own or without basic knowledge in hairdressing, it is difficult to correctly perform the separation and apply a brightening composition so that there are no spots, overexposure, yellow roots. Also, many incorrectly select the percentage of oxidizing agent, which causes the hair in the foil to overheat. This leads to dryness, brittleness, exhaustion. In the worst case, the strands break and fall off.

Blond henna coloring

Photo hair coloring before and after

A typical situation with which girls turn to the salon is to correct the green tint that turned out after they decided to paint over the blond with a natural dye. These remedies include henna and basma.

Why is this happening?

Having read or heard a lot of advice, women decide to restore their hair and give it a break from constant lightening with the help of a “medical” composition. In fact, applying henna to strands has a positive effect only if they are natural. In other cases, “magic” healing will not happen. Moreover, a green tint awaits you due to the presence of pigments in the powder that are not compatible with the blond.

Henna lightening

How to lighten henna yourself

The same result awaits those who decide to lighten their hair, previously dyed with a natural dye. A green tint that is extremely difficult to get rid of is what you get as a result.

Exit from the black “Palette”

Home hair coloring

Persistent cream-paint Palette was on the hair of every second woman. Those who chose light shades or chocolate, safely got rid of household dye. But with black, things are much more complicated.

As a rule, black Palette penetrates deep into the hair structure, so it cannot be lightened with ordinary powder. Deciding to do, on top of such staining, highlighting, balayage, shatush, etc. you will not get any result, except for overdried strands. Spots will also appear in places where the black dye was applied in a loose layer. Usually this is the occipital zone, since it is difficult to paint over it during independent experiments.

What to do?

Go to the salon. There, the master will wash off the black palette with a special acid wash. This is a complex and time-consuming procedure, it is not recommended to practice it at home.

Multi-colored tonic for blond

Pink hair

Tired of the blonde, some women decide to temporarily transform with a bright tonic. The idea is good, but there is a problem. Such compositions, as a rule, are not washed off to the original shade.

Blonde hair is porous, so a bright pigment easily penetrates deep into, settling there. The result is a “dirty” shade, which the master can remove by cleaning. This procedure involves the use of a mixture of shampoo, clarifying powder and an oxidizing agent.

Homemade ombre

Ombre hair coloring

A video on how to make fashionable ombre coloring with the help of bouffant and lightening powder a few years ago had a record number of views. There were also many who decided to try the method.

Why so many failed attempts?

A neat ombre effect on the hair is obtained subject to two basic conditions: the correct density of the strand and a strong pile.

Many highlight too thick tufts of hair and comb incorrectly. From this, a clear line is obtained and spots are formed. And the masters then fix it all, repainting it in a thin strand.

Blackout blonde

What does the darkening of the blonde look like on the hair

Many women mistakenly believe that dyeing blond hair dark is an easy task, so they decide to handle it on their own. In fact, an unexpected shade comes out, the paint is quickly washed off or there are spots all over the head.


Before you paint over the blond, you must carry out the procedure “substrate”. This will help keep the color and get the desired shade. It is also important to get the final color right, as the desire for a cool shade can lead to green.

Light brown shade

Light brown hair color

One of the most difficult tasks when coloring hair at home is to get a light brown shade. If you decide to use household dye for this, you should prepare in advance for the fact that the effect will differ from the image on the package. In order not to miscalculate, it is worth giving preference to a warm tone or initially turning to the master, since fixing a home light brown color is much more difficult than achieving it initially.

Do you experiment with hair, what kind of coloring did you get?

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