Маски для придания волосам блеска и шелковистости

Homemade hair masks for shiny hair

Hair masks for shine and silkiness

Shining with health curls that have retained elasticity and brilliance are one of the main advantages of the appearance of any woman. If they faded, this affects not only the appearance, but also the mood, because beauty largely depends on the condition of the hair. Despair overtakes when all the measures taken to restore the health of the hair turn out to be fruitless.

Why does hair fade?

Cause of fading hair

What is the cause of hair fading, and can there be several of them? Research shows that the main factors causing such a problem, become:

  • Exposure to ultraviolet rays – under its influence, keratin plates delaminate, violating the integrity of the hair structure. This leads to fading. Residents of the southern hot regions are much more susceptible to the destructive effects of ultraviolet radiation;
  • Exposure to low temperatures – cold adversely affects the blood circulation of the scalp, which can worsen the general condition of the hair. That is why in the cold season you should wear a hat;
  • Incorrectly selected cosmetics – many shampoos contain substances that adversely affect the condition of the hair (parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, etc.). Such components wash away the necessary fatty film from the hair structure, exposing keratin scales, as a result of which it is unprotected from the effects of the external environment and is damaged faster;
  • Mistakes in care – the appearance of fluffy hair due to split ends and noticeable fading often causes improper care, namely hot waving, stretching with an iron, excessive use of curlers, chemical curling, frequent dyeing, combing immediately after washing, etc.

Often the reason that the natural radiance of the hair has disappeared is internal problems. These include:

  • Lack of essential vitamins and minerals. Particularly critical for the condition of the hair is the deficiency of components such as calcium, B vitamins and zinc. The last microelement is responsible for the speed and quality of the cell division reaction, and its deficiency directly affects the fading of curls;
  • Lack of daily fluid intake – if, against the background of minimal water intake, the balance of electrolytes in the body is disturbed, the hair quickly loses its shine, their growth slows down, and pigmentation becomes less intense;
  • Stressful situations – in conditions that provoke increased excitation of the nervous system, the hair not only grows dull, but also begins to fall out. The mechanism of the phenomenon is such that during stress, the hair shaft rises as a result of an involuntary muscular reaction. Since this reaction takes place in a short time and rather abruptly, the follicle is compressed, due to which the hair root is damaged. This leads to a lack of nutrition, so the condition of the hair structure is rapidly deteriorating;
  • genetic features;
  • Addiction to alcohol and nicotine and, as a result, deterioration in the general condition of the body, including a decrease in the rate of keratin synthesis;
  • Viral, parasitic infections, severe systemic diseases of the body.

In understanding why the condition of the hair has deteriorated, it will help you trichologist. To deal with the problem on your own can be not only useless, but also dangerous to health, if, due to delay, the existing disease of the body proceeds without appropriate treatment.

Causes of hair loss

Hair fluffy

If, after washing your hair, your smooth, silky curls fluff up sharply, you should not worry: this is a normal phenomenon due to the temporary effect of moisture on the hair structure. Another thing is if the hair looks fluffy all the time, and the ends are broken off. Search for the reason why hair stopped looking smooth and cutfollows from such factors as:

  • Use of combs made of plastic and metal when combing. It leads to the fact that the hairs become electrified and attract dust particles, and this increases the pollution that worsens the condition of the hair;
  • Infrequent washing of the head – the production of sebum with infrequent washing of the head causes faster greasy hair. Greasy hair becomes more electrified and, again, dirt sticks to them, which clogs the space between the keratin scales. As a result, the hair begins to break off and fluff faster;
  • Washing your hair too often is the other side of the problem. If you constantly wash off the protective fatty film from the hair structure, it becomes vulnerable to aggressive environmental influences, which provokes the consequences described above;
  • Too frequent use of hair styling and curling devices, hot drying;
  • Permanent staining (more than once every 3 to 6 months);
  • Wrong head washing technology – insufficient moisturizing of the hair before applying shampoo, foaming detergent on the head, and not in the hand, rubbing balms and conditioners into the scalp, washing with dry shampoo.

Otherwise, the causes of frizziness and split ends are identical to those mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Ways to make hair smooth at home

Beautiful smooth hair

Luxurious long curls attract attention and make the look of a woman elegant. If the hair is electrified, fluffy, the ends look split, it will not work to create a beautiful hairstyle or just gently comb the strands into two halves – the effect will be equally sad. How to give hair smoothness without resorting to the services of expensive beauty salons? There are several options for solving the problem at home. The most effective are:

  • Keratin straightening Also known as Brazilian hair straightening. The method is based on applying a special composition with keratin and aldehydes to the hair, due to which …

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